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  1. I'm in .. depending on the date
  2. Trevturtle

    Happy 99th Mark & Dave

    Happy Birthday .
  3. Trevturtle

    removing glue from all panels

    http://www.conceptchemicals.com/products/chu-sol If it's really gooey glue Most paint motor factors sell it. Good for getting old trim and sticker glue off paintwork
  4. Trevturtle

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    No problem .. I always book at the last minute to ensure its dry. There are 2 westfields going from Derby..so I will not be alone. Thanks Trevor
  5. Trevturtle

    GBS German Sausage Time, Sat 8th Dec, Ollerton

    Sorry I'm already booked.. Birthday events over the weekend. I must attend one of these soon. If only to hear Julie to use the term 'oh it's the German sausage man' as a greeting.
  6. Trevturtle

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    I'm booked for the 27th at cadwell
  7. Trevturtle

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept

    Sorry, more university open days visits for me. Have a good day
  8. Trevturtle

    Toyo T1R's

    R1Rs everyday. Especially if you attend Julie's winter outings. 888s no good in the cold
  9. Trevturtle

    S2000 omex throttle body issues

    @IanK (Bagpuss) nice forum picture.....a side line in Monty python parts as well.
  10. Trevturtle

    Blyton 5 Sept only £119

    Adams tuition. I agree, it improved my driving immensely. Never regreted it.. top man
  11. Trevturtle

    Blyton 5 Sept only £119

    @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO Did you have a good day.. the weather looked ok
  12. Trevturtle

    Happy Birthday Bagpuss

    Happy Birthday
  13. Trevturtle

    Curborough Speed Series Spectating, Sat 25th Aug, 12.00

  14. Trevturtle

    Curborough Speed Series Spectating, Sat 25th Aug, 12.00

    On my holibobs..... have a good day
  15. Trevturtle

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    If you go down the cooler route. I would consider having some pipes made by your local hydraulic pipe firm. They look a lot better, crimped ends..so safer as well (£32 to have my set made, while i waited). The only point to watch is the pipes have very little twisting movement.. make sure the angles of the fittings are correct. I tried buying the fittings and pipe and making my own but it was hard to stop the joints slightly weeping oil, even with heavy duty clamps/clips HTH

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