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  1. David_Thame

    Non-Westfield build

    Oh dear lord I love this thread...more pics.....dont forget a video of that V6 singing....IMHO one of the best sounding motors ever! So many fond memories of my 3.0 Alfa 75 and the handbrake that bit you to keep you awake...classic.
  2. David_Thame

    Aim mxs info thread

    Not sure if your ECU has CAN bus output? If it has then its just a matter of connecting the data wires together between dash and ECU then bobs your uncle.
  3. David_Thame

    Cutting exhaust/inlet holes in a bonnet

    I used a mix of Permagrit tools from Easy composites, never chipped anything once...awesome stuff! They do needle file, dremel bits and jigsaw blades. Wouldnt use anything else now...goes through fibreglass and CF like a dog eating hot chips.
  4. David_Thame

    John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    ooh where did you get those floor mates from? WF?
  5. David_Thame

    Engine Mount Advice - 1.7 Ford Puma / Sigma

    Have you tired that other 7 -esque company, name begins with a C.....cant remember exactly They have mounts on their website, not sure they would fit.?
  6. David_Thame

    Engine Mount Advice - 1.7 Ford Puma / Sigma

    First pic shows the slightly extended mount....but it was only a small mod to get the width right.
  7. David_Thame

    Engine Mount Advice - 1.7 Ford Puma / Sigma

    I used Sigma mounts from the factory on my ecoboost which is the same block, one side was extended slightly to get it to fit correctly...so I would ring Westfield and ask.
  8. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Lovely..back on the bay of E for me then.
  9. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Help! need some electrical wizard. I've got some of these (as below) and the guys at SCS have gone home so i cant ask them whats going wrong. http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/187/honeywell-sensing-speed-sensors-1gt-series-3231520-947405.pdf Cant seem to get a signal out of it on the bench when connected to a 12v supply. Signal is supposed to got to 0v ish when it detects a metallic object but absolutely nothing is happening. Do i need a pull up resistor?...not sure that would help as i;m not really seeing any change in voltage between signal output and ground/ or power when i place a metallic object in front of it. Help! as i have 4 of these on the car Why does everything else (kind of) make sense but electrics are the spawn of the devil!
  10. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Thanks all...off it stays!
  11. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Hello! Quick question...should i stick the aeroscreen on before IVA or leave it for after? Ta!
  12. David_Thame

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    OMG thats the shiniest thing ive ever seen....sometimes wish i had chosen red , top colour for a Westy.
  13. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    I know i know this is taking forever to finish but i'm trying OK! :-) Just bought some Schroth harnesses and 50mm eyelets for the rear mounts...quick question, what thickness spacer do i need for the rear eyelets? or do i see how it looks when the seats are in (Tillett).
  14. David_Thame

    C type project

    I second that! Gooo on Babba! Looks stunning Chris!
  15. David_Thame

    Roads n Routes!

    Good idea! BTW https://www.northcoast500.com/ :-)

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