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  1. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    I’ve been Been looking into the silencer, does anyone know if the Westfield 5” silencer with built in car (as below) would pass the Iva emissions and noise tests? https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/130482-silencer-with-catalytic-converter-5-and-fitting-kit/?tab=comments#comment-1379346 thanks Mike
  2. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Thanks both, thats great info, i'l give them all a go :D
  3. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Yes as Ian said the car failed on the noise test and emissions. When i took the car off the trailer the car started misfiring quite badly (which it hadn't done up until then) so i knew before i started the result. The CO and HC on the emissions test was fine but the lambda was too high. The car also failed on the noise test, it read 103db on the meter so 4db over the 99 allowed. Apart from that the tester said the car showed no attempt to self centre the steering while driving, so thats something i need to look into for the retest. Is there any tricks i could look at to help the car self centre? Thanks Mike
  4. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Thats great thank you, that something i hadn't thought of. Mike
  5. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Got the car loaded up ready this evening. Hopefully ive covered everything and if not its only something small that i can fix with what ive got with me. It didnt go completely to plan though, i went to fit the 15" wheels @Andy (Sycho) kindly lent me and i never checked first the front wheel size, so they didnt fit under my cycle wings so i had to make up some 10mm spacers tonight for the rear arches to allow the wheels to sit inside them slightly. Im hoping this will be ok.
  6. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Not too bad, i took the laptop with me and i managed to get the CO down from 12.160 to 0.020 and i got the HC down from 1193 ppm to 30ppm. The lambda was still outside of the tolerance but i think that was due to the exhaust leaking. So i came home, stripped the exhaust down and resealed it all. Hopefully i've caught it all now. Just got a few more jobs to do tomorrow evening and loading it up on the trailer for the early start on friday. Im keeping my fingers crossed. It seems to have fought me on the last couple of jobs. Mike
  7. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Thanks Jared
  8. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Thanks for all of the input chaps. I have had a go at rescaling the fuel map and it seems to run a little better now. It must have been a mistake on my part. Ive got another emissions test scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and il take my laptop with me to see if I can achieve the right numbers. Just busy with finishing off the last few little jobs to get it ready for Friday now.
  9. Valentinik

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    Good job Dean. Looks like you’ve made some nice progress.
  10. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Just wondered if people who buy the full kit from westfield, do you all have to have your car mapped before IVA or did you take the car straight to IVA from build?
  11. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    @CosKev it smells a little bit nothing so bad that you would think it was going to give that result! :lol: Thanks ben. Im going to email omex and see if they have an alternative map and maybe speak to westfield in the morning, as im sure ive seen people just load the westfield supplied map and iva their cars on here previously? If anyone does have a map that may be suitable it would be much appreciated. Mike
  12. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    Just running a base map at the moment ben.
  13. Valentinik

    Pre Iva Mot emissions test help.

    I took the my car for a pre Iva Mot today. Seemed to go fine, up untill the emissions test. At 2500rpm the car seems to misfire and every so often while driving it feels as though the car almost cuts out. Below is the result of the emissions test. Il speak to omex on Monday but does anyone have any pointers before then on what I should be looking for? thanks mike
  14. Valentinik

    Cycle wings Iva question

    Great thanks guys.
  15. Valentinik

    Cycle wings Iva question

    Thanks Ian yes the test is next Friday so not long now, just finishing off the last little jobs. Theyre the factory fibreglass items (not carbon effect). The edge seems to return all the way around underneath the wing but I might fit some trim to be on the safe side. Mike

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