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  1. Would you take £20 for the scuttle, I’m only after the SE bit on the front to graft into mine?
  2. I need to check I fit in them let alone them fitting in the car, if they sell before the weekend so be it, as I can’t get there before then, but I’m certainly interested
  3. Welcome, if you fancy a trip down to Lee on Solent first Thursday of the month, to the Bun Penny, you’re more than welcome, we have at least two cars being built, one being rebuilt and road going westy’s of various ages, the buying process is known to several members, and obviously any assistance that can be given will be
  4. Long shot here, but I’m after a Cortina mk3 brake master cylinder non servo
  5. Blonde moment, but I’ve noticed that the comment ‘ do not e-mail’ is in my profile on the new members list, how do I alter this to ‘ok to e-mail’
  6. If nobody wants it would it be possible to have the near side rear wing as I have a damaged one and could graft in a patch
  7. As per title, I’m after a boot box for an 89 narrow body sei, preferably in white
  8. Just noticed your location, whereabouts in Hants are you?

  9. Christmas beer and curry, meeting at the Bun Penny, Lee-on-the-Solent at 1900 Thursday 6th December
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