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  1. Tommo I've had a good look here at home and can't find it so it must be in my store. I have one somewhere as I bought a full second hand set of body work in yellow, and as I run an aero screen, never used the fillet. How desperate are you for it? Lee
  2. I'm sure I have one somewhere, Let me have a look and get back to you. If you don't here back from me tomorrow send me a reminder pm. Lee
  3. If theses are still available, yes please. Paypal? Lee
  4. Being honest I can't actually decide which I prefer, with or without.
  5. Personally not sure about spokes, could be interesting. I have team dynamics . Or is that being cheeky. But honestly think the solid wheel may be better for image? Not really sure. If possible can the car lines be cleaned up as well as the wheels have been?
  6. Nothing wrong with a dirty image. thats the sort of thing I’m after. Only minor issue. I don’t have a ‘seat’, and exhaust on opposite side . But that’s looking good. lee
  7. Hi Ian, Sorry if it jumping on the band waggon, I have ZK Bodywork, V8 Bonnet Hump, Aero screen and Cage as described above (well when it is put back together). If you do create an image is there anyway that I could also get a copy (happy to pay) Lee
  8. Hi Maurici I also do not have a typical 7 driver physique. I am 6ft 8 ish I have made this 2 part liquid foam seat and although it was Ok I changed to the Schroth Indi (bean bag and liquid) seat. Oh my god such a world of difference. Yes it is quite a bit more expensive but the finish quality just felt better. I had 2 goes at the 2 part liquid one to get one that I was happy with. I also had the Indi covered by a local trimmer rather than my first foam seat covering with Tape. You definitely need someone to help make the seat. I also found the indi one much easier to sand/shape after setting. Lee
  9. Hi does anyone have the engine mounting brackets from a megabusa that they could send a template of? I'm in the process of getting all the bits together for a build and have a cradle and an engine, but am short of the brackets that go on the top mounts of the engine to the cradle according to the build manual. (Hope this makes sense) I did put a wanted advert but had no reply. So if someone has a pair not fitted to the car yet, could they do a quick template for me. Lee
  10. Does anyone have either the brackets that attach to the top engine mounts when fitting a hayabusa engine, or templates for making your own? I have a cradle already. (well actually bought 2 but that's a different story) Lee
  11. Hi Neil, please keep me updated with availability and prices. I'm interested. Please PM me with details. Lee
  12. Hi I'm after a Hayabusa ( GSX1300R ) Dry Sump Kit I have managed to get hold of a Westfield Sump pan. So either looking for all of the other bits to complete or a full kit Westfield or SBD etc. What do you have hiding in your garages/sheds/stores? Lee
  13. Thank you for all of the replies, now sorted. Lee
  14. Just thought I would go on to the DVLA to see how to register and costs etc. Here is the reply below. Lee Thank you for showing interest in our trailer registration service. At this stage, we are only looking to on board trailers being registered for commercial use. Trailers not being used commercially can still be registered (criteria outlined below) but not at this stage, you will be able to do this in the very near future. All Commercial trailers weighing over 750kg in gross weight and non-commercial trailers weighing over 3500kg in gross weight when travelling internationally will need to be registered. This means that these trailers making these journeys will need to: Be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Display their own registration plate (separate from the vehicle towing them) Be able to present the UK trailer registration certificate (VTRC) to a foreign authority on request Trailers solely used in the UK do not need to be registered. More information about when you should be able to register should be available on Gov.uk over the coming weeks.
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