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  1. David Powers

    (SOLD) Nitron shocks

    Yes Please Ash, PM on its way
  2. David Powers

    SOLD Weber Alpha ECU for std Duratec 2litre

    Hi Andy, PM Sent Dave Powers PM to follow regarding this post
  3. David Powers

    SOLD. 55mm Polo Rad & Intercooler

    Yes Please, I will have it if you haven't already separated the Intercooler from the Rad, Just about to send you a PM regarding collection & payment
  4. David Powers

    SOLD Techcraft Motorsport Mega Flow Silencer

    Hi, Yes Please, Ill have it Please advise your location to see if its collection or post, Im in the West Midlands Thanks
  5. David Powers

    Sold - Duratec ECU

    PM sent
  6. David Powers

    2x OZ RACING 7x15 alloys et37

    2nd Dibs on the Wheels please if Pantherman doesnt take them 07960965686
  7. David Powers

    OZ superleggaras

    Highly interested and will send you a pm

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