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  1. The way i done it it would be without a doubt yes (i got carried away and ended up doing a full re build of the car) However what i got for the zetec package (engine ECU ehaust mt75 box and the bits) just about covered the cost of the engine i got and the ecu. I suppose it all depends on what youd be happy putting in. The one i put in had been messed about with a bit so was obviously more than a standard (at the time complete engines inc majority of bits were average about £700 on ebay). Also the gear box is the same if you can find a cheap one with a long first, or even if you can manage with the short first on the type 9 then that too will keep it down. I suppose it all comes down to how far you want to go with the car and then how deep you want to dig in your pockets for it
  2. As chris says. Anything can be done. I changed from a 2 ltr zetec to a duratec and the plan was to hide the exit holes with flared panels on the side. However also as chris says it is easy to get carried away and end up blowing one hell of a budget in doing so. (Speaking from my expensive experiance on that) As many have said before id say the most important thing before doing anything drastic is getting a full geo set up correctly, good tyres and tuition to fully know the car in a driving sense, as again speaking from experiance it will change the whole feel of the car
  3. Another one for hamilton. When i got mine it was parked outside for about 9 months amd didnt have any problem with hamiltons. Although more than the £100 you'd like to spend worth every penny and more of the price tag
  4. Not painted but during a re build i replaced them with carbon panels
  5. Will be a no go for me mate. Still need to finish the dash. And to top it all off the clutch has decided again that it doesnt like the fluid so that needs sorting out too
  6. I will have to make an appearance. Been absent from all things westfield (including the car) for too long now
  7. Wont be for me Chris. I really should make time to get down and sort the car out
  8. When i bought the car 3 and half years ago A year after ownership How she sits now
  9. Here is the advert for mine if interested drop me a pm
  10. Thanks Chris. Look forward to hearing from you. Where are you based??

  11. I have a pair that were meant to be sold 3 months ago. I will send him a pm to see if he wants them
  12. I always used to use footman james. But for the last couple of years ive used a plan (for both cars and van) as they have been both cheapest and friendliest on the phones. If you ring them they will always take the time to explain everything in detail with you and answer any questions you have
  13. I believe you already did chris as i pinched it and used it
  14. I seem to remember them saying something like this. Cant remember exactly what it was but there are some differences that they said in there eyes they look better
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