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  1. Well done, was wondering if you would survive the deluge, and a pass to boot!
  2. The bobbin delaminated on my S2000, as I expected it to, it was not a matter of when, but if. My solution was to take the rubber from the bobbin, drill a hole in it and bolt through it using a couple of washers and a nylock nut. A simple solution, that has lasted. I did wonder if it would add a lot of vibration, but I haven’t really noticed - mind you, it is a track car, so a bit of additional vibration/noise hasn’t been a priority. I put the nut on fairly loosely so there would be some damping and it hasn’t needed tightening since (going on 2 years ago). I also have a Superformance S1. The exhaust mount on that is similar to the solution others have offered, with a bracket attached to the underside of the car and a bobbin used in compression. I have attached a couple of photos. This is the permanent solution I was considering for the S2000, if the direct bolt through didn’t work.
  3. Make sure you keep the Honda gearbox mount, you need to modify it to fit in the Westfield though.
  4. I know I am a little late to the party here, but the striping on my car, including the front of the nose, was done with vinyl wrap. Its amazing how much that stuff stretches with a little heat, and I have had no issues whatsoever with it peeling. It also protects the front of the nose.
  5. Lol, its a Spec Racer Atom. Doesn't come with wings! S
  6. Good to hear from you Jon. Nope, the TR3 is in the garage waiting for a brake job (it's cool enough so I can think about getting around to it), and the Healey is STILL at the bodyshop (it went there the day before my Westfield kit arrived), so absolutely no justification and she doesn't exactly know about it yet! Saw you were building an XI. Julie suggested I take on another project, so was wondering about it, but not sure I want to get into refurbishing all those parts. Have been meaning to reach out to you. The other alternative is a DBR1 if I can find a decent kit . . Too bad about the job, would have been good to see you and to catch up. S
  7. I also decided I wanted to shorten the gear lever while I wad down at the track. I have a spare transmission sitting in my garage after the first engine mishap, so I decided to take the gear lever mechanism and shorten it, as a few others have done. Actually a fairly simple process - if you cut through the lower portion of the thick part of the S2000 lever, after removing the rubber, you will find a rod inside that is just the right length and thickness to take a standard Westfield gear knob (I had a spare one for some reason), with minimal fettling. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the process, but it was quick and easy, taking less than an hour to do. Here are the two knobs for comparative purposes - you can see from the picture where to cut (just below the raised ridge in the outer piece - be careful not to cut into the inner rod): I need to get a new plastic end piece for the shortened lever, as you can see the one on it is broken - they are virtually impossible to get off without breaking so I didn't try to get it off the longer lever, and it actually worked fine with the broken piece for some reason! In the car it looks like this: A significant improvement, but the gaiter needs a little work. Word to the wise, use threadlock on the three grub screws or you will find the knob will come off after a very short while. Don' ask how I know! While I was at it, I added spacer for the steering wheel too. My elder son is 6'4" and when the seat is all the way back his arms are stretched right out, so I got another wheel and quick-release hub for him. The new wheel is also smaller, so he has more room for his knees while driving. And yes, you will see in the background, my latest acquisition. You can never have too many track cars! Also Honda powered, but lighter than the Westfield, so a little quicker.
  8. It's been a while since I was here - What happened to all our photos? does anybody have a way of getting them back into the build threads, apart from paying Photobucket's extortionate "fee" (at least they didn't ask for the ransom in Bitcoins). After commenting on IanK's thread that my carbon-effect cycle wings had survived a ton of track abuse, lo and behold I noticed cracks in them around the front attachment bolts and then last time I was there, this happened: The crack had developed into a full-blown split and the font was rubbing on the tire, so I pulled it off. You can see that the split across the top is right along the line of the bracket, so I figure it mist be rubbing there. Looks like I have to switch back to the orange GRP ones, but their extra weight really does make them flap alarmingly around 100 mph.
  9. Did the remote oil pressure sender myself when I replaced the engine last year, and haven't had an issue with it so far. Was told that mounting the sender to the block was not recommended due to the vibration that could lead to failure, not just a leak.
  10. My CE cycle wings are bolted directly to the stays, no foam, and have survived much track abuse with no problems (so far). They vibrate alarmingly at full chat down the straightaway with no issue! I'm not touching the Gurkha's appendage.
  11. Mine is the same as your original one, sold to me as a high performance unit, given the high heat and altitude track application. The tuning shop here said it wasn't sufficient as it kept overheating on the dyno . . .
  12. I mounted the bolt relatively loosely with a nylock nut so that the rubber would absorb some of the vibration - louder/more vibration than the original mount, but not so uncomfortable that you can't stand it!
  13. I simply bolted through the rubber mount after it sheared. There is a bit more noise/vibration, but as it is a track car, it doesn't really matter. Has been holding up fine.
  14. I have virtually no clearance with no issues. It is more of an issue how much space you need to leave to her the exhaust clamp through
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