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  1. Now the weather is a bit more friendly a reminder Mr Grumpy is still for sale. And I need my garage back..!
  2. John K

    Greetings from the other side...

    When I do shuffle my mortal coil, I'm going to be cremated and have my ashes scattered in a secret location. If I had a headstone, one of you sods would find it and carve "He drove a diesel until the end" into it...
  3. John K

    Greetings from the other side...

    Blue over Tan 3.4, exactly what I wanted and found one only 20 miles from the house..! 9 yrs old, 51k miles, really good Indy service history, £20k (bit over book, but condition meant it was worth it)
  4. I crossed over to a mass market sports car and got myself a '59 Boxster 987.2 S with PDK (totally and utterly @Grizzlee fault BTW, I have no imagination and just buy what ever he's got) Negatives are - it's too quiet (sports exhaust will be coming) and nobody gives you a second look Positives are - its utterly reliable, very civilized and very, very easy to drive. And whilst the flat 6 is not as characterful as the Mighty Xflow, it revs like a demon, wails like a trapped wolverine and has quite a bit of shove This is the first car I've ever owned that was built as a sports car from the ground up (opposed to tarted up fast saloons or hot hatches) and you can tell its been built with a purpose. Fabulous handling and on unfashionable 17" wheels with tall 50 profile tyres, its almost comfortable. And at the motorway speed limit you can have the roof down and still breath and talk to the passenger. And after randomly poking at buttons, I discovered it has something called "a heater" PDK is voodoo and mine is first gen, lord knows what the latest versions will be like. Sorry to have deserted the cult of Westie, but I needed an easy but fast roofless drive - think this ticks the boxes. Anybody interested in Mr Grumpy, drop me an IM
  5. John K

    Made a new friend yesterday

    Lovely looking pup. Got to ask, will the dog grow to match the tounge..?
  6. Erm... That probably means GCHQ has an entire folder dedicated to posts on the WSCC
  7. John K

    So I've relented and ordered a dash cam

    I've got the 512HD in the ST... The quality is so good West Mercia asked me to release some footage of an accident so they could use it in their training videos of "when motorbikes shouldn't over take" It is more bulky because it has a screen - but this means you can quietly sit in your car and review the footage before running over and shouting "I've got it all on video" A mate has recently bought the BlackVue screen less model that streams to his phone and is raving about that.
  8. What exactly is "freedom"? It's thrown about a lot but really what do you, we anybody mean by it..? What do you like to do with your freedom? This is a very emotive subject that means different things to different folks so I'm expecting the following to kick off a bit but here we go... And its an extreme example but that is what the internet is for. I would be very happy to be fitted with an RFID chip which the government could scan any time they liked (like the ones in the back of your dogs neck) It would be totally voluntary but I would see it as being a commitment to society. The government could scan this chip everytime I got into a car, rented a car, used a cashpoint, shopped at Tesco, entered a bank or public transport. What if you didn't have a chip - no problem at all... But you cannot use anything that society takes for granted and instead you are barred from hospitals, airports, petrol stations, Tesco, phoneshops, public transport etc... I have no problem with folk wanting to live "off the grid" but why should they have the same privileges as folk who want to be part of society..? And in some ways it would be a bit more honest and open. We are already scanned, mapped and profiled to an inch of our lives but most folk pretend its not happening. It already is... And whilst I am sort of playing devils advocate - I do sort of believe it a bit as well...
  9. Red, ST-2 version, September 2014, 2nd owner, 13,500 miles on the clock. £10,500 Rear seat belts still buckled from its pre delivery inspection, don't think they've ever been sat in. Some plastic still on the accelerator pedal. This is a crazy low mileage example of a hot mini hatch that is an utter hoot to drive. One tire (no surprise it is front near side) will need replacing, we can talk if you are interested. One dink in the front near side alloy, pretty big but it should be fixable and there is one failed heating element in the front heated windscreen. Oh and half the "Ford ST" illuminated logo on the drivers kick plate doesn't illuminate. That is your entire list of bad things. Only reason for sale is I have another car coming.
  10. John K

    So I've relented and ordered a dash cam

    I hope you never need the footage but you will drive with a lighter heart knowing its there just in case... Does sound like you were being lined up for a fraudulent claim. The reason I've got one in all the cars is because of the MS. I'm convinced once the other parties insurance found out from the DVLA / Insurance that I've got a 'declarable condition' they would try to use it to put the blame on me and some physical failing I must have been having at the time. So its a safety blanket and its made me a better more tolerant driver, knowing the audio is also recorded (I chose to leave the mike on) means I no longer let the red mist descend...
  11. I remember listening to an Infinite Monkey Cage Podcast all about Enigma and they said the British government kept it quiet they had broken the cipher and then distributed all the Enigma devices they collected after WW2 to the Commonwealth with a recommendation that "what was good enough for the Germans should be good enough for us" and then snooped on all their traffic for 40 years... I actually laughed myself out of bed hearing that. And it might be a bit of an unpopular view - but no worries for me if the government want to snoop on my browsing or email. My many perversions and wrong doings (which secretly I'm proud of) are small beer compared to some folk. And if a bit of snooping helps catch the real bad guys, I'm all for it..! If you ain't got nothing to hide, you ain't got nothing to fear...
  12. Well it was always going to happen, but I can't handle a Westie anymore. So an advert has been posted early to hopefully gain some interest for next spring. It's a sad thing to have to do, but he never was a shelf queen and to deny others the glorious noises is just wrong. A deposit has been put down on a seven year old 3.4s Boxster 987 PDK and I will be collecting it in a few weeks. Sure it will be a capable car, but it won't be a Xflow... Sad times...
  13. 15th April 2018 - SOLD... End of an era... £4,500 for a 1992 registered Narrow Body Live Axle Ford Crossflow in navy blue 1,700 Twin Italian 40DCOE Webers, Kent 244 cam giving 90 wheel horsepower ONLY reason for sale is failing health…. Not man enough for a Xflow anymore… New springs and shocks, ‘new’ Type 3 gearbox, electronic ignition and new lights recently fitted. Body is scruffy and needs TLC on the gelcoat, there is no hand brake to speak of and the interior also needs some love. But the engine (and now gearbox) is a peach and that is all an Xflow is about. Recently Grizlee and Bollocky Bill did all the work mentioned above and @Grizzlee is happy to give folk an independent view on his condition (and he owes me a favour, it was that t***'s fault I got a Westie in the first place..!!!) If any of you are interested get in touch for a longer description. This is a chance to buy motoring history and make noises like the devil after a hot curry…
  14. I've just downloaded an update for my Sammy S7 My domestic broadband is nothing special but it still downloaded 450mb in a little over a minute (and WiFi to the phone) 25 years ago at work I can remember we desperately needed a new version of Oracle and a 500mb version was available on the official web site (this new fangled thing called the Web was starting to get noticed) So we kicked it off on a Friday night (and this was in the flag ship London HQ that had the best of everything) and when we came in on Monday morning there was still 30mb left to go And then it failed with 6mb left We ended up shipping in a CD version But still look at the difference in 25 years, from 60 hrs to 60 seconds for the same wodge of data...

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