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  1. iowlee

    Quick release steering wheel (NOW SORTED)

    Thank you for all of the replies, now sorted. Lee
  2. iowlee

    Trailer test

    Just thought I would go on to the DVLA to see how to register and costs etc. Here is the reply below. Lee Thank you for showing interest in our trailer registration service. At this stage, we are only looking to on board trailers being registered for commercial use. Trailers not being used commercially can still be registered (criteria outlined below) but not at this stage, you will be able to do this in the very near future. All Commercial trailers weighing over 750kg in gross weight and non-commercial trailers weighing over 3500kg in gross weight when travelling internationally will need to be registered. This means that these trailers making these journeys will need to: Be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Display their own registration plate (separate from the vehicle towing them) Be able to present the UK trailer registration certificate (VTRC) to a foreign authority on request Trailers solely used in the UK do not need to be registered. More information about when you should be able to register should be available on Gov.uk over the coming weeks.
  3. iowlee

    CCTV recommendations

    Just my little input, I have installed CCTV at my home/work (Hotel) and it regularly gets used by the local boys and girls in blue, as the road I'm on quite often gets used for people going to or coming back from being little naughty. Unfortunately I had an intruder on Thursday night /Friday morning. they broke in and thankfully I managed to disturb them mid job. I can put some sample images up a bit later as I'm just about to go out to a meeting. The lessons that I learnt was to have a camera that is head height as without a facial image the police are restricted as to what they can do. Normally offender (here anyway) have a hood up or hat on so cameras that are mounted quite high are helpful but not admissible. I am about to put in another 4 cameras for exactly this reason (I currently have 14 running). The placing of the cameras is as, if not more important than the cameras you use. Also make sure you have very good IR coverage as the night time is when most things tend to happen and make sure you get a good anti spider system set up, be it regular cleaning or coming the cameras with deterrent spray, as mentioned earlier they are a pain in the rear at night. Lee
  4. iowlee

    Alloy hubs front

    oops looks like I was too slow typing.
  5. iowlee

    Alloy hubs front

    Yes please Jim, if still available Lee
  6. iowlee

    Hayabusa engine cradle/frame and exhaust

    You have a PM Lee
  7. Has anyone done an engine swap and got a busa cradle gathering dust? Also looking for a manifold for the hayabusa engine to suit the westfield. Lee
  8. Hi anyone got either a weld on hub or fully adapted column sat around? Lee
  9. Recently bought another project car. It has the early sei rear end with drum brakes and am looking at getting the Sierra set up (with discs) by any chance does anyone have a complete rear end to get rid of diff, shafts, alloy uprights, brakes etc? Lee
  10. iowlee

    westfield rear diff id help please

    Tony, Thanks for all of the help here, once I know what the shafts are like, I suppose I need to decide which way to go with it. Lee
  11. iowlee

    westfield rear diff id help please

    Thanks for this link hammie I haven't had time to go through all of the boxes to see what the shafts look like yet. Hopefully I can get to go through the bits early next week. Lee
  12. iowlee

    westfield rear diff id help please

    So are the driveshafts bespoke? Just thinking if I need spares where to source.
  13. iowlee

    westfield rear diff id help please

    Oh great, cheers guys so the same as I have in my live axle car. Thanks for the prompt replies. Lee
  14. iowlee

    westfield rear diff id help please

    Thanks for the reply, was really after is it likely to be ford (Sierra 7 or 7.5) diff? or did they use something else? I am guessing it won't be an LSD but will check soon. Lee

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