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  1. Ah ok, It's a Stanwood engineering engine, so presume it would have been a crate jobbie. I might give them a ring. Thanks for the help.
  2. Ok, so assuming it’s the later. What do I put on the V5 to change engine?
  3. I rubbed the paint off, but all I could see was 1713. how many numbers should I see there?
  4. I’m looking for the engine number to put on the V5 as a change of engine. its a silver top 1.8 zetec. heres some pics of all the numbers etc I could see on the exhaust side of the block, are any of these it? does anyone have an example of what letters/numbers and how many I should be looking for, and where exactly?
  5. There off. As someone mentioned, there was a build up on the inside of the drum which created a lip. It put up a good fight, and iv lost a few layers of knuckle skin, now to tackle what's inside. the shoes have plenty of life left, but everything seems very stiff, going to take apart and clean up best I can. thanks for the help
  6. Ok, I'll have a look tomorrow night, thank you. so if I undo that, should that drop the shoes away from the drum?
  7. Where is this? The left drum was moving quite freely though, it wouldn't spin on its own but thought it would be enough to get it off.
  8. Right, not on my Westfield, sorry if this needs to be moved elsewhere on the site. This is on my Mk1 Fiesta, but hopefully your expertise still apply iv had the car for about 9 years, but the last 5 years it’s been parked in the garage sadly. now getting around to sorting it out. The rear drums are a bit stiff, to note the handbrake was never left on. Got it in the air and trying to get the drums off, but can’t seem to do it, iv tapped the handbrake lever bit so it should be fully released, and they will move by hand, the left quite freely, but I still can’t manage to get the drum off. any advice?
  9. Bought this end of December 2017. Recently finished. Only planned to put cycle wings on and fit aero screen, got carried away ha.
  10. Had an early finish at work today. So had a quick spin in the sun
  11. Hi. This is my Westfield, 1989 Q plate, Westfield on Log book, it's got a 1.6 Mexico 711 Crossflow, 4 speed gearbox, Westfields aluminium diff casing, independent rear suspension, 16" Westfield alloys x5, 4 very good tyres. The car has recently been stripped down and rebuilt, new lights and covers, new oil, suspension rubbers, oil filter, fuel filter and pump, spark plugs, points etc. recent respray in Porche Riviera Blue, lovely bright colour in the sun. Real carbon aero screen. Comes with Tonneau cover. Full 12 Months MOT. Reluctant sale, but change of plan. Sure iv missed stuff, please contact me for any further info. I do have a set of 13" Compomotive alloys with A048 tyres on that could be put on instead. £5995 ono Thanks, Sean. 07411477129
  12. Would one of these facet pumps be ok without needing a regulator? 1.5 - 4 psi
  13. SootySport yes we disconnected the pipe and it doesn’t seems to be coming out all that quickly, more than just trickling but I wouldn’t say healthy. plus when the car starts it revs quite nicely but soon seems to be starved of fuel and cuts out, which has led us to think it needs more pressure. Also to note the engine is intermittent to start, going to get a new set of points this week, hopefully that will solve that issue. its got new plugs, jets are all clear as are fuel lines. corsechris my dads westie has the square facet on it, as it was on the car when he bought it, running a crossflow 18+ years ago, and is now serving the 1.8 zetec, but his never had a regulator on it. I think as you say I’ll get one anyway though.
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