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  1. hamlichr

    Westfield SEiW - 2L Zetec

    Thanks Gadgetman, very useful to know. ill post an update if that’s successful.
  2. My much-loved Westfield SEiW is for sale. Excellent car, set up for performance, agility and every day driveability. I’ve owned it for a few years and it’s always been reliable, even for touring. I'm told it was set up and corner weighted by Northampton motorsport. The car has an age-related H plate but was completed and registered in 2007. It’s been well looked after, always garaged and due to lack of weather gear, used only in dry conditions. It currently has 12,462 miles on the clock (might change due to use) and MOT until 11th August 2018. I have a large box of paperwork and receipts. I've tried to include detailed photos, but let me know if there's anything you want included that isn't there. The car is based in Norwich and is yours for £9,000 ono. I work from home most of the time so i'm happy to do daytime, evening or weekend viewings. For any questions, please give me a call or text on 07990 590581. Please don't call after 9pm. Specification is as follows. Please ask if you have any questions or I’ve missed anything. Body/Chassis: Genuine Westfield SEiW chassis in black powdercoat. Genuine Westfield SEiW body panels in yellow. Carbon effect arch protectors and detail on cycle wings. “Triangle” roll over bar (standard square roll over bar to come with car). Lockable boot box. Lockable V8 bonnet with black mesh cutouts at rear of engine bay. Engine/Transmission: 2005 Ford Zetec 2L – Mileage of engine is approx. 60k. Weber Carbs recently serviced and set up (2017). Raceline Water Rail. Uprated engine bolts. New lightweight battery installed (2017), continually connected to trickle charger to maintain optimum charge. New water pump (2017). New cambelt (2017). New radiator (2017). Type 9 gearbox. Engine immobiliser. Repackable exhaust – repacked within last 1000 miles. Black exhaust cover. I have receipts for more uprated engine parts but I can’t verify whether they were installed as I’ve never broken down the engine. Interior: Comfort Westfield seats, mounted on rails for adjustable position. I’m 6ft 4” and quite wide; the car is still comfortable to drive. Carpets throughout. Floor mounted adjustable pedal box. Heater. VDO Gauges – Speed, Revs, Fuel, Engine Temp, Oil Pressure. Standard switchgear for lights, wipers, water spray, heater, horn, indicators. SPARCO suede steering wheel attached to gold 6-bolt pop-off mount on an Allegro steering column. Engine immobiliser. SABELT 4-point harnesses. Westfield full size side doors. Westfield wet weather hood frame (no hood included, I’ve never used it in wet weather). Suspension/Wheels: GAS adjustable suspension. M16 brake callipers (new calliper installed last year). Brake discs front and rear. 4 x Team Dynamics 15” wheels in black. R888 tyres – 205/50 R15 all round. Spare rear-mounted wheel with Westfield cover (not a matching Team Dynamics wheel). Extension number plate for rear-mounted spare wheel. Bad bits: I like to be up front about things so there's no surprises. As with any car, especially this type, there's always something that can improved upon, but this Westfield is in genuinely good shape. Here's a list of the things I've noticed that I'd want mentioned if I was buying: Both front wheel bearings have a little play, but nothing major. These will need doing at some point. MOT advisories. The tyres are down to the minimum tread so will need to be replaced soon. MOT Advisories. I haven't done it as you might want different tyres. There is a crack in the rear bodywork where the number plate extension bar passes through. It's not huge, nor structural. I've included pictures. There is a small hole in the driver's seat bolster. It's a few mm square so nothing to particularly worry about. I've included pictures. Air filter for Webers is scuffed where the bonnet goes on and off. Some of the engine pipework could do with replacing/upgrading but everything works fine and I haven't had any issues.
  3. hamlichr

    Another new guy - Norfolk

    OK, thanks Sooty. I hadn't noticed woodbridge on Javelin's site (went to Snet with them the other day). I'm afraid i already have plans for the Sunday afternoon, so won't be able to make it. Shame though, would be nice to pit me and mine against some other Westies. Keep me in mind if there's anything else local going on though!
  4. hamlichr

    Another new guy - Norfolk

    That could be interesting. What/where in Woodbridge?
  5. hamlichr

    Another new guy - Norfolk

    Cheers guys, that's all very welcoming! Cleggy, that sounds good. I'll check it out if I'm free! Gadgetman, I'll try to get you some pics as soon as I can. Been a little busy in the drivers seat! Tableleg, I'm based in blofield specifically, so I'm in the posh end of the civilised bit of Norfolk! All - the mileage is helped along by doing a little commuting. I drive 120 mile round-trip to work so taking the westy for a few nice days tends to pack on the miles!
  6. hamlichr

    Another new guy - Norfolk

    Hey Guys, Just thought i'd introduce myself and say hello. I'm a new SEIW owner (new to me, built 2007), yellow, 2L Zetec on Webers and have been loving my new purchase. I've owned it for two weeks and done 1000 miles already! I also wanted to say thanks and give a general +1/thumbs up to the resources available with this group. I've already upgraded my steering wheel, installed a Quick-release hub, repacked my exhaust, bought some goggles/shades and am looking at a brake upgrade. All of the information for this I found in this forum and am very grateful to everyone for it. WSCC is now my go-to resource for anything to do with changes, upgrades and questions and the search box is a godsend! I also hope to meet some of you guys soon at an event or a track day as i'll be trying to spend as much time as I can in the car! Cheers! Chris
  7. hamlichr

    Zetec/Duratec Westfield SEIW Wanted

    Thanks guys, I've now sourced my car and am the proud owner of a yellow SEIW with 2L Black top. Hopefully see you around.
  8. Hi There, I'm looking for my first Westfield. Wide body in good condition for fast road/touring use. Black top Zetec or Duratec engine preferred, but will consider anything good that isn't too highly strung or prone to reliability issues. Independent suspension, Cycle wings, decent interior with high back seats, wet weather gear and lockable boot box all desirable. Budget up to £10k. Contact me if you have anything. Thanks!
  9. hamlichr

    4.3L V8 for sale SOLD

    Hey Ian, I'm currently looking for something like this, but I need more info. Any chance you can post or message me some pics, details of the specs of the car (suspension, seats, Harnesses, Gauges, History etc. etc.) Thanks, Chris

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