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  1. hawksa

    Half hood on FW with standard hoop

    I think that I was only asked for one dimension which was the distance between the windscreen and the hoop. I will give them a call.
  2. hawksa

    Half hood on FW with standard hoop

    Here's what I have to work with. The Y-shaped straps aren't long enough to reach to underneath the rear lip and so I think that they'll have to go in side the boot. My only concern is that the straps will end up being tensioned by the boot lid. Simon.
  3. Hi, Looking to fit my half hood on my FW with standard hoop. I have fitted the channel rail and the front press studs. Does anyone have any pictures of how they fitted their rear straps? Cheers, Simon.
  4. hawksa

    Latest IVA emissions proposal

  5. hawksa

    Zetec receipt needed

    Have you got a 'Certificate of Newness' from WF? Regards, Simon
  6. hawksa

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 14th Jan 2018

    Great to meet everyone for the first time today although I think my modifications shopping list has just grown! Simon.
  7. hawksa

    1st Oil Change

    Great write up. Thanks John.
  8. hawksa

    1st Oil Change

    There are two plugs on my sump (front and side). Does it matter which one I drain from?
  9. hawksa

    1st Oil Change

    A new filter it is then. Any idea of the part number?
  10. hawksa

    1st Oil Change

    Yes I have a container! I had seen the following suggested on this forum; 500 miles - oil (10w40) 1000 miles - oil (10w40) + filter 2000 miles - oil (5w30) + filter Any thoughts?
  11. hawksa

    1st Oil Change

    It is testament to Westfield Sports Cars and the assistance of this forum that I have managed to build my car and get it through an IVA with not even the prior experience of doing an oil change on a car before! Now that I have completed 500 miles it is time to perform my first ever oil change. Is it as simple as removing the plug on the sump, letting the oil drain out, replacing the plug and refilling with oil? My engine is a 2 litre Zetec Black Top so i believe that it will require 4.5 litres of oil. Cheers, Simon.
  12. hawksa

    My new Schroth Harnesses.

    They look great! My standard Westfield harnesses are a real faff to adjust so these are definitely on my (long) shopping list. Simon.
  13. hawksa

    IVA Test Centres

    I went to Gillingham. They were firm but fair.
  14. hawksa

    Locking Wheel Nuts

    Could anyone recommend me some locking wheel nuts for use with Team Dynamics wheels? Thanks, Simon.
  15. hawksa

    IVA Forms - Engine Power and RPM

    My IVA cert said 112kW@5750rpm.

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