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  1. Trevturtle

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    ttv see here for lighter flywheel.
  2. Trevturtle

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    Video of the Friday trackday.. edited from 2 hours 20 minutes to 50 minute to show videos of cars... not just empty track. You may be in it somewhere. The brake frying Mini does makes a brief appearance
  3. I took my old hoses to a local hydraulic hose manufacturer. He used the old hoses as a template 20 mins work , i now have hydraulically crimped ends ...£30. Much better than the old set Fit some conical seat fittings to your remote filter so you can screw on pipes. I found matt Lewis racing useful for finding the hydraulic fittings for the mocal parts Hth
  4. Trevturtle

    Mt25 to t9

    If you are considering swapping an mt75 to type 9 gearbox the mt75 mounting point can be used...with some mods . I made an adaptor plate to fix to the mt75 mounting plate on the chassis. The plate accommodated a type 9 mounting point slightly further forward and lowered. I'll find a picture later today
  5. Trevturtle

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    Track day ...All positives Good briefing , quick sign on, siting laps for only the new trackdayers ...or those who wanted siting laps. Plenty of track time Not too crowded ...... I'm sure I was on my own at one point.. Evening event very good All well organised and a very enjoyable day. Thanks to @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary , @graham frankland... and anyone else I missed who helped... Thanks NEXT YEAR.....We just need to organise another hours spannering on Chris' car after the track closes next year. Without the alternator fixing diversion, I would drank all my beer before the pub.
  6. Thanks a great day and evening. Great tracktime with sensible drivers, the usual spannering and Gary destruction testing brakes.. marvellous Thanks to @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary and @graham frankland for a well organised day and evening . A lot of work before the day to make it run smoothly...thanks again
  7. Trevor, do you know what time the gates close tonight...I'm thinking of camping tonight but will be late arriving?


  8. My entrance tickets were printed from an email I received in March when I purchased the tickets, but infield passes are being sent by post i contacted the ticket people today they started posting infield passes last Friday, so they should arrive this week
  9. Trevturtle

    French Speed limits

    The French Government has cut speed limits on all of the nation’s two-lane roads from 90km/h (56mph) to 80km/h (50mph). It started on 1st july See here
  10. The RWD website mentions a 70mm cylinder option...but check the hole spacing and hydraulic fitting position is the same as yours. Ref your question about 2mm vs 5mm, without the measurements it's hard to comment. But do leave 3mm as RWD suggest It sounds like you now understand the problem and what solution is needed
  11. Trevturtle

    SEW shocks

    Protect from procomp
  12. Could we request a slightly shorter and more concise track briefing this year? It's important the briefing covers all points clearly, concisely, safety issues etc especially if we have new people. If I remember correctly last years track briefing was over 45 minutes... Maybe it was just the guy presenting it, but I stopped listening towards the end.
  13. Trevturtle

    gear lever

    Sizes are correct I made an internally threaded sleeve and glued it in the gear lever..it works fine
  14. Trevturtle

    New member


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