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  1. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    Thanks for the interest the wheels have now been SOLD Cheers Every One
  2. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    They came off a Caterham no markings Not refurbished Around 10 years old No nuts No centre caps 7.5 inch wide Kept as a spare set very nice condition i will check remaining tread this evening if I’m get back early enough Cheers
  3. Mark

    7 1/2 WIDE

    Wheel and tyre 7.5 kilo

  4. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    Pictures as promised Wheel with tyres 7.5 kilo 7 1/2 inches wide
  5. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    I am working away until Friday I will take some pictures and measure them and post the information Cheers Ray
  6. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    Hi, I have 4 x 13" Minilight's in immaculate as new condition fitted with Avon 175 x 55 x 13 CR500 Ford fitment £350
  7. Ray The Brake

    Gates Timing Belt

    There is a Gates distributor in Loughborough as well Flotec Industrial 01509 230100 Contact Julian Davis he may be able to help.
  8. Ray The Brake

    13" Wheels

    Please give me your contact phone number
  9. Ray The Brake

    New Westfield owner saying hi

    From Coalville East Midlands hope to see you on one of Julies blats come and join in the fun
  10. Ray The Brake


    Hi Jim, Its not been a good year so far I went over to Norway came home and ended up in Intensive Care with Sepsis and then Sepsis Shock to my system. I have never been so scared in my life especially when they called my family in What really worried me is that I had to get my GP to support me as the DVLA were talking about removing my licence but things are getting better so I'm on the mend I am home now, but haven't been out for around 8 weeks, I missed Sllverstone and 3 or 4 other planned outings but I did go out for an hour yesterday. ........................................................................
  11. Ray The Brake


    Hi Jim I'm back great to see you finally got a car to love just knew you wouldn't leave us we must have similar tastes buddy Ray
  12. Ray The Brake


    From the East Midlands
  13. Ray The Brake

    Newbee.... Hi!

    You have chosen an excellent build you will have to start a build blog we need pictures all the very best with your project.. You will have a very desirable car if you need help we have a wealth of knowledge in the membership so just keep the questions coming. .......................................................................................
  14. Ray The Brake

    New member

    From the East Midlands, what engine have you got ?? Will you be coming to the Silverstone Classic

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