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  1. chriss1455

    Croft next Weds 25th July

    Wont be for me Chris. I really should make time to get down and sort the car out
  2. chriss1455

    Before & After Photos

    When i bought the car 3 and half years ago A year after ownership How she sits now
  3. chriss1455

    Standard track wishbones

    Here is the advert for mine if interested drop me a pm
  4. Thanks Chris. Look forward to hearing from you. Where are you based??

  5. chriss1455

    Standard track wishbones

    I have a pair that were meant to be sold 3 months ago. I will send him a pm to see if he wants them
  6. chriss1455

    Best insurers 32yr old driver

    I always used to use footman james. But for the last couple of years ive used a plan (for both cars and van) as they have been both cheapest and friendliest on the phones. If you ring them they will always take the time to explain everything in detail with you and answer any questions you have
  7. chriss1455

    North East Area Meet New Venue for June

    Car will definatly not be on the road but i will be there
  8. chriss1455

    Unstable Fuel Pressure. New Install

    I believe you already did chris as i pinched it and used it
  9. chriss1455

    ZK Carbon Parts

    I seem to remember them saying something like this. Cant remember exactly what it was but there are some differences that they said in there eyes they look better
  10. chriss1455

    ZK Carbon Parts

    When i spoke to siltech last year they were on about doing there own carbon nose and bonnet
  11. chriss1455

    Duratec engine mounts

    Now this will sound really daft but have you tries westfield? When i needed some they had them in stock much to my suprise
  12. chriss1455

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    If you get the bonnet pained black then i will start getting suspicious
  13. chriss1455

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Looks much better with the v8 bonnet chris
  14. chriss1455

    North East Run Outs 2018

    Hoping to make stoneleigh but will only be the sunday and no car depends whrn she drops the little one out
  15. chriss1455

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Is this the one that was on eBay from horsham area?

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