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  1. Snappy

    Weight loss diet.

    You could just leave it alone! I have been happy to upgrade when stuff brakes etc which keeps it interesting but I am not in a race! Also some hardly do any miles in the car the more miles you do the more you tune in to the car and you get more out of it.
  2. Snappy

    FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    Sounds like mine did before I balanced and set up the throttle bodies. if you have the booklet for the throttle bodies I would follow that first.
  3. Snappy

    Westfields Carbon silencer feedback??

    The standard zetec silencer is fully welded so not simple. I was recently at Donnington, I got black flagged and had to run round maxing out at 5000rpm or go home! Really enjoyed getting in peoples way dribbling round.. So good reason to move forward and always happy to spend cash making the car better, I just want to use the car not be looking a track days and think oh no I can’t go there. Someone out there has already had the problem hence the shout out for help, let me know what exhausts people are using? Tried the people who make the exhausts for the Catering vans used are Bedford but they never called me back! Saying that trying Westfield but they didn’t ring me either!
  4. I need a new silencer as I am getting black flagged! My car is fitted with the standard stainless 5 inch that came with the kit, so overtime its got louder and louder! I am sure plenty of people have the re-packable carbon one, how do you get on at track days etc, I want to go to Bedford among others that are tight on noise?? Any ideas what db is like on a new carbon silencer fitted to a zetec?
  5. Snappy

    Type 9 oil amount

    T-9 Fill information. ford specify 1.9 dry but they more often take 1.6-1.8 when I have filled in the past, but the level is the important bit hence info below is what's important! Prior to 1987, T-9s had a fill hole thst was 24 mm above the recomended fill level. (Photo on Left) This required the use of a dipstick to measure the fill level. A Pain In The Ass if the T-9 was in a Seven! After 87 the fill hole was lowered 24 mm to make the bottom of the fill hole even with the proper fill level. (Photo on Right) Hence, the confusionusion over the concept that it is correct to "Fill to the hole." Obiviously if a pre-87 case was filled to the hole it would take more fluid than necessary. A simple method of determining if you have a pre-87 or post-87 case would be to take a simple measurement of the bottom of the fill plug straight down to the bottom of the case or even simpler look at the two pictures there is kind of an oval shape which the fill bungs are in, is yours at the top or bottom??
  6. Snappy

    Type 9 gearbox - End plug for removal

    I use the end of an old prop shaft to keep the oil in!
  7. Snappy

    Bookatrack donnington 4-7-18

    I had to agree to only use 5000rpm to keep the noise down! Or was that to make the Caterhams look better.. Marshals were great as usual, suggested I went and put my other exhaust on, so I took the hint and used less revs, I checked back with the marshal and he said build it up slowly and he would show me a pit board if it got near the limit. didn't hear another thing.. Great evening overall, well organised and the best sighting laps at a track day yet, the lead driver gently built speed over each lap until everyone was up to a good pace. I think there were 22 cars which in my books is some nice clear track time.
  8. Snappy

    Bookatrack donnington 4-7-18

    Done donning tin a few times it’s great, gp circuit today which is new to me. i was first out on track and four laps in black flagged for noise, never been an problem here before but I am way over they say, my dB meter reads the same as it always has but I am way over on there’s!!
  9. Snappy

    Bookatrack donnington 4-7-18

    Asked for an owners club discount for Westfields and it was pointed out that Bookatrack are a Caterham dealer so in a word no! I had to ask! Not sure they want me there. Well I booked it anyway as there’s only about twenty cars. Hope there friendly...
  10. Snappy

    Zetec oil consumption

    I use a cheap fully synthetic oil in the picture and next I will try an expensive one and see if I can tell the difference!! The cheap oil in the gold container gave more oil pressure than whatever was in the car when I carried out the first oil change after I bought the car.
  11. Snappy

    Zetex Omex throttle bodies install

    Update Email came from Omex with a calibration, I worked out how to import the calibration files and transferred it to the cars ecu and started it up, car runs sweet as!!
  12. Snappy

    Zetex Omex throttle bodies install

    Thank all. I spoke to Omex this morning and they said they would email me the map that was missing from the kit!! Still waiting though so will have to wait until tomorrow! Shame as I don't know what others are up to but everyday the sun shines I use the Westfield for work...
  13. Snappy

    Zetex Omex throttle bodies install

    Dave I have looked at it again and its picking up the info from the existing set up and yes my car had the single throttle body and Omex 600 from new, hence the move forward to the throttle bodies hearing many talk about what a big difference it makes in just how the car drives. Simple bit missing is the re-flash cd, stated in the Westfield sales blurb, so I will give them a ring Monday, possibly get Omex to email it if possible. I am trying to use the car as much as possible with the weather, the trip to and from work is just more fun in the Westfield, so would rather not have the car sitting waiting for mapping. Plus less work to do if the map just needs fine tuning etc..
  14. Snappy

    Zetex Omex throttle bodies install

    A pdf of the throttle set up and balancing etc and map4000 nothing else! When you open the software it comes up with Ford version 2 or something like that on the header so I thought it was already there thus once the throttle positions were set it would save to the Ecu. The more I think about it the fact the first set of throttle bodies were not right and a had another set arrive I think the second disc or memory stick must be missing. My plan with the car all along was to have a bit of a true measure of the various changes and mods made, so I had a dyno run initially and use the same dyno each time to see what the real changes are. Can you believe swapping out the big 70amp alternator for a little one which also did away with a load of pulleys and runs a smaller thinner belt released an extra 3bhp! A customer of mine has a dyno which helps! The first run which turned out just over 150.
  15. Snappy

    Zetex Omex throttle bodies install

    Dave there were no other maps I can see but software did come with the kit, I had map4000 already but I loaded what had come with the kit onto a different laptop as I thought the settings/map would be with that software hence sort the throttle and save to the Ecu but they car starts ticks over sweet but it clearly nowhere near fueling correctly. Statement from Westfield sales description. Once fitted, the car will run and can be used with no problems, but to get the full benifit of the system, Westfield reccomend a rolling road session to fully optimise the ecu set up. When the kit arrived initially it was wrong as the inlet manifold hadn’t had the face finally finished so that kit went back and a kit arrived direct from Omex, so maybe something a disc maybe is missing, no doubt Omex will guide me tomorrow. Will report back when I get some answers

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