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  1. FWIW I was very proud to receive the Mahoosive Diamond, Bob Green Memorial Trophy this year (which is returnable). This might be a worthwhile approach to have substantial but returnable awards with token (cheap) awards to keep.
  2. Terry I would be happy with either more modest prizes, or leave as is
  3. Sorry if I have caused offence. John and Terry know me well, and know that I get worked up about stuff. I do appreciate all of the work that they do, and will attempt to lighten Up! Matt
  4. On the subject of Cash Prizes. I am completely opposed to Cash Prizes for a number of reasons. 1. I do not believe that Cash Prizes will encourage any new participants, nor prevent established competitors from leaving. I am sure that the research carried out by Graham Frankland did not find a single new competitor who stated prize money was part of their motivation for competing. 2. My guess is that the cash will go to the established competitors, who have been competing for years, at the expense of the entry fees of novices, and the less experienced competitors. I am sure we could write a list now of the usual suspects who will receive the cash for 2019. 3. I feel it is unethical for competitors to simply trouser the funding from sponsors. I am sure the sponsors the Speed Series do so to encourage and develop the club and competition, not to just provide beer money for the established players. 4. The values of the cash prizes have now clearly exposed the prejudices of the SSOT. We can see clearly the “worth” of various competitions, and competitors, in black and white. a. Experts are twice as valuable as novices (£200 v £100) b. The Sprint Series (now disparagingly renamed “Mini Sprint”) is worth the same as 9th place overall. (£50). Despite targeting a completely different set of competitors. c. The Ladies prize is completely worthless, as is the Best Newcomer, Area Winner, etc. (£0) 5. If Cash Prizes are allowed to continue I believe significantly improved governance, and scrutiny will be required from the SSOT as inevitably more disputes will arise in the long term. 6. I fail to see how Cash Prizes fit with the Clubs objectives as written in the constitution. 7. Finally, I believe the awarding of Cash Prizes is a complete and utter waste of money. I find it very disappointing that of all the possible and desperately needed options to invest, promote, and encourage competitors to the club, have been overlooked in favour of cheap and tawdry Cash Prizes. I respectfully ask the SSOT to reconsider the awarding of any cash prizes, and completely remove them from the Draft Regulations.
  5. Don't be put off! You must understand that this is a game we play every year when the regs are published. The rules of the game are; someone says; if xyz appear in the the regs, then I'll take my bat and ball home. After this has gone around a few times all is forgotten, and it's back to business as usual! Remember the scrutineering is not done by WSCC people at events, so if you stick to blue book you will be fine
  6. OOPS pressed the button too soon. Surely this would exclude huge numbers of current cars from motorsport.
  7. Just a minor technical point on headlamp sizes If Diameter = 2x Root of area over pi D=2x Root 182.5/3.14 D= 15.246 CENTIMETRES or about 6 inches
  8. Compomotive still sell them. https://www.comp.co.uk/wheels/wheels.asp?section=cxr-20-13
  9. The Derby and Notts. area group meet at Clock Warehouse (Pub) at Shardlow (DE72 2GL) on the first Thursday of every month. So the next meeting is on Thursday 1st November 2018, starting at 7:30ish. We meet in the upstairs room which is reserved for us. Most of the group will drive tin tops to the meeting as many have dedicated competition cars, but we do have brave souls that arrive in their Westfields as well. If you want to discuss this please direct message me, or just turn up! The area Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DerbyNotts.WSCC/ Matt
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