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  1. Bonjour, welcome to the club, 😎
  2. Definitely Ford part, was fitted to a few models from the 90's early 2000, can get them various colours, Amber, clear or tinted etc.
  3. Have u done a compression test? Might confirm the problem.
  4. Hi, interested in the swirl pot and fuel pump, do you have any measurements for the swirl pot thanks.
  5. Hi, sounds like you need a new pump, the tacho reset might be due to the flat battery and lost its memory, is the pump getting hot?
  6. As above but some have indicators on the side of the scuttle!
  7. Changing for new filter will help, the puff of black smoke is unburnt fuel, was Yr fuel tank washed out after it was repaired and then refitted, just because of the intermittent nature of the fault could be dirt in fuel system which could explain why its fine 1 minute and not the next or is it constant at the moment?
  8. Have u tried fuel injection cleaner, possibly partially blocked injectors / fuel filter may be.
  9. It sounds like a switch problem /bad connection, if u r using a meter to measure for lives at the fuse, it will show 12volts even though 1strand of wire could be connected but can't handle the load hence no voltage coming out, can you test the terminals under the fuse box ideally removing them to check for corrosion etc if feeds OK, try Yr wire direct to light if it works great, if not check switch and connections there
  10. Hi with a reverie airbox or similar, I know it quietens the induction noise but do you lose power or boost it ever so slightly or no difference?
  11. OK so blk is negative body earth, the green/wht is indicator positive feed, have u looked at the back of indicator switch and hazard switch to see if u have a loose connections, if all OK I trust you have a multimeter or test light, the next step is strip the loom and find the green /wht wire and splice into it and test for a feed, if you do then go along the loom towards the light and repeat the process, basically you will be looking for a break in the wire or corroded wire narrowing the length of wire till you find the fault, hope this helps, ask if not sure
  12. Hi, what colour wires are they?
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