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  1. PFT

    I can't quite believe it myself.....

    Who says 1.6 is down on power just had my car mapped after fitting ME221 and reads 127bhp at the fly not bad from stock engine
  2. PFT

    Diesel car ban in German cities

    So if electric cars are the future what are we going to charge them with?
  3. PFT

    Thermostatic oil cooler sandwich plate

    External cooler makes a big difference on keeping the oil cool and keeps the water temp more stable.
  4. PFT

    Thermostatic oil cooler sandwich plate

    This is how I fitted mine, what ever goes through the cooler gets filtered before it enters the engine.
  5. PFT

    Walker st clair cover

  6. PFT

    Mazda SDV Build Diary

    Hi Bunje, Their is a guy in Great Bridge who is more than capable of welding what you require. PM and I will let you have his contact details
  7. PFT

    New Member

    Joined today after meeting all friendly & informative people at the Westfield factory open day. While I was there I ordered MX5 Chassis kit with Simon, looking forward to the build and no doubt will be asking for assistance from you all. Phil T

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