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  1. AndrewOBW

    Rear lights

    Not sure how the Westfield stock levels are now, but I ordered the carbon effect rear lamp sets a while ago when a sale was on. Despite the 5-6 week lead time quoted, they showed up two days later. Worth a call to WF to see if they're actually in stock if the lead time is making the difference.
  2. Haha, knowing which ones can be left out might be useful info on its own, haha!
  3. Nice one, thanks guys. Just thinking, would it be worth putting a sticky either in the FAQs or in the IVA section for all the bits in the standard Westfield IVA kit? The only bit of. The box I've fitted so far is the fuel tank protection bar so everything else I can get a photo of before and after fitting during my build. There are definitely a couple of other bits in there I'll be asking about!
  4. Realised I've missed a little bit of IVA covering on the steering arms. I assume these bits are supposed to go over the nuts to cover them? Before I go chopping things I thought it would be best to check!
  5. AndrewOBW

    Windscreen uprights

    I've got a set of black ones. Powder coat is a bit chipped and one of the side screen mounting points is damaged. I had planned to repair it and paint them to use on my build but with time at a premium at the moment I ended up buying a whole new windscreen kit. I paid £50 for them so would just be looking for my money back on them. From memory, postage was £10 when I checked for someone a while back.
  6. AndrewOBW

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    Ah that's a shame. It's a great car other than the tow bar bit! The roof mounts are possible to get, it just takes a little while to find some.
  7. AndrewOBW

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    Can't comment on the gearbox but I've got an Is200 sportcross and I absolutely love it. Very comfy machine. It's a little under powered but still fun in the higher rev ranges. 6 pot too so still sounds lovely. One option if you preferred a manual one could be to go for the 200 and pick up a supercharger kit for it. They actually seem pretty reasonably valued tbh. You'd easily pick up a car and the kit for 2.5 - 3k. Worth considering though, lexus never sold a tow bar for the sportcross in the UK. It was available in Europe though and can be bought second hand online, but I don't know if there are any implications with regards to fitting one in the UK. Also, one other side note - if you like carrying stuff on the roof, finding a mounting kit for a sportcross is hard work. Thule have stopped making them so you need to keep an eye out for one second hand. I got one eventually but it took me a while.
  8. Hmm... I could be very tempted to join you on this! Although my car is nowhere near built either so that could be a bit of a deciding factor, haha! I've done the three peaks a few times now (the 24 hour one, not driving myself), although in the opposite order. Ben Nevis is by a fair way the most challenging of the three so it might be worth considering doing it first. It's much better for motivation knowing that the hardest part is done as you get more tired!
  9. AndrewOBW

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    Keep an eye out for collapsing rear suspension on those foresters if you do go down that route. Apparently their self levelling system was a bit of a weak point and not the cheapest fix. Otherwise, they're supposed to be a pretty tidy machine!
  10. AndrewOBW

    Seat belts IVA markings

    Slight thread drift, but has anyone put the Schroths through an IVA test? I've picked up a set for mine based on the comments about how good they are on the forum, but now wondering if I need to build and IVA with something different first. Edit: may have answered my own question on their suitability by just reading the manual... I think they'll be OK.
  11. A mistake I can understand. Racism isn't acceptable though. I've experienced it myself several times since moving over here, hence my "harsh" response. Shop floor employee needs training. If you're in a position of responsibility though, having people reporting to you, you should know how to deal with these kinds of situations without turning a customer away. If not, you're not fit for the job in my opinion. It's something that seems really small until you're ever on the receiving end of it. Then it's an absolutely horrible feeling and would have been brushed under the carpet here, only for it having been raised in a public forum like twitter. Suddenly the risk of bad publicity resulted in the reaction that should have happened at a store level. I can understand how my reaction may seem harsh to anyone who hasn't experienced it, but I 100% stand by it.
  12. AndrewOBW

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    For anyone on a tighter budget, I can't recommend one of these enough. Lexus Is200 sportcross. I didn't even know they did an estate version until I found this one. It's not remarkably powerful, but the 2 litre straight six sounds bl**** brilliant and pulls nicely when it's pushed. The car has been brilliantly reliable too (other than when I mess with things I shouldn't mess with). Heated seats, sun roof, great sound system etc. and the practicality of an estate. For about £1k, I don't think you can get much more car than one of these. Also conveniently, if you don't like the stock alloys, rx8 ones happen to be the right stud pattern and offset to slot right on!
  13. Glad it's worked out for you there Maurici but that store manager should be getting the sack or at the very least demoted for running a store like that. It shouldn't take more than a half a second of looking at a policy that suggested they could only serve British nationals to know something was wrong and subsequently sort their end out. Absolutely disgraceful on their end that it got as far as it did. Apologies for my little rant - just a topic I have quite strong feelings on based on my own experiences!
  14. Yeah, understandable not wanting to have the hassle, but at the same time, people need educating about this. Even if not doing it for the money, I'd not be letting them off until they changed their policy and issued a written apology along with that refund as a matter of principle.
  15. I've had similar challenges where my Irish driving license hasn't been accepted by businesses as a "valid photo ID". It was bl**** annoying but after a rant I just got my passport (with the exact same photo except in black and white). What that place is doing is absolutely unacceptable though, and verging on racism. I'd be having a chat with the police there personally.

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