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  1. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    Oh sorry I was just thinking of the floor mats. Yes I'm very worried about the trim material given how little space there is already...
  2. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    It occurs to me now that as I'm making my own carpets, I was planning on having full cutouts for the seat rails so they dont need to have precisely located holes in them (and the seat rails can be firmly bolted to the floor).
  3. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    Yes adjusting the holes in the floor is the other option I'd considered. I have my carpet material so will give that a go.
  4. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    Unintended update today as I was informed the car seats can't stay in the dining room for Christmas day They are just placed in the car for now for storage purposes, not fastened down. Driver looks lower because it is, it doesn't have the rails on it as I need to replace that bolt that got mangled. The other one doesn't fit either, the two rails appear to be too close together (by about 10mm from what I can see, not small). I guess I could slacken off the bolts into the seat base to allow some adjustment, but I see no way to fasten them up again in situ. The clearances to the tunnel and the body side panels at the outboard shoulders is also minimal to none. Has anyone else had trouble fitting seats?
  5. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    Thanks for the encouraging words, chaps, trust me I am keen to get restarted
  6. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    @Chris Brading You should be worried when I'm working on the car regularly, me plus power tools, now with added live car electrics
  7. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    I'm afraid I have no updates since that last one on the heater upgrade in July! A combination of birthdays/holidays etc and travelling a lot for work mean I have just been unable to find the time. I'm really keen to get back out there though - just in time for the winter to set in might finally invest in a proper garage heater this year.
  8. Peter (Monty)

    Passenger footrest

    For mine I cut a piece of aluminium sheet to shape which fits in the end of the footwell, and attached at the top and bottom edges with some hinges.
  9. Peter (Monty)

    Rich's S2000 Build

    @Rich201060 heater upgrade info from Dave here, including the bypass valve. I have fitted the valve and bulkhead fitting and my latest build diary entry shows the heater and blower fan swap which I'm very pleased with. A bit of extra work (and not finished yet as I'll need to partition off that corner of the engine bay) but I'm very glad I did it and found it easier to do so now before everything is fixed down.
  10. Peter (Monty)

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    Does that cat pipe rotate? I'm surprised the lambda sensor points upwards, they usually angle downwards a bit to let moisture drawn out. I didn't want to route the lambda wire under the body so I put mine through a hole in the bodyside instead. I would have thought the heatshield would be rotated about 45 degrees further up?
  11. Peter (Monty)

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Looks great Gary!
  12. Peter (Monty)

    John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    I had an issue with one of the captive bolts on the seat rails as well when removing the seat from the car. I think it's because they struggle/don't make much effort to keep the bolts perpendicular to the rails.
  13. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    I found the same today with the fuses, Dave. There are only 3 left in the lower box which I'm hoping I can move across to the other side anyway so hopefully will kill two birds with one stone. The matrix fits so neatly above the column though, I'm so pleased I changed it. I tested the output too, it is so much better than the standard one!
  14. Peter (Monty)

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Great progress. That's a lovely colour, too
  15. Peter (Monty)

    Peter's S2000 Build

    It's been a busy month but finally got back into the garage today and set about replacing the standard fan/heater setup with the parts that have arrived since I last did any work on the car. There is excellent information from Dave on how to improve the heater system here. Parts required for fan and matrix upgrade: - Mini matrix enclosure from CBS (link), £50 - All metal mini heater matrix (link), £30 - 400CFM centrifugal blower (link), £60 Started by cutting out the slots for the matrix inlet and outlet in the new matrix enclosure. It comes with a large circular intake which isn't needed so I cut this off. I then chose a location (centered above the steering column and with the matrix as high as possible) and then cut out the hole for the fan outlet (100x53mm rectangle). Fan mating face lined with closed cell foam. The matrix enclosure provides a good bit of clearance to the matrix core (~20mm) so the fan is bolted to the bulkhead with M4 cap screws on the engine bay side, and penny washers and nylocs on the cabin side. I then cut a hole in the matrix case which clears the fasteners for the fan. I then fitted some M4 aluminium rivnuts to the matrix enclosure so that this could be fitted just with cap screws from the engine bay side (again, checking for clearance to the matrix). Here's the final look from the engine side: And here's what it looks like from the cabin side: I then took the matrix enclosure off and bonded the two halves together with polyurethane adhesive (as I didn't have any silicone around). I've left it to dry overnight with the old heater unit on top as a suitable weight to compress the two halves together On that note, while the bulky size, inefficient design and weedy output of the standard blower were the driving reasons for changing, it is also really very heavy, thanks to the big old motor and the steel enclosure. I weighed the components - the standard unit came in at 3.5kg while the new blower, metal matrix and enclosure weigh just 2kg together while giving a huge performance boost. Plus it's opened up a huge chunk of space behind the centre of the dashboard. Here's the position of the fan with the bonnet in place. @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary have you done anything to protect the fan from water ingress?

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