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  1. Jon Wilkinson

    Wiper fuse

    The rocker type wiper switch are rated 10amp, no relays in circuit, so using W, I, V is max 120w, so can only be a faulty motor, wheelbox or stiff linkage, depending on the motor or switch setup u have, may be different as Dave refers to, any pictures of switches /motor will assist in type u have
  2. Jon Wilkinson

    Wiper fuse

    InHi, I doubt it has the amp/ Watts on the motor, on start up it will draw more initially but if the linkage/ wheel box are tight or seized then it will blow the fuse. Just checked my westy handbook and wash wipe fuse is 10amps red one, I have the mini wiper motor (original mini that is), if you remove the motor from the linkage and then power up, does it blow the fuse? You also then move the wiper arms to see if the linkage is seized or tight. Could also connect the motor via an ammeter to c what it's drawing with no load.
  3. Jon Wilkinson

    Wiper fuse

    Don't put a bigger fuse in as this will potentially damage the wiring/melt the terminals on the fuse box /switch and wiper motor, a fuse is there to protect the circuit, a bigger fuse will nearly always causes problems, grease the tube as above! Or lift the wipers off the screen when testing.
  4. Looks like a ford sierra
  5. If there is a vote, try the underdogs, couldn't make a worse job of it if they tried, my kids would sort this out in half the time, it's never ending, extension will cost us even more money to the EU, can't wait till I'm back in the westy with no radio, just a relaxing engine note and not a care in the world!
  6. Hi, I started with xr2 engine with ported head, hilift cam with twin 40's and was enjoyable but just wanted more, so now have an xe with probably twice the power, end of the day if your happy with it how it is then leave it as is as it might not be as reliable , but we always nearly want to have more power so never stop upgrading, 16v head off zetec is a possibility but it's upto you what u prefer to do!
  7. Lovely looking car, didn't think anyone else had same blue with blue seats as me albeit with Westfield sunburst, enjoy your new toy!
  8. If u remove the wire from the sender and earth it the gauge should read maximum, if it does it must be mechanical fault.
  9. Will be sadly missed, F1 starts won't be the same R. I. P Charlie
  10. Hi, u can get metal earth distribution blocks just run all earth's from gauges to 1 side and sizeable earth cable or cables to earth obviously short as possible.
  11. Have u cleaned battery terminals, use jump leads to battery neg to chassis and chassis to engine, got to be bad earth or live from alternator, check starter motor terminals clean and tighten, basically check all earth's remove clean and tighten, what did they say was wrong with old alternator?
  12. OK, so u have a new alternator fitted and is charging at 14v and when lights put on drops voltage and gauges fluctuate, correct?
  13. As long as they don't catch/rub on wheel arches, u will be fine, I upgraded my trailer tyres to truck tyres purely for the higher load capacity.
  14. Suppressor is normally mounted on alternator but usually needed for radio reception of which a westy doesn't have! Just thinking what could affect the gauge readings, try the disconnect of alt feed and report back
  15. Have u got a suppressor on alternator? If u disconnect +ve off alternator and run car, check gauges are they OK? Obviously tape the +ve so no shorts etc
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