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  1. Matthew Haynes

    2019 Gurston Down

    Agree completely Terry.
  2. Matthew Haynes

    Speed Series 2018

    Brilliant, well done @Howard (provisionally) Matt
  3. Matthew Haynes

    Class F car

    3.2.2 Classes E and F must comply with MSA Yearbook Regulations S.12 In Classes E and F Cars must be run in a condition such that they would comply with MSA Yearbook Regulations S.11 for Road Going cars, with the exception of requiring valid MOT, Insurance or Road Tax. Tyres must be from list 1A or 1B or 1C of the MSA Tyre Regulations for 2018 The tyres are listed here: https://www.msauk.org/assets/196-206permittedtyresl-1.pdf
  4. Matthew Haynes

    Blyton 5 Sept only £119

    Fantastic day with @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO , and @AdamR. Adam's tuition was outstanding and I would recommend him as to anyone. Not only does he know his stuff, but he can communicate in a really effective way....even to me! This is Adam approaching "The Wiggler" at 123mph..in my car, on road tyres!
  5. Matthew Haynes

    Roll cage regulations

    I don't think so! The 1.4 multiplier is correct, the derived capacity is (2000x1.4) 2800cc. However this does NOT require a cage in "Roadgoing Specialist Production". see my summary below. Blue Book 2018 My Interpretation for Road Going Specialist Production 10.1.3. Road-Going Specialist Production, Modified Series Production Cars and Modified Specialist Production Cars must comply with K.1.6.1 or K.1.6.2, with the exception of Standard Cars as defined in 11.9 where K1.6.1 or K.1.6.2 is recommended. Road-Going Specialist Production, must comply with K.1.6.1 or K.1.6.2, K. 1.6.1. Series Production, Touring and Sports Cars. (a) Production cars, Touring Cars, Sports cars up to 2,000cc – Basic rollbar/rollcage complying with K1 or K2. (b) Production Cars and Touring Cars over 2,000cc –Rollbar/rollcage complying with K3 or K4. (c) Sports cars over 2,000cc – Rollbar/rollcage complying with K3 or K4 or K60(i) & (ii) and K31. (a) Sports cars up to 2,000cc – Basic rollbar/rollcage complying with K1 or K2 (c) Sports cars over 2,000cc – Rollbar/rollcage complying with K3 or K4 or K60(i) & (ii) and K31. Sports Car. A car having either a non-detachable or a detachable roof with no more than one door on each side and a minimum of two seats situated one on each side of the longitudinal centreline. The two seats must be crossed by the same transversal plane. Interior dimensions must be inferior to the minimum dimensions applicable to Touring Cars. Westfield = Sportscar K1 K2 K31 K60
  6. Matthew Haynes

    Mathew Haynes

    I have. DM me
  7. Matthew Haynes

    Rockingham Sold no events from the end of 2018

    Just to confirm: No racing will take place at Rockingham Speedway beyond the end of 2018, it has been confirmed. The 300 acre site in Mitchell Road, once hailed as the future of British Motorsport, is believed to have been sold to an un-named investment company registered in the tax haven of St Helier, Jersey, and will become a major storage centre for defleet and auction vehicles.
  8. Matthew Haynes

    Tyre expert needed

    Just to respond to my own thread I contacted Toyo technical support (Alan Meaker), and he said it is a defective tread joint, and was probably NOT dangerous. Even so he agreed to replace them FOC. I would call that good customer service. FWIW Toyo had no stock of this tyre, and they were actually supplied by BMTR.
  9. Matthew Haynes

    Tracsport gear kit (spc)

  10. Matthew Haynes

    Curborough 30th September

    Simon :-) Matt BARC Sprint Print Download Email Remind Date: Sat, Sep 29, 2018 Time: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Location: Curborough Sprint Course (map) Category: Sprint Description The BARC (British Automobile Racing Club) 2 Lap Sprint. Practice commences 9.15am. Spectator Entry is FREE Contact: Noreen Ward Email: noreenward@tiscali.co.uk More Info: http://barcmidlands.co.uk/events Location Details Curborough Sprint Course Netherstowe Lane/Off Wood End Lane Lichfield UK WS13 8EJ UK Location Contact: David Pattison Location Phone: 01543 432607 Directions Curborough is situated off the A38 trunk road between Burton on Trent and Lichfield in Staffordshire. The venue is Brown Signed once you are off the A38, and also the A515 from the West. POSTCODE: Curborough track does not have a specific Postcode, but you can use the one for the nearest property which is WS13 8EJ.
  11. Matthew Haynes

    Tyre expert needed

    The date code is 1616 which is April 2016, and they have done about 100 miles, all sprinting, no road miles.
  12. Matthew Haynes

    Tyre expert needed

    Just noticed my Toyo R888 have a split in them. Any ideas what has caused this? Don't think I've ever hit anything, and they have never been used in cold weather. Suggestions please.
  13. I did enjoy the read, and it is definitely the best so far
  14. Matthew Haynes

    Zk carbon effect stoneguards

    I would like to buy these please. Will send a PM. Thanks
  15. Matthew Haynes

    Silverstone Stowe 3/6/18

    Well done Simon :-) Derby and Notts looking good with 3 WINNERS Matt

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