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  1. ditto.. Dash wiring completed, scuttle refitted, new windscreen fitted and sealed... remaining to complete , refitting wipers, cleaning all the rubbish out the foot wells, oil change and clean it Another year of winter tinkering that turned into a 2 month 'well as that's off..I might as well do that as well' marathon.
  2. As Chris said no need for a new ECU. A few of points to consider. 1. In most cases I've seen on MBE ECUs, the feedback from the Lambda sensors are switched off after it's been mapped. So the ECU doesn't constantly remap the fueling as you would expect. 2. If the Lamdba feedback is turned on - it may only be mapped to work at lower RPM.. so revving the engine move the map to non lambda managed portion of the map, that may be too rich - At low RPM stuffing a rag in the exhaust helps. this will help steady the Lambda CO ready. Works for me every year why? At low RPM (closed throttle) , the engine will draw air back up the exhaust (low RPM means closed throttle bodies, so the cylinders will be starved of air.. as soon as the exhaust valve opening air can move back into the cylinder from the exhaust) Short exhausts on kit cars means the Lambda sensor can 'see' fresh air drawn up the exhaust.. so the ECU adjusts the fuelling. 3. Get yourself a laptop, cable and the MBE easimap software to see how the ECU is mapped. I've remapped my fuelling at MOT during the emission tests to get it closer to the right value. You can revert to your old map after the MOT. As Wizzer mentioned. Ian (oddified) is a good contact to check the ECU. He used to charge £30 for a check over then charge for parts only if they are needed. I've had a 956 fixed by Ian, as have others on the forum
  3. This Post contains links to all the information for Stoneleigh 2019 Show Dates are: Sunday 5th May 2018 & Monday 6th May 2019 Set-Up Day is: Saturday 4th May 2019 Links General Information Register to volunteer and for camping Display cars. If you want to display your car in the Marquee or hall 2 Camping information Hog Roast Autojumble Register/sell autojumble items before the show Charities Car data sheets Volunteer list Merchandise for Stoneleigh Please do read them thoroughly, sign yourselves up and let us have all your information. What’s new or changed for 2019 New club Sponsors Alongside NMS there are new club sponsors at the show, 3J driveline and AB Performance, please visit them in Hall 2 A closer relationship with the factory. Buyers of new kits at the show will receive a year’s free membership. Westfield have agreed to sharing WSCC leaflets on the factory stand. Autojumble: After some difficulties last year, we have decided the club will not take any payment for AutoJumble items, the payment must take place directly between the buyer and seller. It does makes the buying and selling more difficult, but unfortunately the administration to securely sell items on behalf of sellers has become too complex. We are also planning to use the forum to pre-register autojumble items. Here To avoid the rush Sunday morning as people register their sales To allow buyers and sellers to agree a sale below Stoneleigh and swap items on the day. (See parts for sale section) Further info or any questions: stoneleigh@wscc.co.uk Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon…
  4. The autojumble on Sunday morning at Stoneleigh is usually very busy as members arrive to register their sales and other members arrive early to buy the bargains. For 2019 we have also changed the autojumble process so only the buyer and seller exchange payment. During 2018 the WSCC managed payments, unfortunately it didn't work. To avoid the Sunday morning 10-11am rush of activity, we have provided the option to submit your autojumble items on the forum before Stoneleigh. The items will be accessible on a list within this post.The benefits are:- The sale for preregistered items can be agreed before Stoneleigh. Items can be swapped on the day avoiding the need to put them on the autojumble for sale For any item that is preregistered but not sold. We will print the information before Stoneleigh so when you arrive you don't have to fill in a form Just pick up your pre-printed form, collect a ticket from the autojumble team. You will need to be available all day to collect money for your item. How it works Complete the attached spreadsheet (preferred) and send it to stoneleigh@wscc.co.uk (The email subject as 'Autojumble') Autojumble items.xlsx or send the following details to stoneleigh@wscc.co.uk (The email subject as 'Autojumble') (please use the spreadsheet above if you can, it will make the administration much easier) Name Forum name Phone number Item Description Price A N Other ANOTHER 1234555 Description £ Note: your phone number will not be published on the forum, it will only be used to print the forms. I will publish an updated list on this post weekly, buyers will contact sellers directly on the forum and contact stoneleigh@wscc.co.uk when an item is sold. (The email subject as 'Autojumble', the email should include details of the item sold and the buyers name and forum name) One final note. This facility is only to be used if you are attending Stoneleigh, or another member can bring the item to stoneeleigh and sell it for you. Any other items for sale, please sell them in Parts for sale as normal Last updates to the list will be 1st May Thanks The Stoneleigh team
  5. Try @I H Freelance Services He does car transport
  6. Thanks again for the updates and pics.... all great reading Keep it coming
  7. 260mm steering wheel, 2 1/4 inch, 57mm PCD holes. It looks and feels like suede cover. It was in a box of spares when I purchased my car 3 years ago.. i will not use it £15 including postage to England/Wales. For any other location I'll check the postage cost first
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