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  1. Ray The Brake

    EBC brake pads

    Hi Guys, As many of you know I work in the friction industry (The Avatar is Sort of a Clue) I am currently speaking to Mintex with a view of getting one of their distributors to come on board with us as a supplier member.It would not be possible to deal direct with Mintex, as they have a distributor network "BUT"................................... The company concerned are motor sport orientated, so watch this space as they say if It is felt they will give us support, help and advice as well as competitive prices then I will get them to contact our club sec.
  2. Ray The Brake

    Raceline sump question....

    HI Paul I would take a look at the Raceline website first of all failing anything coming back on here, ring Raceline they are very helpful. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful .....................................................................................
  3. Ray The Brake

    Crossflow cooling setup

    Good call, but like I said airlocks certainly take some shifting I’ve been there. Hope every thing goes well cos it is frustrating to say the least
  4. Ray The Brake

    Crossflow cooling setup

    Look on the internet old Unipart part number GRC 126
  5. Ray The Brake

    Crossflow cooling setup

    The non pressure cap is the type fitted to the old Austin Maxi it’s just a flat cap with no springs
  6. Ray The Brake

    Crossflow cooling setup

    Another point ! You appear to have a bit of sediment in the the system I would flush the system out (take the thermostat out first ) Sediment in radiator core will not help when you try to bleed the system Check the water pump as worn impellers can really throw you if you have over heating issues once you’ve bled the system Whilst the thermostat is out check it’s operation use good quality antifreeze
  7. Ray The Brake

    Crossflow cooling setup

    Looking at the general condition of both caps can I suggest new pressure cap on the expansion tank. New non pressure cap on thermostat housing Make sure you remove any air in the system x flows are notorious for airlocks so I would fit a bleed valve then bleed & rebleed it may take several attempts .
  8. Ray The Brake

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    This is Matilda with her new Caterham HPC wheels
  9. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    Thanks for the interest the wheels have now been SOLD Cheers Every One
  10. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    They came off a Caterham no markings Not refurbished Around 10 years old No nuts No centre caps 7.5 inch wide Kept as a spare set very nice condition i will check remaining tread this evening if I’m get back early enough Cheers
  11. Mark

    7 1/2 WIDE

    Wheel and tyre 7.5 kilo

  12. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    Pictures as promised Wheel with tyres 7.5 kilo 7 1/2 inches wide
  13. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    I am working away until Friday I will take some pictures and measure them and post the information Cheers Ray
  14. Ray The Brake

    Wanted: 13” light weight wheels

    Hi, I have 4 x 13" Minilight's in immaculate as new condition fitted with Avon 175 x 55 x 13 CR500 Ford fitment £350

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