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  1. CraigHew

    S2000 Servicing

    Too risky in our house, wife would be glugging oil when 3 sheets to the wind...
  2. Err, 2 Nissan plants in Spain also....
  3. CraigHew

    Tyres for road use

    You're welcome: I've had 2 sets in the 5 summers I've had my car. I'm sure others will be along soon with testimonials for other brands...
  4. CraigHew

    Tyres for road use

    Not sure why you wouldn't run the 888's but if you can get hold of a set (they seem few and far between now) the R1R's are a good tyre. Have a look on mytyres.co.uk
  5. CraigHew

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    Sensible chap...
  6. CraigHew

    Rules on Non Human Drivers

    Haha got to luv the profanity checker....
  7. CraigHew

    Rules on Non Human Drivers

    Mine's a total nunney-magnet
  8. CraigHew

    brake pads for road use

    I too use the DS2500, they were fitted to the car when I picked it up from the factory. I've also tried the DS3000 over last summer. Both very very good pads, even when cold they stop a Westie pretty quickly.
  9. CraigHew

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    Blimey, 350bhp and sticky throttle, what could possibly go wrong...?
  10. CraigHew

    Hello from Belgium

    Wow, you're certainly going to stand out from the Belgian crowd...!
  11. CraigHew

    brake pads for road use

    @IanK (Bagpuss), it's much more fun when you talk to John in your Barnsley accent...
  12. CraigHew

    Locating an new electronic speedo sender

    So that's why you think you're driving everywhere at 100mph....
  13. CraigHew

    Does age matter?

    Normally any car will deteriorate with age, that's fact 1. However a car that's meticulously looked after, cleaned, serviced and pampered will not suffer as much as one that's neglected: that's fact 2. Kit cars seem in general to be well looked after so you can't usually show a direct link between age and condition. Have a very good look in all the hard to look places, chassis rails, underneath suspension components etc etc before you part with your cash. Most things on a Westfield can be replaced or repaired, but you need a decent chassis to hold things together. I certainly wouldn't let age put me off a car, even tatty bodywork can be sorted, just make sure everything underneath looks sound and straight.
  14. CraigHew

    Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Is he planning a Lamb Bang...?
  15. CraigHew

    Differential leak

    I cant see it being an MOT issue unless it's pi**ing out. I'm inclined to think the leak is more likely from the drive shafts (on the sides) rather than the rear? GIve it a good wipe over then see how it looks.

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