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  1. iowlee

    Workshop - clean out

    Still waiting on details/pics of pedal box as per pm if poss. Lee
  2. iowlee

    Rear wishbone fitment

    Lets hope they fit nicely as taken a gamble on it and committed to but them. Just need to start acquiring the rest of the bits to build the car up now. Thanks for the offers of advice though guys.(Dave, Julian and Chris) Lee
  3. iowlee

    Rear wishbone fitment

    Cheers Chris That was pretty much my understanding, just wanted reassurance really. Here’s hoping Lee
  4. iowlee

    Rear wishbone fitment

    Does anyone know if ‘FW’ rear wishbones will fit earlier ‘ZK’ or ‘kit’ bodied independent chassis? I have a spare chassis that came naked and am looking to build it up, and there is a pair for sale here, but need to know if there are different fitments. My current car is a live axle so I have nothing to compare it to. All help is appreciated. Lee
  5. iowlee

    Air box bonnet cover

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airbox-throttle-caterham-jenvey-air-filter-westfield-large-inlet-manifold-Kit/142918436737?hash=item21469a4781:g:d-4AAOxyY9VRSS2z https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airbox-throttle-caterham-jenvey-air-filter-westfield-7-small-inlet-manifold-Kit/142918439996?hash=item21469a543c:g:Al4AAOxyoA1RSQ3M were these the ones you were thinking about on eBay Dave ? Lee
  6. Hi Matta If the exhaust is available, and postage isn’t sky high can I take it please. Lee
  7. iowlee

    Wide body scuttle wanted

    I'm sure I have a kit one tucked away that you can have as I have switched over to ZK. It has holes etc in it from where it has been used but I will send you pictures when I get a chance. If suitable, just cover the cost of postage. How desperate are you? feel free to pm me Lee
  8. iowlee

    Wide body scuttle wanted

    Which style are you looking for, Zk or kit? Lee
  9. iowlee

    15% off Ebay Voucher

    Thanks for the heads up chris. Just saved £44.00 on some bits I was going to buy anyway in next couple of days. Lee
  10. iowlee

    New area now on Facebook

    Thanks Mark Lee
  11. iowlee

    New area now on Facebook

    Hi Martin I can't seem to find it, what is it listed as? Lee
  12. iowlee

    South Hampshire and IOW meeting

    Thanks Steve Hopefully see you soon Lee
  13. iowlee

    South Hampshire and IOW meeting

    Hi Steve, when will the meetings be held normally? I will put in diary and try to get along, probably not in the westy though. Lee
  14. iowlee

    South Hampshire and IOW

    Hi Steve, I have a meeting in Ryde on Thursday evening, unfortunately I dont think I will be able to make it over from the South Island.
  15. iowlee

    Dry sump pump pressure relief valve leaking

    I sent it back to them and they did it. Apparently there are 2 different sorts, later ones have a recess machined out for an oring. (If I remember what was said correctly) They come out really easily, just go careful not to lose springs etc. Guessing you will just lose what oil is in the system higher than the pump as it would just gravity drain. They said that mine was OK but they still said they changed it for me. I haven't driven the car since I refitted it but have had the car sat running.

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