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  1. Peter B

    SOLD - Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    Deposit taken, thanks for all the interest.
  2. Peter B

    SOLD - Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    I wouldn't have thought so, feel such a fool.
  3. Peter B

    SOLD - Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    Appreciate your comments. The led headlights are from Furore Products. They are indicators,side and headlights all in one. Excellent bit of kit.
  4. Chrome Yellow 2003 (‘03 Reg) Westfield SEiW MegaBusa 1300 Turbo Time has come to sell my MegaBusa Turbo as I fancy moving on to something new. I am the 3rd owner of this superb car that was built to an extremely high standard from a full factory kit using all new components apart, of course, from the engine, which was a low mileage fully reconditioned unit purchased by the builder. The car comes with a thick folder full of receipts and documentation for the original build as well as the many upgrades and improvements that have followed over the years. The car has been utterly reliable completing a 2,500 mile trip around the Alps in 2016 as well as two Highland tours without missing a beat - so despite being an extremely quick 200+ bhp track-day weapon with a 6 speed sequential gearbox, it is also capable of touring 1000’s of miles in a week without a hitch. The car has covered 18,260 miles from new and approx 3,000 miles since the engine was fully rebuilt for the Turbo installation prior to the Alps trip. It was mapped by DayTuner. Despite being frighteningly quick with such a high power to weight ratio, a fairly low boost rate ensures the car is still driveable on the road and easy to live with. The full spec is as follows: Chassis & Bodywork: Full Factory “Mega” Chassis Factory Wide Track kit with Alloy Uprights - new in 2015 ProTech Adjustable Shocks - new in 2015 ZK Bodywork in Chrome Yellow Detachable Rear Arches in Chrome Yellow V8 Bonnet in Chrome Yellow Westfield Aeroscreen Carbon NV Cycle Wings Carbon NV Flared Side Panels Carbon NV Half Doors Carbon Front Canards PlaysKool MSA Full Cage Interior: Carbon Dash with VDO Gauges Savage Switches OMP Removable Steering Wheel Westfield Padded Race Seats GI Pro Gear Indicator Westfield Self-cancelling Indicators Long Acre Rear View Mirror Engine & Drivetrain: Gen 1 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 - fully rebuilt 2016 New Rings New Main & Big End Bearings Ape Selector Shaft Ape HD Cylinder Head Studs Cometic 2mm Spacer (for Turbo) Cometic Head Gasket OEM Clutch with Heavy Duty Clutch Springs Billet Clutch Slave Cylinder Westfield Supplied Dry Sump Kit GT 2860 Turbo Siemens 690cc Injectors Walbro HP Fuel Pump Custom Plenum Custom Intercooler 3 bar Map Sensor MBE 992 ECU Westfield Reverse Gearbox and Propshafts (not fitted) TRT Custom Prop (fitted) 7” Re-packable Exhaust Pro Race 1.2 13x7 Wheels with Yokohama AO48 Tyres The car is well known by the North East area club members and I’m sure they can all vouch for how quick, agile and reliable it is. Car located in Newcastle. Asking price £13,750 ovno
  5. Peter B

    Well sorted road car wanted

    You still after cec westy? How about a s2000?
  6. Peter B

    Carbon nv cycle wing.

    After 1 carbon nv cycle wing as one of mine left the bracket , went airborne and smashed on impact with the road. Cheers
  7. Peter B

    Large silencer for megabusa

    I changed my 6"can for a 7" can from car builders solutions which has made a difference. My 6" was 103db but haven't done one with new can. Have turbo now so it should be even quieter.
  8. Peter B

    Avon 215/55/13 zzs/zzr

    I'm looking for a pair of preferably zzs 205/ 55 / 13 for road use. Would take zzr . Cheers Peter
  9. Peter B

    Compermotive CXR 8 x13

    As title ,after a pair ET0 and 108 pcd in black if possible, our as close as. Cheers Peter
  10. Have a full standard Megabusa system for sale . In good used condition . £150 ono
  11. Peter B

    WSCC Courier Service

    Anybody travelling from our through Cheshire on route to North East/Newcastle. I'm needing a pair of rear arches transported.Cheers
  12. I'm after a rear near side arch for 2003 megabusa. Would consider a pair . Cheers
  13. Peter B

    Yokohama A048

    After a pair of 205/60/13 A048s preferably medium compound if any out there. New one's are competition only. Cheers

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