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  1. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Hello from France

    and what a smart car!
  2. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Hello from Southern Ireland

    from Essex and would also love to see pics of your current steed!
  3. 2019 and here we go again! Midday at the Lodge, for drinks and banter. Hope to see you there.
  4. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Portmanteau words

    Bit of a thread drift but....... .......and don't tell my eldest, she is!
  5. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Engine Swap Flowchart

    In which case you can use @RussH's flowchart
  6. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Engine Swap Flowchart

    I'm still at "START", so who knows what path I will follow
  7. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Engine Swap Flowchart

    As I have found the process of swapping my engine quite challenging, I decided that now was the time to put a plan together to bring the saga to a conclusion and thought I would share it, in case anyone else found it useful!
  8. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    New FreeWheel Solid State Wireless Steering Button controller

    @Kit Car Electronics is coming to a meet? Hold the back page!
  9. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Clutch Recommendation

    I'm looking for suggestions for a clutch and pressure plate for my engine conversion. I'm going to be Sigma to type 9, with an RWD Motorsport bellhousing. RWD have an 8.5" clutch which I guess would be fine, but wondered if anyone had any thoughts?
  10. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Dr Who?

    And that's my happy face!!!
  11. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Dr Who?

    Quite a transformation, isn't it!
  12. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Dr Who?

    Just spotted this on the TV, clearly I need to add a sonic screwdriver to my toolbox!
  13. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    I've loved following your build. Good luck with the test!
  14. Kevin (Mr T) -  Essex AO

    Alternative Westie Engines

    I've just given away my home-made diffuser and the guy that's having it sent me this pic of his engine bay... ......claims 300bhp at the wheels

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