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  1. Sounds like a fun thing to try, good luck with it depending on the date I would hope to pop down from up north and give it a try
  2. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Applecross 2018 clan McWesty

    May need to go the long way then , will try and escape work earlier
  3. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    There’s no stopping you now keep going, nice work
  4. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Custom spark plug leads and IVA?

    The HT ignition system must be fitted with radio interference suppression equipment. 2. The trade name or mark and trade description must be present on the interference suppression equipment 3. There must be a maximum of 120mm separation between trade markings on suppression cables. from the iva manual, as Kevin said take the original ones or can you get a letter from who made the aftermarket ones stating the fact that they are made to correct specs ?
  5. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Custom spark plug leads and IVA?

    I fitted brand new aftermarket ones ( before iva) with no markings and no questions asked as long as they run neat and tidy and don’t rub / touch anything else there shouldn’t be a problem
  6. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    New(ish) member

    fae soggy Scotland
  7. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Applecross 2018 clan McWesty

    See you all there theres a few marked bikes going about too as there’s been some bother with a few bikes trying the quick way down the pass lately
  8. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Whats yours called and why!

    Plain and simply “Tommy” after my dad who encouraged me in all sorts of car naughtiness and never got his own “7” due to me arriving
  9. Bo’Ness Revival Sunday 2nd September I know we are only into June but time marches on and the organisers for Bo’Ness revival are asking for numbers , so that they can allocate space for us, please note we are limited to 10 cars max so get in quick so can you add your name here if intending to attend and we can sort the details from there thanks Gary Gary matt rab neville
  10. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    New boy

    from sunny Scotland, enjoy the forum, loads of advice wether you currently own or are searching for a westy
  11. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO


    from sunny Scotland hope you both get lots of fun and enjoyment from her, pictures and a requirement once she’s home
  12. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Congratulations and still plenty of summer left, get the registration and enjoy
  13. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Clan McWesty lead hills run

    Looks like a great run out unfortunately couldn’t trek south to join in so here’s a few pictures courtesy of Bob Reid, thanks Bob
  14. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Yep winter upgrade as the wee mx5 engine is a bit piffless compared to the last version so...... the westy needs some muscles......
  15. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Steering and wishbone setup help

    You can scource thinner lock stops, how wide are the ones you have put on ? And adjust for minimum clearance smaller headlights ? Or a spacer under the headlight to lift slightly

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