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  1. CraigHew

    central heating servicing

    We user British Gas HomeCare, but it's probably £20 per month. I did speak with them a couple of years back and they kindly reduced it to 15 (to remain competitive) but the follwing year it crept back up. On the plus side we have had a handful of minor problems which have been sorted quickly and easily by their engineers. It's sod's law that the day I cancel it the boiler will go pop.
  2. CraigHew

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    The most I've ever squeezed into my FW is 22L from empty.... It was described as their "race tank"
  3. CraigHew

    Exhaust Acousti-fil stuff

    I used 2 separate pieces in my can repack over the winter and it's fine. It's totally eliminated the bark / rattle sound I was getting each time at 3000 rpm.
  4. CraigHew

    S2000 donor car.

    A very very minor item, but you could keep the S2000 start button and wiring if it's in good nick...?
  5. CraigHew

    Wales, Brecon Beacons June 9th to 16th

    Nic's bladder holds less than my short-range FW fuel tank....which is saying something.
  6. CraigHew

    How to mount rear diffuser.

    It certainly wasn't meant to be offensive, shame you took it that way. My point was there are numerous historical posts with detailed photos that may help you decide which is best for you rather than one or two limited replies....
  7. CraigHew

    How to mount rear diffuser.

    lots of historical threads on here about mounting the diffuser. Try the search function...?
  8. CraigHew

    Legal Advice for dispute with invoice of work done on Westfield

    This isn't a legal reply in any sense. It's a hard one to reply to and offer advice without the full picture, let alone the amount of money involved. If I were in your shoes I'd photograph and document the other damage and get a bona fide estimate to correct it. I'd then document the agreed work against that completed, pointing out any sub-standard issues. Then send them copies explaining that, in your view you've paid x amount (60%) but are unwilling to pay the balance because of a) the sub-standard work, b) the incomplete work and C) the cost to repair the damage done. I'd state as far as you're concerned then that is an end to the matter, unless of course the cost of repairing the damage is more than the 40% balance requested by them, in which case ask for a partial refund before you take further advice.
  9. CraigHew

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Nice 140 mile drive round the great North Wales roads today. I averaged a faster speed today compared to yesterday when I was held back terribly by @CosKev
  10. CraigHew

    Setup choice

    Ah so, them Tokyo R888s are velly velly glippy....
  11. CraigHew

    Mega S2000 for sale.SOLD

    Well done, mixed emotions I guess...
  12. CraigHew

    Setup choice

    BLiNK Road Warior for me too. Yes, they will give you a nice printed sheet with all the geo settings displayed.
  13. CraigHew

    ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    You may find that the 3 inch shoulder straps, when chanelled through the Sport Turbo seat, rub into your neck. The problem is that the seat apertures simply aren't wide enough for the belts. I bought a couple of the Schroth pads which helps a lot. Maybe I've just got a wide neck?
  14. CraigHew

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Top end of Bala lake early(ish) this morning. Lake was like a sheet of glass.
  15. CraigHew

    Wales, Brecon Beacons June 9th to 16th

    Technically that's a low-flying military aircraft route through the valleys but the roads nearby are good too.

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