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  1. Just changed my WF original 30ah Banner battery, lasted 4 years in the car. For ease of fitting I decided to replace it with the same Banner battery mounted in the nose. It didn’t exactly go to plan as the replacement terminals are reversed! In all other aspects it is exactly the same as the original. A word of warning as it nearly caught me out.
  2. Over a period of several weeks my zetec cooling system started behaving similar to yours. In my case this was the culprit, it was not holding its pressure and allowing the Coolant to boil and expand when it got warm. When up to temp after the engine was turned off you could hear it hissing through the cap. I cut the old one up and found the valve mechanism contaminated with sludge from the coolant. The new cap has been on for months now with no reoccurrence. Hope this helps.
  3. I had the same concerns with my build. I made this plate as suggested earlier.
  4. LED's are polarity sensitive, try reversing your connections
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