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  1. jedm

    Walker st Clair vs soft bits covers

    My old black car is the one shown on the softbits site with what they call the storm cap. It actually fitted a lot better than they show in the photos where it's not really been pulled tight on the adjustable straps. I used it during some torrential overnight downpours in France and it was totally waterproof. Highly recommended.
  2. jedm

    Westfield half hood for full cage

    Your sewing is very neat Mike. I have a pair of torn trousers that perhaps you could have a go at repairing?
  3. jedm

    Essex to Stoneleigh

    It was one of the aims when building my car to drive up to to the next Stonleigh show in convoy with others
  4. Away tomorrow until the 15th Still at least that means you won't have to put up with a lardy white tank in the car park.
  5. jedm

    Wanting to change from Sky TV. What is best.

    Freesat. Binned Sky a couple of years ago and got a Humax freesat box. Never regretted the move and neither did the bank balance.
  6. jedm

    Building My XI

    Yes, good luck for tomorrow; hope it goes well. Great to see there is someone even older than me on the site!
  7. jedm

    Momo Wheel - What am I missing if anything?

    You look to have the same setup I had. I needed to cut down the Momo wheel centre to fit as without modification it was too deep.
  8. So long as you're still enjoying the build, who cares how long it takes. I refused to set a deadline for finishing mine and only worked on it when I felt like it, and I'm still convinced that's the best approach.
  9. You talking about me or the car? I'm off out to mingle with my newly found P****** chums this evening at their monthly meet so I'll have to be on my best behaviour
  10. Having gone to the (very) dark side, am I still allowed?
  11. Our esteemed new WSCC Trader M. Rowland Esq. has dared me to come along in my newly acquired poncemobile that has replaced the Westfield. I am more than happy to do this as I have acquired a new balaclava which came with the car. However - as the February meet falls on Valentines day, I have promised to take my good Lady away for the weekend in our new toy to try and eradicate in her mind the memory of driving down to Angouleme in the pouring rain the the Westfield with water attacking her from every angle. I shall long remember the her response when, on coming up to to a tool booth I suggested that she unravelled herself from the four point belts, open push open the side screen, unzip the easyin hood zip and clamber out over the hot exhaust to get a ticket. Strangely I felt it wise not to ask again..... Maybe I'll make the March meet if all goes well this weekend
  12. jedm

    Diff leak

    I had the same thing with my new 2.0L Zetec kit. Ended up getting the Diff back to Westfield for them to have their Diff supplier put a new seal in. Right pita getting it out and in again with everything in place though.
  13. jedm

    Where do I buy a half hood?

    I'm with Buttercup on this one I'd persevere with Softbits, but recognise they can be a pain to get hold of sometime. The quality of their work is second to none.
  14. Well it's Mr T's at the moment as he was first to ask after Mike R decided he was too cheap to buy them If he changes his mind I'll let Mark and Pete know.
  15. Westfield Richbrook Aluminium Gear Knob - Available in the Westfield Parts Store; see http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=51 New, Unused, in Box. £20 + £5 PP

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