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  1. Madda

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Nice view @Olliebeak
  2. Madda

    Zetec running rich

    Just got back in after a quick run out and no more petrol smell. Watching the AFR and its not dancing around as much now. So its looking like it was a dodgy spark plug, these were only put in about 1200 miles ago too. Strange as there was no noticeable misfire. Take it easy Graeme
  3. Madda

    Zetec running rich

    I've been under the car as its running and checked the fuel lines, pump, filter, breather, filler pipe and the fuel rail up front, wiggled the pipes and joins and no leaks anywhere. The smell of petrol is coming from the exhaust but its not there all of the time. The engine seems to be running fine otherwise. The spark plugs look ok but I've just banged in my spare (new) set to rule out a dodgy plug. Going to take it for a spin. Take it easy Graeme
  4. Madda

    Zetec running rich

    Hi, I having probs with my westy. Its a 2.0 zetec blacktop running Jenvey throttle bodies and an Omex 600 ECU, TPS is a Penny Giles D4606/LH. The problem is its stinking of fuel after a run out. I've borrowed an AFR meter and its showing around 12 on idle and when running its jumping between 12 and 14. I've had the car running at the same speed, same throttle position, same gear down the road and sometimes its around 14 and other times its a 12 I've tried disconnecting the air temp sensor incase its faulty (the ECU defaults back to 20 degrees),tried running a short time with the air filter off and it makes no difference. Looking at the engine temp, throttle position and air temp on the laptop everything looks ok. I'm a bit stuck for time as were away on the 1st of next month on the Scotland jaunt and only have a couple of days off work before we go. Is there something I'm missing? Take it easy Graeme
  5. Hi, this sounds like a similar problem I had when I first got my zetec. Mine blew two radtec ali radiators before I found out what was wrong, turns out it didnt have a thermostat bypass pipe on. I cant tell if you have the right thermostat in from the pic, it should have a flat plate on the other end like this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/p/ford-zetec-thermostat-seal-escort-focus-mk1-mondeo-mk1-2/1065855648 The zetec thermostat is a double ended thing. What happens is when the thermostat is closed, the water gets pushed back to the pump and circulated back through the engine so it warms up faster. When the thermostat is open , it gets pushed round the rad. If you have a normal type thermostat, not the double ended one, it will be dead ending the pump, building up pressure until something pops. If the thermstat is the proper double ended one, the bypass line that goes from the thermostat back to the pump via the small tube could be blocked. I ended up running a larger pipe back to near the pump inlet from here, tee'd into the ali pipe next to the front wheel. Or, the thermostat could just be knackered. If you run a small pipe from the top of the rad and tee it into the small pipe on the header tank, this should act as an auto bleed, this is what I have and have no probs with airlocks. Hope this helps Graeme
  6. Madda

    westfield caged cage

    Hi, could I have dibs on this, need to sort some transport. Cheers Graeme
  7. Madda

    Interesting Exoskeleton Handbrake

    Only if you talk dirty to him.......in binary!
  8. Madda

    Interesting Exoskeleton Handbrake

    Nice! Does it come in carbon fibre?
  9. Madda


    Had a canny day out, cheers Geoffrey. I think its the most Westfield I've seen in one place, not managed to get to any of the shows yet. I think the WSCC should have a version of the dash warning sticker available in the shop. Graeme
  10. Madda

    DL1 wanted

    PM sent Graeme
  11. Madda

    Leather Harness Buckle Cover

    Found em, they are vinyl. If they are any good to you let me know mate. Graeme
  12. Madda

    Leather Harness Buckle Cover

    Hi mate, I have a set knocking about in the garage somewhere, pm me your address and I'll pop them in the post to you when I find them. Don't want anything for them as I don't use them. I think they are vinyl not leather though. Graeme
  13. Madda

    bit of a problem - all sorted now - phew!

    Glad to help dude. Stop! Hammer time! lol Graeme
  14. Madda

    Old School Meet Up

    Wow. That's a blast from the past. The blockyards, waters egde, seaburn with the fountain on the roundabout, where naughty people used to put washing up liquid in and make it rain soap suds. We used to go every Saturday night, used to have a right laugh.
  15. Madda

    Happy Birthday Kingster

    Happy birthday mate

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