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  1. I'd put a small blob of threadlock on it, enough to hold it but not enough to cause problems if and when you need to adjust it.
  2. I bought a real heavy one from USA, it's about 600g and did make a huge difference shifting gear...
  3. The venturi is the effect that the shape of the the carb that produces an area of low pressure which lets the air draw fuel into it. I'm not a carb expert but I'm guessing the missing nut is allowing a different flow of air into that carb under load, which in turn is causing the misfire. Replacing the nut should fix things. Happy to be corrected.......
  4. I love the name Buttercup. Russ,, get in touch with your feminine side....
  5. It way feel embarrassing but that's a real result....
  6. Hi Paul, have a look on youtube or Google for instructions for your particular filter manufacturer. I run K&N and it's a case of spraying their oil on from their spray can and letting it soak in for 20 minutes before refitting. Other filter manufacturers may have differing procedures and of course sell you their own specific oil....
  7. Well the warmer weather should spur you on a bit....😎
  8. Done, although we're not going to be in the EU soon......as we voted as a nation to leave........and we're just waiting for the politicians to swim to the shallow end of the EU gravy train, Jump out, have a shower then go home.....
  9. I didn't really ave a (rattle) issue to start with, just seemed sensible preventative measure. The other option is a £300 TCT from Ballade in the USA....
  10. I think the drilling out and countersinking is the answer to the poor F20c TCT. I followed the arguments for years on S2Ki site where dyed-in-the-wool Honda enthusiasts steadfastly roughed up their worm drives. Quicker easier oil flow has a little more scientific credence to solving the issue. Drilled and countersunk mine a couple of winters ago, although my TC wasn't rattling.
  11. I've been planing to remotely locate my S2000's oil pressure sender for a while and also incorperate a low pressure dash warning light. This easy job involves unscrewing the sender unit, inserting a length of suitable braided hose into the sender location on the engine block and attaching a suitable T piece to locate the sensor and a low pressure warning light sensor. Pushed the car out of the garage this morning into the sun to start the job telling wife @'d be done in an hour, 2 tops. To cut a short story even shorter, the sender snapped off as soon as I touched it with the spanner leaving the threads flush with the block. Got my trusty left hand thread screw removers out but the remover snappe off flush also.... tried cutting a small slot across the threaded piece to get a screwdriver on it, but it wouldn't budge. tried vrious screwdrive, right-angled adapters etc and still couldn't move it. I then called @CosKev for his thoughts, and he kindly brought his welding gear round to my house and welded various nuts bolts and even a spanner to the thread in an effort to sbreak it free, All attempts failed, Clearly access is poor, which is 50% of the problem I think. Anyway Kev had to leave for domestic duties but left the final nut welded onto the thread/block. So plan B, and maybe plan C. I'm happy the snapped thread inside the OEM port is oil-tight (given the snapped screw remover and then the external welding. I'm contemplating a sandwich plate to locate between the oil filter and the block (that's plan B) Plan C will come into force if anyone can steer me towards another location that I can take off, using suitable fittings and adapters, the S2000 oil pressure. I'm currently researching the Vtec sensor location as a possibility but I'm unsure at the moment whether that would be suoitable So, any ideas @IanK (Bagpuss), @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary, @Andy (Sycho), @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO or any other S2000 owner / guru (apart from the sage advice to have left well alone) really appreciated.. 🙁
  12. Yes, quite easily if required.
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