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  1. Now sold many thanks for all the inquiries Cheers Paul
  2. hi guys I never properly put it on my car with poppers but it fitted over my tillet seats and yes it has he cut outs at the back for the roll bars at the back. my car was a 1994 chassis wide body. should be a pic below! cheers Paul
  3. still for sale as didn't fit robs car, £120 including postage, Cheers Paul
  4. just to add a little more detail! (as people have asked) it is black and it is for a widebody many thanks Paul
  5. hi iowlee I have emailed you pics Cheers Paul
  6. Original Westfield tonneau in excellent nick. I also have the poppers and rivets to fit it to the car if required. £120 Cheers Paul
  7. Original Westfield front wishbones in good nick with bushes installed, ball joins and track rods ends. Selling as when to widetrack front. These cost £450 I think from westfield? would like £120 for them can e mail photos Cheers Paul
  8. Deposit now taken! sad to see it go but it will have a great time in sunny Itlay!
  9. Just realized that photos don't seem to be working! (don't know why!) Anyway here is a link to the pistonheads advert with full photos. http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/other-models/westfield-seiw-195bhp-565kg-track-and-road-car/5759159?v=c I have had lots of interest but no deposit yet so it is still available Cheers Paul
  10. Dave has seen my car and driven it. I won't speak for him but I think he really liked it but was put off by the lack of windscreen! And now looks like he has upped his budget! I reckon the 5.5k saved could buy a windscreen and a hell of alot of petrol and tyres! Hell might even stretch to a turbo! Ha ha !
  11. Welcome to my advert for my westfield History: I bought the car about 18 months ago and i have had a huge amount of fun in it on track and on the road. It is a regrettable sale but i have a new baby and won't be using it much so it has to go! I can't thanks the WSCC members who have helped me with the car enough and I will still remain a member of WSCC and plan to return to Westy ownership in the future but for now a cheaper and more practical replacement has to be found! When i bought the car 18 months ago it was under powered. I investigated this and got this sorted by a local engine builder who rebuilt the whole head to the tune of £1600. This has the car back to what it should be so about 190-200 bhp. I have done a whole load of other bits to it as well and probably spend about 4k on it this year to get to the standard it is now. The latest big job has been converting from a 4 speed to a 5 speed box It cost about 1.5k total and the new box has had a new been totally stripped and rebuild by a specialist so it is good to go and of course it has a new clutch, bearings, etc. Please see below for the spec and please don't hesitate to contact me with any further questions. it is a very fast car on track and road but also very reliable and usable. 350 bhp per ton and lot of smiles! Since i have owned the car i have done the following Rebuilt engine Quaife clubman 5 speed straight-cut gear box new clutch/ bearings etc new pro race 1.2 alloy wheels Nangkang NS-r2 track day tyres in soft (new on a month ago and only done 100 miles) new engine mounts new lightweight denso alternator and custom bracket cam belt change oil x 3 changes gear box oil all new rose joints new wide track front wishbones (not on in the photos) new ball joints, track rod ends etc starter motor refurbished all mounts sandblasted and repainted during gearbox swap. car basics Q plate built 1994/1995 engine conversion done 1997/1998 to zetec with raceline 200 spec widebody AVO shocks all round AP racing hydraulic clutch (this is really nice to use) sierra diff with lsd, 3.9 sierra 4 x 4 rear calipers willwood front calipers sparco removable steering wheel carbon everything (see body work list) digi dash 2 push button start etc aluminium into carbon dash Tillet seat driver side, normal leather passenger (spare lather seat to go with the car) salbelt 5 point driver side and 4 point passenger. lightweight Odyssey battery mocal oil breather system. playschool MSA roll bar playschool front anti roll bar (not yet fitted but can go with the car) Engine: Built and tuned by Aldon automotive alpha webcon engine management and 45mm throttle body kit Silvertop zetec 2.0 Race line 200 spec engine build which is as follows 200bhp spec gas flow head 11:1 compression 200 bhp spec cam shafts Raceline water rail Verneir pullies dyno'd at 197bhp when built. body work The previous owner was a car painter so stripped it and repainted it so all floors etc are painted and it's very neat and tidy. Paintwork on the body is excellent. he also paneled the interior in carbon and put red bolts everywhere (like everywhere) so it looks brilliant in terms of cosmetics! no rust on chassis etc carbon file bonnet and nose cone ( super light weight and very rare! / they don't make it any more!) carbon aeroscreen carbon fiber rear panel carbon fiber flared side ducts carbon fiber front CSR style wings Other It has been corner weighted and it about 50/50 weight distribution and weights 565kg total (very light due to all the carbon) I also have the original body work and leather seat to match the passenger side which is more comfortable. Money wise i am looking at £9.5k. the car comes with the original body work and drivers seat so If the purchaser did not want the carbon bonnet and nose cone and tillet seat you could swap it all over and probably sell that lot for £800-1k as they are very sought after items! i also have a playschool front anti roll bar (not yet fitted) to go with the car for the full asking price. many thanks for your time and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions
  12. i may well come up for the Friday drive up again for lunch and then head back down the road! can confirm nearer the time! Cheers Paul
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