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  1. AndrewOBW

    Stainless v Carbon Silencer

    Exhaust is on the left for the Mazda - that's the passenger's problem, not mine, haha! Thanks for the info. Given that the carbon one seems to largely be the preferred option, and it's also cheaper, I think that's what I'll go for. No doubt at some point in the future I'll have a full system designed for it to unlock a few more horses but that's probably years down the line!
  2. AndrewOBW

    Stainless v Carbon Silencer

    Thinking I might take advantage of this discount WF are offering this weekend and get my silencer ordered. The engine for my build is a 91 Mazda 1.6, so no cat required I believe so simply trying to understand the differences between the carbon and stainless exhausts. I'm assuming the carbon one is a bit lighter, but other than that, is there a difference in performance or sound quality?
  3. AndrewOBW

    MX-5 Torsen Diff

    Hah, I know the feeling. There are a couple of regular sellers on there who seem to be pretty decent to be fair, but a few bogey ones as well. I definitely wouldn't be using "gift" payments on PayPal to put it plainly. That said, I've bought a few parts from that group, as has my housemate and neither of us have had any issues so far!
  4. AndrewOBW

    MX-5 Torsen Diff

    Join this Facebook group and stick a wanted ad up. There's ads going up for them every week on there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1549636505261984/
  5. AndrewOBW

    Speedo Drive

    Brilliant, thanks guys!
  6. AndrewOBW

    Speedo Drive

    Just plotting out work that I need to do at the moment and one of the outstanding items that I've not quite figured out yet is the speedo drive. Engine is a 1.6 MX5, but the diff is the 3.6 ratio from a 6 speed 1.8. The speedo I'm planning on using is a Koso RX2N+ (quite like the combination of analogue rev counter with digital speedo). Link here (Haven't decided on black or white face just yet but that's a topic for later!). The bit I'm trying to figure out is how I drive and calibrate the speedo. I've seen a couple of topics regarding IVA on standard Westfields where people have gotten calibration certs from WF directly. I'm guessing that's not realistic when I'm using a donor diff and an aftermarket speedo! Has anyone had this issue before and found a sensible (and IVA friendly) way to set it up?
  7. AndrewOBW

    Best place for replacement black headlights?

    Are there actually any decent small ones out there suitable for night use? Due to another thread on here about ZK brackets and FW front end, I think I'll be needing to fit 4" ones on my car, but would quite like to not be limited to daylight hours only!
  8. AndrewOBW

    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    +1 for Vax. Bought it after I returned the faulty Dyson I tried to buy last year. On another note, Dyson customer care was far from great in that experience. Haven't needed to test the Vax for comparison!
  9. AndrewOBW

    Nasty "accident", general advice anyone?

    Completely agree with the others on the other driver being at fault, but WRT comments about undertaking being illegal, my understanding is that it's actually not. If somebody knows better, please correct me if I have this wrong. It's often classed as and penalised as "dangerous driving" but passing a vehicle on their LHS is not strictly illegal in its own right when done properly and safely. Otherwise if a car was doing 50 in lane 3 of an empty motorway we'd all be scuppered. Merging non existent gap on the other hand...
  10. AndrewOBW

    Brake pipes. Long hard line

    I'm pretty sure I've got one in the garage from when I messed up making mine. Will dig it out at the weekend. You're welcome to it FOC if we can figure out a way of getting it to you.
  11. AndrewOBW

    MX5 Torsen LSD wanted.

    Not sure how much you're planning on spending but this just popped up on my Facebook news feed. I'm away this week but if it's still there next week I could pick it up and store it for you untill we can get some WSCC courier service going your way. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/266887820522066
  12. AndrewOBW

    "Normal" headlights on FW front end

    If anyone wants to do that, it's not too big a deal for me to drill the rivets back out? As long as it's not going to take much more than two or three weeks it shouldn't really delay my build at all. As long as they come back in one piece I'm happy!
  13. AndrewOBW

    "Normal" headlights on FW front end

    They're already fitted now so I might have to see how I get on with them before trying to change anything! Photo below if that answers your question as to which one they are?
  14. AndrewOBW

    "Normal" headlights on FW front end

    Guess I'll have to pay some attention to this. I've paid for the FW front end and hadn't realised there was a difference to the headlamp mounting. I've definitely only got the normal brackets fitted so I guess I'll need to find a way!
  15. AndrewOBW

    3.6 MX5 Diff

    Looks to be still there. See if you can join this group and then try the link again after: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1549636505261984/

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