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  1. I'll buy the axle stands and ramps.. thanks Trev
  2. the ECU is normally above the passenger footwell in the scuttle There's usually an aluminium panel that can be dropped down under the dash/scuttle in the top of the passenger footwell. Drop the panel down and you can see the ECU without removing the dash A picture will help with the ID of the ECU HTH
  3. Hi Chris, see this post.. I think you answered your own question last year. ' Mondeo clutch, 220mm with a Pinto arm and release bearing'
  4. A few photos Cars and people watching Meditation? It was this size Meditation failed?... Marcus to Major Tom. Associations you remember from Stoneleigh.....part 1 Part 2 It's a 'wrap'
  5. Today's glamorous car parking attendant..by Bagpuss. Aka @IanK (Bagpuss)
  6. @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO @AndrewBClarke @IanK (Bagpuss)
  7. I'll take the wipers please. Collect from stoneleigh Thanks
  8. if it needed a permanent live to get it going. .. check electric first 1.Any immobilisers?..they stop everything on mine, including the fuel pump.. you should hear the relays click (next to the ECU) in when ignition key is turned.. one relay for the fuel pump.. one for other high loads 2. check the relay for the fuel pump is working.. I believe the relay is switched by the ECU 3. check earth to the fuel tank.. just to exclude it. 4. assume you only have one in-tank fuel pump? I have a smaller lift pump feeding the high pressure
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