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  1. Trevturtle

    Has anyone used one of these?

    I bought one of these, bent it and cut it shorter. It's great nice short shifts and the 1st/2nd to 3rd/4th are closely spaced. I tried an extension but it was too far back. So I bent the gear lever
  2. Trevturtle

    Blue tooth intercoms (helmet)

    Pm sent .. I will buy them. Thanks Trevor
  3. Trevturtle

    Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 28th Oct

    Sorry I'll miss this. Kitchen decorating in progress Have a good one
  4. Trevturtle

    Le 12 Heures du Hoddesdon

    Sounds a good idea, as you say decent value
  5. Good call Russ. I guess December is a busy period and getting large number all on the same day is a challenge.
  6. Trevturtle

    Hi I'm MIG bought new car today

    I'm in Mickleover...and there are two other owners within 2 miles of me. Contact me if you have any questions, need any help or fancy a drive out Plenty of opportunities to join @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AOs peak district outings ...see local events.
  7. Trevturtle

    Hi I'm MIG bought new car today

    where in derbyshire?
  8. Trevturtle

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Stuffed..... really stuffed. Couldn't do the crumble
  9. Trevturtle

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    The more that attend the better See you tomorrow
  10. Trevturtle

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Yes. I will be there. Thanks for organising.
  11. Trevturtle

    Happy Birthday Alan France

    Happy Birthday
  12. Trevturtle

    Stoneleigh 2019 Premier Inn £34.50/n

    Sat nav required for @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO .............
  13. Trevturtle

    Zetec bottom end

    If you are rebuildng to standard spec I would consider buying a new crate engine (around £900) vs. the cost and hassle of buying and rebuilding an existing engine. New bearings, gaskets, reconditioning costs will soon add up
  14. Trevturtle

    2L Zetec Cams For Sale-SOLD

  15. Trevturtle

    Cadwell dates

    Sorry to hear it wasn't a good day,, it sounds like dreadfull organisation. Overbooking and/or allowing too many to turn up isn't good. As you say Chris one to stay away from in the future.

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