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  1. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Thank you for adding me.

    Yes we do when it’s not raining
  2. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Thank you for adding me.

    from sunny Scotland
  3. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Alcohol free.

    This is a bad idea Dave, you’ve a lot of work to get through this winter without this sort of distraction
  4. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Silverstone Classic 2019

    Looking forward to it already missed last year and was very envious of all who made it,
  5. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Bristol and Bath AO

    Congratulations on taking the step and volunteering, good luck and I hope you get plenty of support from your local members
  6. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Sport 250 Lowered Sump

    No but it was wet .....
  7. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Norway member getting started

    From Scotland will wait to follow your build once you get started don’t forget anything you’re unsure of just ask and add plenty of pictures good luck with the garage and the build
  8. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    New member

    There’s one just popped up on Westfield sportscars face book page at Aberdeen ntdwm
  9. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    New member

    Welcome from further up in Scotland there are a few members up here who do track days and super lap Scotland im sure some will be along soon to advise, for all happenings north of the border keep an eye out for Clan McWesty in the title regards Gary
  10. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Fraser Bell R.I.P Clan McWesty

    Deepest sympathies to the family and all who knew him
  11. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Cheers and yes on a walk round it really was caked but still goes with the territory white car and year round use ....
  12. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Thanks and yes one of the winter upgrades is to change the grill slightly as love the style but want some more airflow so going to go with a more open mesh but still have the same chequered look i think
  13. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    Good luck tomorrow with the retest
  14. hi gary, couldnt see a time for eurotunnel booking , have you set a train time yet?  when booking hotels etc did you find using booking sites or call direct  best ? Jim

  15. Hi Gary, laura and i are up for the trip, i see a lot of the accomodation is booked, who else going, and have they booked altermative acomodation, ? cheers Jim.


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