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  1. @Storvite, from Essex as well. A Sport 250 we haven't had in our group! We Essex boys and girls meet on the second Sunday of the month (so tomorrow) at The Lodge near South Woodham Ferrers. Be great to see you there.
  2. I know we have at least one person on here who is very familiar with current regs @Mark (smokey mow) I'm having an argument with a builder at the moment on a new build where I am overseeing the installation of the kitchen. In a new build, does there have to be mechanical extraction to the outside from the kitchen area? Is there anything in the regs that says that a kitchen extractor installed in a new build has to extract to the outside? Basically, the builder is saying we (the kitchen suppler) should have made an allowance for extraction when designing the kitchen and I am arguing that there should have been provision in the design of the house itself, if extraction does form part of the regs. I love my job!
  3. That's brilliant! Found the schematic I needed, plus I'm sure there will be other info I need.
  4. One last shout up on this, as the comments seem open to interpretation Top hose to the stat housing or the rear of the car and T off to the header tank from top or bottom hose? Sorry, but I'm hoping to plan the route and order the hoses this weekend. K
  5. Midday at the Lodge, South Woodham Ferrers and, weather permitting, it would be great to see the cars out!
  6. I'm away at the moment, but I have purchased that one anyway! Thanks.
  7. I sold all my vinyl when CDs appeared, what a mistake! Then I had a subscription to Deezer with a bit of Bose kit and could again listen to Wishbone Ash, The Moody Blues, Zep and The Floyd and yes, Sunburst Finish by Be-Bop Deluxe and many more. Great music just doesn't diminish with the passing of time.
  8. I like the price! Mine has this sort of pulley wheel.... ....so I guess I just find one like that then.
  9. Can't help with your question, but from Essex. I'm sure someone with a more useful response will be along shortly!
  10. I'm learning so much doing this engine swap, especially how to spend my hard earned!!! The original alternator clashes with the new inlet manifold, so I need a smaller one. Denso or Brise seem to be the kiddies, but how do I choose one for my application?
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