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  1. CraigHew

    Rubbish headlights

    E bah gum, they're pricey....!
  2. CraigHew

    Rubbish headlights

    Really happy with the LEDs in my 4' Dominators, but also been recommended these from another forum for my Pick-up. Really good testimonials.... https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/12-volt-collection/products/latest-led-headlights-h4-philips-z-es-hi-lo-beam-conversion-9-32v?variant=8239030763615#shopify-product-reviews Not cheap but I'm gonna replace my Pick-up bulbs soon.
  3. I'd be suggesting a free router from them....
  4. CraigHew

    noisy exhaust after 1500 miles

    To me it looks far neater stacked vertically.
  5. CraigHew

    Making Life Easier With Servicing and Repairs

    I keep the oil pump clean for putting new oil in and use this to extract the old stuff (no drain plug on Diff) Sealey AK47 Oil Suction Syringe 500ml Composite Body. £8 on Amazon, other outlets are available...
  6. CraigHew

    SOLD vehicle positioning hydraulic car jacks

    You've posted pdfs, they're not showing as pictures.....
  7. CraigHew

    westfield mega s2000 top speed masda lsd diff

    I think if you're looking for a car to do 120+ then a seven-type is clearly the wrong choice. Our cars are best in the 0-60 ball-park. That said I'm aware that John's original question stems fromtheoretical curiosity
  8. CraigHew

    Harness info

    If I remember correctly, Schroth harnesses can be ordered pull-up or pull-down...
  9. CraigHew

    Happy Birthday Bagpuss

    Happy Birthday old chap.....
  10. CraigHew

    Our westy video shoot

    Agree, love the drone shots....
  11. CraigHew

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    self gounding and yes 1 wire back to Dash2
  12. CraigHew

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    Tom, Picked mine up from Merlin Motorsport. Item: VDO Oil Temperature Sender M14X1.5 Thread | 323801012002 Options: Unit price: £14.40 Quantity: 1 Item total: £14.40
  13. CraigHew

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    Of course since the symptoms only showed at the end of a very long day, making a slight change to your oil grade would give you more viscosity (assuming that's why the VTEK didn't activate) when the engine is hot. A lot cheaper, quicker, less complicated...
  14. CraigHew

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    Quicker to nip into the man cave; A few people suggested it would be too low, but it's been fine last couple of years.
  15. CraigHew

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    replaced my sump plug with this, wired into the spare Dash2 analogue channel.

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