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  1. Hi Roger, In the end I accepted it as a "feature" of the car, as I struggled to find an option to replace. Not sure on the S3 bonnet. I Just don't know how closely the pre-lit followed the other marque's dimensions. As it happens, with my ongoing engine swap, I have had to cut a substantial hole in the bonnet and have a GRP bulge to fit, so that's me sorted.
  2. It does sound like tappets. If there is any play in the holes on the rocker cover, make sure it's not fouling on a tappet, I had that on mine once. Run it with the cover off to check.
  3. Looking for suggestions or advice on how to attach the throttle cable to my carbs, given the very limited height I have under the bonnet. It looks like the cable should pass down through the fitment I have circled in red The problem I have is this fitment is already going to be above the bonnet line and visible, so it's going to look very odd with a cable coming out of it and looping back under the bonnet elsewhere. Is there an alternative way of connecting the throttle from another direction? Here are a couple more photos from slightly different angles.
  4. Hi Sam, Look forward to seeing how you get on. Photos of the car would be great. Where are you based? Good luck!
  5. There's a bit of a story to the serpentine belt. I ran a piece of string around the pulleys and measured it, ordered a matching ribbed belt and waited for it to arrive. Postman dropped it off and straight to the garage, only to find it was way too short. Found the piece of string and checked it around the pulleys, spot on, measured it, same length as noted before. After much head scratching, I discovered that the ball of string I was using was like elastic, so it was about 4cms shorter laid out against the tape than when pulled around the pulleys. Numpty! New belt ordered and now another job is ticked off the list.
  6. ASH finally delivered the coolant hose connectors, so that's another job ticked off Excuse my rad, but it works!
  7. Today I fitted the new propshaft, two hours under the car to do four nuts and bolts! But I now have a complete drivetrain. Also ran the fuel line to the bike carbs and finished off the new pedal box cover (which has neatened up that area of the car nicely). It's gone from this..... to this..... Ok, so I still need to position header and catch tanks, but definitely an improvement. My ASH aluminium pipe connectors have been shipped, so should be able to complete the coolant runs this week. Exhaust needs a bit of a modification..... but the can and manifold seem to line through nicely..... so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just need to fine a decent welder not too far away. Getting close now 😁
  8. I need to shorten the pipe on my can, what is the best type of blade to use?
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