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  1. Jon Wilkinson

    Engine not turning off

    What size diode did u use?
  2. Jon Wilkinson

    Engine not turning off

    Another option is to use a switch to isolate the main feed to the nodiz box
  3. Jon Wilkinson

    Engine not turning off

    Hi Franco, on my westy, ignition feeds are found on wipers, heater, ignition switch, all inside under scuttle, but u could try the fuse box in engine bay for ignition circuit, but depends where your fuse box is, hope this helps!
  4. Jon Wilkinson

    Oil temperature gauge blipping with engine revs!?

    Check Yr earth connection on the gauge,
  5. Jon Wilkinson

    Engine not turning off

    Change the battery feed to the nodiz box to an ignition feed, it will then turn off, resulting in your engine stopping.
  6. Jon Wilkinson

    Steering rack

    Thanks guys
  7. Jon Wilkinson

    Steering rack

    Hi, I have a standard steering rack(mk2 escort) Wsc supplied fitted in seiw, just wondering if you can modify it to a quick rack or easier to buy a new one thanks.
  8. Jon Wilkinson

    No Spark - Intermittent

    Hi, has the engine got a distributor or is it distributorless?
  9. Jon Wilkinson

    Will this be ok at MOT?

    Hi, you can get repair lense tape, in red, clear etc from any decent motorists shop or try ebay.
  10. Jon Wilkinson

    Wiring help relays and switches please

    Hi, relays handle the load, so u could use small switches if you want, as long as they can provide a negative or positive trigger to pull in the relay. You r probably best to work out what you want first, switches, load in amps, then look up how to wire a 12v relay with negative or positive trigger.
  11. Jon Wilkinson

    Temp gauge not working

    Take the wire off the temp sensor and earth it, the gauge should go to hot, if it does, it's the sender, if not, check wires on back of gauge
  12. Jon Wilkinson

    C20xe polo rad install

    Hi, have you any photos of the finished modifications?
  13. Jon Wilkinson

    SORTED THANKS Silicon hoses for XE engine

    Hi, do you have any photos of silicone hoses on engine
  14. Jon Wilkinson

    What are the best replacement rear lights.

    I have the carbon fibre lookalike housing from wsc
  15. Jon Wilkinson

    What are the best replacement rear lights.

    Hi, check out Bolton bits led lights

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