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  1. benedwards64

    Emergency Towing

    If you only have a roll bar (ie not a full cage) don't use it as a tow point. A friend of mine used to work for a track day company and saw a couple of Sevens being pulled over whilst towed from the roll bar. As Chris says, whip the nosecone off and use one of the chassis members. Or fit a tow-strap
  2. benedwards64

    Life after Westy's?

    I'll tell you when I sell it, but given I already have the replacement I feel vaguely qualified to answer. Similar to your shared MX5 I've gone for a shared RX8 cheapo track car which I co-own with Pete. It's not as fast as the Westy round track (although I managed to get within 3 and a bit seconds around Blyton Eastern, which I was pretty happy with!) but it sure is a lot of fun I'm currently undecided as to whether I'll buy a more road-focused 'second' car or just start tinkering with the Subaru more, given that my work mileage has reduced and it's no longer performing towing duties, but only time will tell. Need to sell the Westy first...!
  3. benedwards64

    Westfield SEI Narrow 1990 - NOW SOLD

    And pics as she currently stands. The passenger seat is back in, sprint stickers removed and I’ve added some pics of the engine bay and the rebuild Quaife diff. 2017-08-08_09-40-12 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-40-21 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-40-35 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-41-00 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-40-51 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-41-07 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-41-26 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-41-45 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-41-17 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-41-53 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-42-09 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-42-27 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-42-20 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-42-36 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-42-55 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-43-09 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-43-19 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-43-33 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-44-39 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-43-39 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-44-49 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-43-51 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-45-00 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr 2017-08-08_09-45-13 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr
  4. benedwards64

    Westfield SEI Narrow 1990 - NOW SOLD

    Now with 12 months MOT and a freshly built gearbox. Price back at £6750 accordingly.
  5. benedwards64

    First Westy Wanted

    Hi Bob. Mine's for sale - admittedly it covers only a few of your prerequisites, but at half your budget you'll have a lot left over to make what you want out of it. Plus the engine is bl**** fantastic
  6. benedwards64

    Westfield SEI Narrow 1990 - NOW SOLD

    Goddamnit Photobucket! Photo links updated...
  7. benedwards64

    Westfield SEI Narrow 1990 - NOW SOLD

    Any interest for £6k as it stands? If not I'll renew the MOT and swap in the new gearbox. Price will be updated to reflect this.
  8. benedwards64

    Westfield SEI Narrow 1990 - NOW SOLD

    Bump. New sprint car has been purchased, so I need the space!
  9. benedwards64

    SOLD - Brian James Minno twin-axle trailer

    Provisionally sold, pending garage measuring!
  10. As per eBay ad: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/132241818841? Fits through a standard garage door, and will take my wide-track (front) Westy with no bother. Tows beautifully. Bought off here a couple of years ago - since then I have replaced a tyre, all lights and removed a very rotten wooden bed so it's back to its original state. Buy-it-now of £1100, but will take offers from here as it's an ideal Westfield transporter Located just south of Oxford. Give me a call with any queries - 07850 754455 - or PM on here.
  11. After much thought my Westfield is for sale. I've not been able to use it anywhere near as much as I'd like, and ongoing work to the house means I'd very much like to free up some additional funds. I've owned this car for three years and enjoyed every moment, both on road and track. Currently advertised on eBay for £6,750, but I will consider offers from WSCC members as I'd like it to stay within the club if possible. Drop me a PM or give me a call for any details - 07850 754455 Located in Oxfordshire Advert as follows... 1990 ‘Q’ registered Westfield SEI Engine/Box: Fiat Lampredi 2.0 8v Twin Cam, rebuilt three years ago to the following spec: Gas flowed 'Volumex' head with 43.5/36mm valves Bogg Brothers R1 Carb conversion, running 160 main jets and Dynojet needles Piper BP300 high lift 290deg 'Rally' cams High compression 84.4mm domed pistons giving 11:1CR Guy Croft uprated head gasket Guy Croft 12:9 race head bolts Guy Croft oil pump New std size big ends New tensioner bearing New gasket set Alloy velocity stacks Pipercross air filter Competition adjustable vernier pulleys External oil cooler Stainless steel bespoke 4-2-1 headers and system by Exhausts By Design Repackable silencer (measures 93-96dB depending on track equipment!) Tuned by Torque Tune. Running approx 160-170bhp @ 7000rpm Facet fuel pump Malpassi fuel pressure regulator and filter Fiat Abarth 5-speed box Chassis: 3.88 English diff with Quaiffe ATB Limited Slip Diff – recently rebuilt by Tracsport Twin Girling master cylinders with F/R bias adjuster High ratio 2.4 steering rack Avo adjustable coilovers, recently serviced by Avo Front wide track kit Anti roll bars front and rear 13” Minilite replicas Almost new Toyo R888R tyres Alcon Racing front callipers Braided brake lines Braced roll-cage Interior & Electronics: GRP lightweight seats Four-point harnesses Custom fabricated alloy dash, gauges and switchgear fitted, wired and configured by NMS Plumbed in fire extinguisher Cut-off switch Recent Bosch S5 battery Aeroscreen Tonneau cover/shower cap The Fiat engine is an absolute pleasure – nice and torquey low down, but it revs beautifully when hitting cam at about 4k and sounds fantastic! It has been nothing but reliable since rebuild and has coped with sprints, trackdays and the occasional commute and road trip without complaint. As with any trackday car this is no garage ornament, and as such there are a few bits to be aware of: • The gearbox crunches into third, I suspect due to some incorrect oil it’s had in the past. I have a replacement gearbox that will be included with the sale (along with many other spares), I just haven’t had time to fit it. I’m currently driving around it by double-declutching. • The bodywork has a fair number of light scratches and scrapes. It looks fine from a distance but it is noticeable up close. • Last winter I gave the chassis a rub down to clean off some surface rust and gave it a couple of coats of POR-15. Whilst very effective, it’s not pretty – although most is hidden by bodywork. • It has a fairly track-oriented setup. Whilst fairly soft and compliant, the geo settings make it very agile on track. The trade-off for this is it can be a little twitchy on the road. This can easily be dialled out with a geo session depending on your preferences. I’m selling to free up some money for ongoing house renovations. I’ve used this to compete in the Javelin Sprint Series for the last couple of years and it has been enormous fun (not to mention surprisingly competitive) – I have plenty of Youtubes to bore you with if you want to see it in action on road or track. Passenger seat and harness are included as well - I have removed them for sprinting but easily re-fitted. MOT until end of July - happy to put another 12 months on for the right buyer. Also available by separate negotiation is a Brian James Minno twin-axle trailer with new LED lights all round – a perfect match for this car and small enough to fit through a standard garage door. s-l1600_zpsvbhft8kw by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 11_zpsrzeufzep by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 10_zpssfanjkr4 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 9_zpsceempcdd by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 8_zpsitqbefer by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 7_zps3s3uw5fc by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 6_zpsi5iiwvgl by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 5_zpsdgomrdd7 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 4_zps7j59gu4a by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 3_zpsmnd6bo3y by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 2_zpsorpvud0i by Ben Edwards, on Flickr s-l1600 1_zpsdlkqrsy6 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr DW7E8668_zpsxjpogfvp by Ben Edwards, on Flickr DW7E4296_zpsdb1uswv1 by Ben Edwards, on Flickr DW7E2141_zpsmcvm7c2j by Ben Edwards, on Flickr
  12. benedwards64

    Poor running - 2ltr Pinto

    Out of interest, is it still running on the same fuel that has been in the tank since last winter?
  13. benedwards64

    Do I need a Bonnet?

    I managed to drive past a police car a while ago whilst I had no bonnet, nose cone or side panels fitted. Admittedly it was around the service roads at Snetterton but I felt pretty silly. They didn't bat an eyelid though!
  14. benedwards64

    SpeedSeries event feedback

    8 - 7 remaining this year: http://www.javelinsprintdays.co.uk/sprint/index.php?route=product/category&path=60
  15. benedwards64

    SpeedSeries event feedback

    Sorry, not had a chance to sit down until now! As Barny mentioned I’ve run in the Javelin series for the last three years so I’ll cover off a couple of queries I’ve seen raised in this thread. Scrutineering: a fair number of competitors will often travel to tracks the evening before, and more often than not the Javelin team will be running a trackday or similar the preceding day. Once this is done they are usually happy to scrutineer any cars that are there from about 5.30pm. Scrutineering of the remaining cars takes place on Sunday morning first thing, and they typically have two teams of two (plus other helpers) looking over the cars, helmet, paperwork etc. The scrutineers are generally pretty detailed, I’ve been pulled up in the past for a loose wheelbearing and the odd fluid leak, but generally their focus is to make sure everything is attached to the car properly, no fluid is being dropped and there’s no fire risk from uncovered battery terminals etc. If a harness is out of date they don’t mind, if it’s frayed or damaged they do. I’ve seen people with faulty inertia-reel seatbelts refused a drive until a replacement is sorted. Running of the day: the Javelin team do a very efficient job of keeping everything moving. Scrutineering, sign on, noise testing and the morning chat are all over by 9am and it’s straight on track for two sighting laps (usually done in two groups). By this time the marshals are all out and the untimed practice run begins. Cars are called in class order (by sub-class if it’s a big class) with the tin-top classes (A, B and C) going in order, followed by F (Caterfields etc) and S (Single seaters, Radicals and the like). The lady in charge of the tannoy does an excellent job of queue management, calling the next class up in time so that there’s no gap between cars and no unnecessary queueing. F and S get a bit more warning as we usually take longer to tog up. Cars are released at roughly 30 second intervals, but they keep an eye on faster/slower cars to ensure no-one catches the car in front. Reruns are dealt with immediately (you literally get sent straight back into the queue when you come in) and break-downs involving a tow are usually dealt with in 2 minutes. Yellow flags are minimised if at all possible – if you spin out, where safe to do so, you must continue at race speed so as not to impede the car behind you. After all if they catch you, they get a re-run on warm tyres Usually the sighting, practice and 2-3 timed runs are done by lunch, with the remaining 3-4 timed runs in the afternoon. There’s a 5-min turnaround to sort timing between runs. Generally you’re going for a run every 40 minutes or so. If the runs finish early (as at Blyton, where it rained and about a third of the field stopped running) they will open the track for as many fun (un-timed) runs as you can fit in. Think I did about half a dozen at Blyton to give me some wet practice… Cost: this season it’s £139 for the ‘lesser’ tracks (Blyton, Woodbridge, Kendrew) and £159 for the ‘bigger’ tracks (Snet 300, Anglesey, Cadwell). Regs: all on the website. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t know how stuff compares to the MSA regs. It’s operated under the IOPD and a licence is required for each driver (£15 a year or £5 a round). Timing: historically it has just been total elapsed time, but they have new timing gear which will apparently give split timing, top speed etc. This is new so can’t really comment yet, they weren’t using all the functionality at Blyton. Stoppages due to timing issues are rare, if anything happens they let the 2-3 cars on track finish and reset before sending the next car out. Single-make sprints: Javelin currently also run the Toyota Sprint Series and Mazda Sprint Series, both of which have far more class definition. I have no idea if they’d be available to run a dedicated WSCC event, but I’m sure they’d be open to the conversation. It may give the firmer class structure some people seem to favour? I hope this is useful to some. As I said I’m not affiliated with Javelin in any way, nor have I taken part in an MSA sprint so I cannot draw any comparisons nor do I want to detract at all from all the hard work that goes into running club events. I’m happy to expand on my experience or answer any queries here or by PM if necessary. Cheers

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