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  1. charliemouse

    just started mazda SDV

    Random thought: Just bear in mind that as you move the rack up and down in the clamp, you will affect the bump steer. You should really measure the bump steer at this point, and then slot the holes in the clamp mount or spacer the rack up/down in order to dial it out to as close to zero as possible. Concentrate on the area +/- 3" from parallel wishbones. I would have thought Westfield would have this down pat now - but ALL the (around 10) Westfield's I've owned or set up (another 10?) have needed moving. On a pre lit you have to cut the rack mounts off and weld them back quite away up iirc. CM
  2. charliemouse

    just started mazda SDV

    There are supposed to be 2 plastic spacers that sit under the rack and then there is no play. You can't leave it like that. Find out where your spacers are and fit them sir! CM
  3. charliemouse

    4x seats

    ben - I'd like the other seat, but do you ever get over in the direction of Barwell (2 miles from Malloy Park) where my in-laws live? I'm a bit far away else. I can pay postage if you can sort it else...

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