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  1. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Happy Birthday Thrusty!

    Happy birthday TJ , miss the banter , time you were back
  2. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Clan McWesty Bo’Ness revival

    I now have the details from Cliff for the Sunday we are requested to arrive from 09.00-09.30 so if we meet up on the road in front of Bo’ness fire station between 08.00 and 08.30 please ensure the front of the fire station is kept clear and we can go upto the venue together. i have the passes for the cars on the club stand and will distribute them on the morning Rab can you organise the gazebo and your feather flag, any problems let me know and we will work something out Regards Gary
  3. Hi all this Sunday is the Eyemouth run first meeting point Lizzy Brice shell station for 10.30
  4. Ask for both issues, and either you can write something up and send it direct or I can add it in to each report or we can do both if we keep the same weekend then the other runs can work around it and by advertising now everyone can put it in their area diaries , hopefully getting a better turnout
  5. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    New Member in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

    from sunny Scotland, nice looking car hope you have lots of fun in her
  6. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Post IVA Registration Questions

    Yes send all the receipts you have, it all counts as they read though it
  7. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Westfields in Australia

    from sunny Scotland good luck with your search and build
  8. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    Cheers Bob, yes don’t know what’s happening lately a bit of apathy maybe, time will tell, have a good run and grab a couple of pics if you can Gary
  9. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    Thanks David I did know about the change of venue and yes your right it’s the ones holding it on the Rev limiter in a public place had it confirmed we’re off to do a westy photo shoot with the photographer on Sunday afternoon so it will be cars n coffee then pics for us
  10. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Pre IVA Images

    Congratulations it’s a great feeling to get through the iva good luck with dvla and hopefully you’ll not have to wait to long
  11. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    I'M Back with a new car !

    Welcome back but where’s the pictures?
  12. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    Hi all as you knowAugust was going to be a quieter month but there are still a few things planned, Aug 12th is cars and coffee at Inverness, 10-12. We will be leaving Dufftown at 8.30 ish not sure after that as we are meant to be meeting a photographer , will update as we go Aug 19th is the Eyemouth run Aug 25th is the mystery navigation run organised by Brad who has put a lot of effort into it, so if we can get as much support as possible it would be great Sept 2 is Bo'ness revival, stand places are now closed but you can still come and support us and see some great cars tackling the course If you can manage along to any of these drop me a line, or if your having a day out pop it up on here, you might get some company ..... Regards Gary
  13. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    My inheritance

    sorry to hear the sad circumstances of your inheritance, but glad your using it , obviously full of memories every time you go out, enjoy
  14. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    IVA panels.....???

    Definitely cover the scuttle/ chassis joint , I copied the factory panels , velcroed in place to cover the joint / bolts the examiner commented on it being neat and tidy as he checked under and behind the dash using a mirror

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