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  1. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    Yes good luck on Friday we’re all with you
  2. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    They’re Looking good , and your making good headway with the wiring, I found it was a job that seemed to go on forever. So doing a section then a different small job and so on. prevented brain meltdown , crack on
  3. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Cobra 427 Build

    Yes they were built to last then which benefits you now
  4. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    IVA crash pad for contoured dash

    Thanks Steve, soooo Gary how much are you after and where about are you as obviously I’m up north a bit but will be in Scarborough this weekend so will need either post or wscc courier help pm me if you would rather
  5. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Cobra 427 Build

    Makes it all jump out, and it feels like you’ve made s big step when you stop fabricating and start painting parts
  6. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Winter upgrades

    Looking back then looking forward
  7. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    IVA compliant boot catches

    I think with the “ normal “ locks they had a hard acute edge and being of a shiny finish didn’t lend themselves to re radiusing as Dave said someone put a grommet slit horizontally around them to alleviate the radii issue so yours don’t have a sharp edge....
  8. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    IVA compliant boot catches

    This explains it here 5.2 What to check before exterior projections are inspected DVSA uses a 100 mm sphere to assess the exterior. Anything that is contactable is checked with a radius gauge. Any hard part that the sphere touches must be ‘radiused’ to at least 2.5 mm or any items that project: more then 5mm needs to ‘radiused’ to 2.5mm less than 5mm needs to be blunted A sharp edge may cause an injury, whereas a ‘radiused’ or a blunt edge/corner may cause less of an injury. Check the exterior of the vehicle by look and touch to see what you think may cause injury. This is what DVSA will look for. 5.3 The standard exterior projections must meet See section 16 (exterior projections) of the IVA inspection manual for the full inspection standard.
  9. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Non-Westfield build

    It’s all good work and it’s all the small frustrating jobs that you go “ “ I’ve been here for hours and there’s no change “ but and it’s a big but, it’s the satisfaction of knowing it’s done well and done right even if no one will see or notice it keep up the good work and hope your back recovers sooner than later
  10. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    IVA crash pad for contoured dash

    Oooooo carbon its a slippery slope..... If Steve doesn’t take it, I could be interested if it’ll fit mine
  11. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    IVA compliant boot catches

    The regulations are the same protrusion ones , so if they are ok on the bonnet they would be on the boot lid as the exterior projection would be the same
  12. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    4-AGE in a lowline

    Ahhh for a moment I thought you meant proper long clamshell wings ...... Seriously though, really nice work on the conversion, looking forward to seeing it finished
  13. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Winter upgrades

    Don’t worry it comes to us all, just next it’ll be tartan blankets and heaters
  14. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    So far

    If your in Scarborough on the 15th come for dinner with the reprobates sorry Geoffrey and friends
  15. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Winter upgrades

    Lol I had forgotten about the emissions thing and thanks I try to think it through and plan then do it, I hate welding stainless let alone thin stainless that everyone can see now I just need about 5 hands , (no arms as there’s no room ) to align and mark where the bracket goes for the alternator lol

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