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  1. iowlee

    Rear shocks 1989 SE Narrow

    Is live axle narrow any different measurements shocks wise to live axle wide? If not I may be able to help you. Lee
  2. iowlee

    Damaged v8 bonnet wanted

    That's only 3 V8 ones I have. Oh and a couple of non V8 I really must get a bigger garage/store I'm looking at potentially extending the bulge forward by an inch or two as I have raised my engine slightly as I wasn't happy with how close the dry sump pump was to the bottom arm. Now the top of the belt touches the underside of the bonnet! Just thought it would be easier to cut off and bond the bulge rather than start afresh with filler/glass. I also have 2 different exhausts, one side exit and 1 bonnet exit so would love to have a spare for each.
  3. iowlee

    Damaged v8 bonnet wanted

    I've just bought that one, if its the one on westfield sports cars facebook page. still looking for another though.
  4. iowlee

    Damaged v8 bonnet wanted

    Hi does anyone have a damaged ‘or cheap’ v8 bonnet they want to sell? i am only looking for one to cut about so condition really not important as long as the bulge is relatively ok. Lee
  5. iowlee

    Bits for Sale

    Cheers would have been interested if it was ZK. Lee
  6. iowlee

    Bits for Sale

    is the nose 'kit' or ZK Lee
  7. iowlee

    Westfield ZK nose grills. SOLD

    Replied and Paid Dave Lee
  8. iowlee

    Westfield ZK nose grills. SOLD

    Perfect cheers Dave Lee
  9. iowlee

    Westfield ZK nose grills. SOLD

    Hi Dave, I see Olliebeak must have been typing the same time as me. If he is not taking them please pm me your payment details and i can send you the money if still available. Lee
  10. iowlee

    Westfield ZK nose grills. SOLD

    Hi Dave, can I take both of these please. Lee
  11. iowlee

    Dry sump tank

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263546522331?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true If it helps, I think this is the same as the one I bought to fit in mine in the position you want. I just had a bracket welded on to the tank and it is bolted to the flat panel confront of the scuttle. Sorry I can't get you any pictures as mine is still away trying to get the wiring sorted. Lee edited as just found a picture of it during fitting
  12. iowlee

    wiring diagram needed please (Body)

    Thanks for your help chris. Lee
  13. iowlee

    wiring diagram needed please (Body)

    Perfect Dave, Thank you for your prompt reply. I will give it to the guy trying to sort out the mess. Lee
  14. Hi does anyone have a full wiring diagram (including colours) please. I am having the car rewired, trying to get rid of the birds nest under the dash that has arisen from different engines and accessories being fitted. I bought a new (second hand) Body loom from a zetec engined build, if that makes a difference. Have an aim dash that has its own loom and DTA ECU also with its own loom. Just want to double check the body element of the loom and confirm which excess wires are to be removed from the loom. Can anyone please help with colours etc. Lee
  15. iowlee

    Suspension set up

    Seconded http://www.procomp.co.uk Lee

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