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  1. David_Thame

    Track Rod End

    What size is the thread for the nylocs please chaps? 3/8 ish?....definately not M10
  2. David_Thame

    Alternative Westie Engines

    I actually did think about one of these: 300 bhp, oil cooled and unbreakable in bikes...not sure about as a car engine though! Had 3 GSXR1100's....awesome engines
  3. David_Thame

    Alternative Westie Engines

  4. David_Thame

    Alternative Westie Engines

    Possibly a bit biased.... https://www.usa.mountuneracing.com/products/ecoboost-1-6-litre-global-race-engine-gre?variant=6944496844857
  5. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    With you Adge, I'm definitely on the side of caution when it comes to IVA, for the effort involved i'm going to edge protect everything in sight. Thanks Chaps!
  6. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    OK cool. Just ordered some runners...even the back of the seat needs edging?...blumin eck...time to go rubber trim crazy!
  7. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    perfect thanks...final question...sorry! I've fixed the passenger seat to the floor, but i'm thinking about putting the drivers side on runners.....worth the faff? Just thinking of ease of access and not persecuting a short or tall IVA chap...
  8. OMG did you get those turbo's off a truck! they look huge...
  9. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    I also seem to remember off here somewhere that schroth harnesses need the yellow bit towards the tunnel... Just realised: What would i do without this forum!!
  10. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Need a quick sanity check before i move on. Harness eye bolts are about 4.5" above the seat entry point...any issues with that for the IVA chap?
  11. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    They are the westfield aluminium panels but covered in 3M Carbon wrap....its dead easy to do. Bit annoyed i didnt quite manage to hide the black rivets under the rubber trim though...will be the first thing on the upgrade list after IVA.
  12. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Not the lightest carbon look interior, feel so dirty! lol
  13. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    I also made my own internal panels, also carbon wrapped. Not got the kick strips on yet though..
  14. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Pic is missing one rubber trim off the drivers side, but you get the jist.
  15. David_Thame

    1.6 Ecoboost Build


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