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  1. Chrisholmes

    Anoying rattle from offside rear around roll bar

    Yes they are pro tech shocks. I may try and disconnect then re bounce. Thanks for advise.
  2. Chrisholmes

    Anoying rattle from offside rear around roll bar

    Thanks for reply but no rear anti roll bar fitted. Im almost starting to think it could be a chassis weld.
  3. Has anyone come accross a very annoying rattle from the offside rear of their seiw westfield. I have removed the roll bar and boot box lid in order to try and trace it. As you bounce the suspension there is a tap type metallic noise which is driving me mad. The rear dampers are new and all the rear suspension arms are tight. Ive pretty much grabbed everything i can to try and elliminate but with no sucess. Any advise welcome.
  4. Chrisholmes

    Westfield Standard Sports Seats (pair) REDUCED

    Yes Dave they are from my wide body westy
  5. For sale are my genuine westfield seats. Selling due to requiring more leg room inside. Seats are black with the blue westfield logo in the middle and blue pipeing on the edges. There is some damage to the bolster on each outer side of each seat. This is where they catch against the body but does not effect the performance of the seat and cannot be seen when mounted. Runners included on one seat. Any questions please ring me Chris on 07882927073 Collection from Preston area. Would like £150 but will take offers
  6. Chrisholmes

    Carbon Exhaust - Sold

    Hi. Have you now definitely sold?

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