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  1. AndrewOBW

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    Mazda bongo? You can get the v6 petrol ones which are RWD. You can occasionally find one with a manual box. Also cool (and ridiculous) as f*ck with the pop up roof!
  2. AndrewOBW

    Steering Universal joints loose on splines

    Not sure about the torque, but that's a joint I'd be using threadlock on personally as once it's tight I never want it to come off. You might find the torque is relaxing rather than the bolt stretching. Get some threadlock and torque it back up to the recommended value (maybe with a new bolt just in case). If also add timing marks to it with tippex or something so you can see if it's moving.
  3. Here she is in all her glory today! I'll put some wheels on tomorrow and take her off the build stands to start preparing the the engine and gearbox going in.
  4. From the progress on this thread, it would be a fair assumption that I've been doing nothing, but I've slowly been tipping away at things in the background! All 4 corners are now fitted and the steering rack is on. I took slightly less off the rack than the 25mm recommended by WF as I remember seeing comments before about that leaving not too much engagement once the alignment has all been sorted. Also hit a fairly big milestone yesterday that will be a little unique to my build. For the first time, I've actually managed to open the front of the garage! Due to some slightly unfortunate circumstances with previous owners of the house, it seems like someone was living in the garage for a while, so the front was completely boarded up. I left it there for an extra bit of warmth while I was in the garage, but I'm hoping to take the westie off the build stands this weekend so needed to make some space!
  5. AndrewOBW

    Tools needed for new build - Not mentioned before

    In reality for the amount of riv nuts you need to place, you probably don't need the rivnut tool. I've gotten by with just a flat steel bar with a hole in it so far. Just Google "DIY rivnut tool" and you can save a bit of cash. More easy to use in tight places than the bought tools too.
  6. AndrewOBW

    Pics of painted interior panels in a westy

    I've wrapped mine in carbon effect vinyl. Not going to be as light, hard wearing or as nice looking as real carbon but looks pretty reasonable on a budget!
  7. AndrewOBW

    185/55 R13 tyres

    Mostly off the back of a few (non Westfield) recommendations. All the reports I've seen for ZZS tyres is that they're excellent in the dry while still staying usable on the wet too. I'll need to do speedo calibration anyway as I'm not using the Mazda speedo in my build so that shouldn't really be an issue.
  8. AndrewOBW

    185/55 R13 tyres

    I'd been planning on using Avon ZZS tyres when I eventually get mine on the road, however they appear to be a bit smaller than most use. Will these sit my car too low for road use with the suspension in a sensible place? I've seen a couple of posts about these tyres on sprint cars but not sure if anyone has them on a road use car. I'm well aware that the. Mazda sump sits quite low and this will take away from the amount I'm planning on lifting it. According the the Westfield world calculator, I'll lose about 9mm versus the more common 185/60 R13 tyres (a size not offered on ZZS unfortunately).
  9. AndrewOBW

    2011 NC MX5 Special Edition

    My housemate is selling his MX5 - absolutely brilliant car, in excellent condition. He's had it a couple of years now and I can vouch for how well he's looked after it. It's the electric folding hard top version so not just a summer car either. If anyone is in the market for one, either give him a call through the ad or just drop me a message! https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mazda/mx-5-mk3/mazda-mx-5-nc-i-roadster-sport-black----------2011/9001007
  10. AndrewOBW

    SDV Registration - Top Tip

    Is this likely to have an impact on emissions come MOT time? I'm assuming a G reg would have much looser requirements than a 61 plate?
  11. AndrewOBW

    Stainless v Carbon Silencer

    Exhaust is on the left for the Mazda - that's the passenger's problem, not mine, haha! Thanks for the info. Given that the carbon one seems to largely be the preferred option, and it's also cheaper, I think that's what I'll go for. No doubt at some point in the future I'll have a full system designed for it to unlock a few more horses but that's probably years down the line!
  12. AndrewOBW

    Stainless v Carbon Silencer

    Thinking I might take advantage of this discount WF are offering this weekend and get my silencer ordered. The engine for my build is a 91 Mazda 1.6, so no cat required I believe so simply trying to understand the differences between the carbon and stainless exhausts. I'm assuming the carbon one is a bit lighter, but other than that, is there a difference in performance or sound quality?
  13. AndrewOBW

    MX-5 Torsen Diff

    Hah, I know the feeling. There are a couple of regular sellers on there who seem to be pretty decent to be fair, but a few bogey ones as well. I definitely wouldn't be using "gift" payments on PayPal to put it plainly. That said, I've bought a few parts from that group, as has my housemate and neither of us have had any issues so far!
  14. AndrewOBW

    MX-5 Torsen Diff

    Join this Facebook group and stick a wanted ad up. There's ads going up for them every week on there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1549636505261984/
  15. AndrewOBW

    Speedo Drive

    Brilliant, thanks guys!

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