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  1. Sean De'Ath

    Which fuel pump do I need?

    Would one of these facet pumps be ok without needing a regulator? 1.5 - 4 psi
  2. Sean De'Ath

    Which fuel pump do I need?

    SootySport yes we disconnected the pipe and it doesn’t seems to be coming out all that quickly, more than just trickling but I wouldn’t say healthy. plus when the car starts it revs quite nicely but soon seems to be starved of fuel and cuts out, which has led us to think it needs more pressure. Also to note the engine is intermittent to start, going to get a new set of points this week, hopefully that will solve that issue. its got new plugs, jets are all clear as are fuel lines. corsechris my dads westie has the square facet on it, as it was on the car when he bought it, running a crossflow 18+ years ago, and is now serving the 1.8 zetec, but his never had a regulator on it. I think as you say I’ll get one anyway though.
  3. Sean De'Ath

    Which fuel pump do I need?

    My crossflow is struggling to run, and I think it could do with a better/stronger fuel pump. Pic below of what it has now, not sure what psi etc it is?! its a completely standard 1600 with a twin choke Webber downdraft carb (think that’s right) just wandering what pressure pump I need? Seen the little square Facet type on eBay, 4 - 7ish psi would this suit? thanks in advance. Sean.
  4. Sean De'Ath

    Hi from Cornwall

    from sunny Cornwall also
  5. Sean De'Ath

    Cycle wings and brackets

    Hi and welcome. i did this to mine not long ago, you will need to get the correct new wing stays, as it will depend on what uprights you have. Best post up a pic of yours, and one of the knowledgable members will let you know what you have
  6. Sean De'Ath

    Newcomer from Devon

    from Cornwall Sean
  7. Sean De'Ath

    Re blacking steering wheel?

    Ill give it a go myself, pointless spending to much on it. I’ll have a read. thank you.
  8. Sean De'Ath

    Re blacking steering wheel?

    Hmm ok, Do you know where and what I need?
  9. Sean De'Ath

    Spare wheel, free to good home.

    Tyre is scrap, got a cut through it. Rim is straight though. Some surface rust. 13 x 4 1/2 J -41.4 does anyone want it before I chuck it?
  10. Sean De'Ath

    Re blacking steering wheel?

    Hi guys. iv resprayed this old mountney wheel, but is there any way to get the grip back to black, without it rubbing off on my hands? i haven’t tried anything yet, there is some stuff left on it from the masking tape, but it’s mainly just worn bare. Sean.
  11. Sean De'Ath

    Seat heaven

    Pm sent
  12. Sean De'Ath

    Intertrim low back leather seats *SOLD*

    Pm sent
  13. Sean De'Ath

    Can I remove my fog light?

    Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. i think I’ll remove the fog light and switch, but leave the wiring there just in case.
  14. Sean De'Ath

    Can I remove my fog light?

    Excellent, thank you guys. that fog light is getting binned then. whilst im here, my dads westie an 88 Q plate has never had 4 way flashers, it's been MOTD fine up till it now, but it's been off the road 2/3 years, any reason this could be an issue now?
  15. Sean De'Ath

    Can I remove my fog light?

    Hi chaps. iv read somewhere on here about the relevance of a fog light for an MOT. my westie was first registered on 1.6.89 and is a Q plate. Im currently working through the whole car making good, updating and generally tidying up. And it currently has a damaged big ugly fog light hanging off the back. As I have the dash out and will be filling holes and spraying the body anyway, id like to get rid of the fog light. but don't want it to be an issue come MOT time. Could one of you more knowledgable guys give me a definative answer please. thanks, Sean

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