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  1. AndrewOBW

    Mazda SDV Clutch Slave

    Thanks, wasn't sure if the design of banjo bolts meant it wasn't a good plan to shorten them, but I'll go ahead with that for now!
  2. AndrewOBW

    Mazda SDV Clutch Slave

    Tried to plumb the clutch system at the weekend and found that the banjo bolt in the WF supplied flexi pipe was too long. I've got a vague memory of someone having this problem before but can't find the thread. Does anyone know what length it should be so I can get one ordered?
  3. Picture as promised! My housemate was working outside the garage today so I didn't have space to roll it outside for a better one. Tried to crack on with a bit more today but it was slow progress. Fitted the clutch slave cylinder and went to fit the pipe between master and slave only to find that the banjo bolt is too long and was bottoming out, so I'll have to get a new one of those to fit. Then tried fitting the inlet manifold, but of course I've misplaced 6 of the studs and all of the nuts somehow. More things to order! So about all I could do today was set my clutch and brake pedal positions now that my JK seats are here. I haven't mounted them fully as I've not got the prop shortened and fitted yet so the tunnel sides are still off. Now to get that sent off for modification!
  4. Big milestone hit this weekend. Been trying for a few weeks to get the engine and gearbox into the car but kept tripping up due to finding worn out bits such as the spigot bearing that needed replacing on the flywheel. Finally succeeded this weekend though! It was getting dark outside by the time I'd finished so I didn't take any good pictures other than the action shot below but I'll see if I can get a good one this weekend. I ran into the same problems as seemingly everyone with the Mazda sdv and the LHS mounting points which had to be redrilled. You can see from these two photos what it looked like before drilling! LHS in original holes: RHS fit:
  5. AndrewOBW

    Mazda sdv gearbox mount

    @Mark (smokey mow) have you still got that by any chance? Cannot find the one from my kit in the garage at the moment so if that's still going, I'll take it off your hands!
  6. AndrewOBW

    MX5 1.6 Oil Temp Sender

    Another thread on here has just prompted me to actually work out how I'm going to run an oil temperature gauge to my build. I was looking at doing this through one of the sump plug adaptors, however stumbled across a bit of info about a tapped hole in the engine block which blocks off a port from the 323 installation of the engine. I believe it's the bolt circled in the photo below. This is apparently commonly used as an oil feed for turbo'd engines. I'm keeping mine NA (for the moment anyway) so does anyone know if this would be a suitable location for an oil temp sender? If so, can anyone recommend a sender to use? I believe it's an M10 x 1.5 thread.
  7. AndrewOBW

    Piston Rings

    Worth taking a look anyway. With my 1.6 engine, there was a little bit of scoring on one of the pistons (I believe as a result of the standard coolant route being slightly less effective at the back of the engine) to the point where I replaced the entire piston, not just the rings. Also got the bores honed at the same time. If you're disassembling the engine anyway, it's probably no harm to take a look.
  8. AndrewOBW

    Alternative Westie Engines

    Not sure if anyone has ever tried it, but there are lots of is200s about for very small prices. RWD already. The NA engine isn't especially powerful at 160bhp from a 2 litre, but there are various turbo and supercharger kits available (and the straight 6 sounds lovely too!)
  9. AndrewOBW


    To be quite honest, if he has a real Irish licence that looks anything like mine, I wouldn't be surprised if the police thought it was a fake! I've got one of the old paper ones (before we switched to card) and it's had a couple of trips through the washing machine in its time!
  10. AndrewOBW


    Not the case for some time now. Irish licence is actually more restrictive than the UK one as standard (in terms of towing and number of passengers you can carry), unless you do additional tests. That's certainly the case for my one, which I've had for nearly ten years now. There's a fairly common assumption that you can't get penalty points applied to an Irish licence in the UK, and vice versa, but as far as I'm aware, its not true. It just takes a little more paperwork, so you've got a slightly better chance of being let away with a fine etc.
  11. Yep, it's a new belt. Rebuilt the whole engine when it came out of the mx5, but had the wrong crankshaft oil seal at the time so didn't quite finish the job and time it up. I wasn't pointing just to the timing being out, but the fact that the exhaust pulley is fitted on the wrong keyway on the camshaft. So even if I followed the alignment marks, I would have been way out on the timing. Those keyways are hidden behind the pulley bolts, so had I not been doing the coolant reroute, I never would have spotted the error until I tried to start it.
  12. Last few weeks spent on little jobs and getting the engine ready to go in. First installed the sump baffle kindly supplied by @Mark (smokey mow) on here. Then the sump to go with it. That reminded me just how much I hate working with liquid gasket! Then I moved on to lacquering the rocker cover. The lacquer I have calls for it to be cured by heating. I didn't think my housemates would be thrilled with me cooking car parts in the kitchen so got a little creative with a heat gun, some duct tape and one of my build stands. Not a perfect finish but it's come up quite well! Then started on the coolant reroute. This one has taken me a lot more time than it should have to figure out, but after a few hours of reading other build threads and looking at as many pictures as I can, I think I've got a vague idea what I'm doing. While the coolant reroute on the Mazda engine is generally a sensible thing to do, I'm especially glad I did it now! The first step is removing the thermostat housing from the front of the engine. To get to it, the black plate with the timing marks on it has to come off, and for this, the cam pulleys do. Let's see who's first to spot where I went wrong the first time I built up this engine... Fortunately the mx5 engine is non-interference, so it probably wouldn't have done any damage, just would have confused the hell out of me for a while. Anyway, all corrected now, thermostat moved to the back of the engine and a core plug installed on the front. Just waiting on the 1.8 thermostat housing to arrive so I can bolt it onto the water pump inlet. Forgot to take a picture at the end though!
  13. AndrewOBW

    Rear lights

    Not sure how the Westfield stock levels are now, but I ordered the carbon effect rear lamp sets a while ago when a sale was on. Despite the 5-6 week lead time quoted, they showed up two days later. Worth a call to WF to see if they're actually in stock if the lead time is making the difference.
  14. Haha, knowing which ones can be left out might be useful info on its own, haha!
  15. Nice one, thanks guys. Just thinking, would it be worth putting a sticky either in the FAQs or in the IVA section for all the bits in the standard Westfield IVA kit? The only bit of. The box I've fitted so far is the fuel tank protection bar so everything else I can get a photo of before and after fitting during my build. There are definitely a couple of other bits in there I'll be asking about!

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