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  1. Gerry H

    Reccomend me some good daily tyres

    I've done 55,000 miles in the five or so years I've owned the car and it's on its second set, still with plenty of life, so mileage is pretty good too.
  2. Gerry H

    Reccomend me some good daily tyres

    Depending on the type of cracking it may not be an MOT failure. I have Avon ZZ5 on my A6 Quattro. Superb in the wet and reasonable price. Highly recommended. Definitely not Pirelli though. imo
  3. Gerry H

    Jaguar XF

    Had a 2.0L R sport courtesy car for a week and was very impressed. Nice drive, nice interior and decent performance. There are worse cars to fancy.
  4. The capital of Newfoundland is Still. John's. Hope that's not some Ausi migrant trying to take the job from the top dog when the indiginous breed is king.
  5. Gerry H

    Cateract surgery

    I went with Optical Express and found there after-care exceptional. That said I have nothing to compare it with but I felt well cared for.
  6. Gerry H

    Equity Release - any experience of it?

    No room in the tumbril. It'll be full of ambulance chasing lawyers and European commissioners
  7. Gerry H

    Equity Release - any experience of it?

    Really sorry to hear that. It throws a completely different light on how to plan things. Trouble is, once someone's got their hooks into your biggest asset with a potential of 30 years, how might the legislation, governing equity release, change in that time? If the equity co. goes bust, or sells their property portfolio, might the new company start getting heavy? Too risky IMO. Somewhat contentious but an alternative: At some point, presumably, you will need help with care? If you have assets/cash all your endeavours/contributions will be disregarded and your assets may need to be used. If you've given up your toys, and paid everything up, as is the (sort of) responsible thing to do you'll end up with footing a big care bill. If you enjoy life to the full, liquidate your assets, go into rented and be a JAM, you may get on the benefits bandwagon. Difficult situation and thankfully, one I'm not au fait with (touch wood).
  8. Gerry H

    Equity Release - any experience of it?

    Why won't you be able to enjoy retirement? Downsizing not an option? Wait, let the property continue to appreciate (for your benefit) keep the mortgage going so you can still enjoy your toys until you feel its the right time, then sell up, stash your loot and rent in a less expensive area until you drop dead. Moneysavingexpert's always a good place to start: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/death-plan#equity Trouble with getting old, pensions, equity release, etc. is, you don't know how long you have to enjoy any dosh. You sound as if you already have a date for shuffling off your mortal coil. Crystal ball owners, apply here
  9. Gerry H

    Impossible car quiz

  10. Gerry H

    Sizing a domestic boiler..?

    If the current boiler copes with the load and heats everything up satisfactorily then get an equivalent size. If it's sluggish, go for the next size up (better overkill than feel cold). There's a lot more to boiler sizing than just rad sizes. Construction, nos. of outside/inside walls and whether north/south facing. Go find a decent online calculator and then add on a percentage. I went with Vailant rather than Worcester Bosch simply because the Vailant uses a stainless steel heat exchanger whereas the Worcester's is aluminium.
  11. Gerry H

    Cateract surgery

    I had Natural Lens Replacement (cataract surgery) a couple of years ago with Optical Express as I was pee'd off with wearing glasses which I was relying on more and more. Went through the tests and discussed the options and decided to go with mono focus for distance on the understanding I would need slight magnification reading glasses for close up. Outcome has been I use glasses only for night time driving and reading in low light conditions if I'm tired. Vast majority of the time I'm glasses free, which is an even better result, for me. That said, I recommended this to a friend who has had problems of swelling behind the eyes and is still seeing (no pun intended) a specialist consultant, so not without risk. I'd be happy to chat through my experience if you'd like. I'll PM my number, if you do. My mother was almost blind with cataracts and had one eye done on the NHS, well into her eighties. I was amazed how, after, she was glasses free most of the time. She didn't have the second one done because, she said, she didn't need it.
  12. Gerry H

    Dax rush

  13. Gerry H

    Dax rush

    Of you can't get an answer here, try to get in contact with Duncan Cowper, he's had a long association with Dax and has campaigned his Rush at motor sport events for quite a few years. Really nice bloke and very helpful. He, if anyone should be able to answer your queries.
  14. Gerry H

    Season Over

    A work colleague had the op for this in November expecting to be OK by Feb. He still needs to take care now, in June, and reckons it'll be a full 12 months at least before it's 100% usable. Good Luck
  15. Gerry H

    New Years Honours Rant

    Most definitely serious

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