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  1. from sunny Scotland enjoy your westy
  2. Ms2, yes it switches the earth to fire , but alas there seems to be some other electrickery at work with the jag cops out of interest which coil pack did you use?
  3. Yes those are the ones I’ve been trying but for some reason I’m not getting anywhere with them, they obviously need a different way of either wiring or firing them and as my self imposed deadline for getting her running approaches I had to make a decision wether to keep trying to make these work or go to the cbr ones. Given the frustration that 4 wires are causing I ordered the new ones There is obviously something within either the jaguar coil management or ecu that fires them. The mega squirt takes the signal to a coil driver which switches the earth to fire, the cbr coils have a 12v ignition feed and the earth to the trigger so certainly at this point it seems the way forward , for me at least
  4. We’ll be passing here on hols , just to convince everyone else to drool over some old Bugatti’s ....
  5. Absolutely beautiful work I love reading and following your build, thanks for sharing
  6. so another frustrating day in the garage....... fuel rail sorted and holding pressure fine, so tried to fire up .... nothing put the booster pack on the battery and tried again ..... nothing so peered down the throttle bodies and there was wetness and a smell of petrol so injectors are firing . on the basis of the fire triangle I've got air and fuel so, spark is it there.... nope, so wiring checked and rechecked all appears fine so came n and started the hunt through numerous wiring diagrams and poke with the lad who programmed the ecu, and just ordered a set of cbr coil packs as thats what he used . seemingly you get dumb and smart coil packs and obviously the smart ones are too smart for me , lol, so the cbr ones are the dumb version, wish me luck
  7. from sunny Scotland, I can’t add to what’s already said but good luck with your search
  8. from Scotland and good luck with your search
  9. Thanks, a frustrating time today waiting for a fuel regulator to arrive then check the cop wiring got a few other jobs to do tomorrow to keep me busy
  10. Happy birthday Gary,

    Best wishes from Wirral and North Wales.


  11. You’ll be sorely missed but good luck in whatever direction you’re headed
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