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  1. I think it is time for some constructive ideas, people need to remember that this hobby is totally reliant on volunteers. I agree with the sentiments of Terry's that most trophies end up in a box in the attic but also with others that say cash is tacky. How about free entry to the next years Bl;yton weekend, this for a novice would be a great incentive to come out the next year, prizes could be for the whole weekend, one day or just the track day. It would cost the club about the same as the proposed prizes and would encourage people to stay in the sport.
  2. We do not have a problem about whether or not lights are required, as this is down to the SSOT, just the fact that the wording on the regs is incorrect, you can not say daylight MOTS are not allowed as there is no such thing. As it is part of my day job, reg's should be clear and factually correct, so it is better to say that working lights are required. Understand this has now been sorted so no problem. Just to clarify if it is legal to run we have an email from the BARC who checked this out with the Chief Scrutineer last year and said as long as we were taxed, insured and MOT'ed we are legal to run in road going. This has never been questioned by a scrutineer.
  3. Please see link to MOT trade magazine 2009 stating that daylight MOT are a myth, also there were extensive changes to MOT's in May 2018. As per UKGOV site. www.transportoffice.gov.uk/crt/repository/MoT%20-%20Issue%2042%20-%20Jan%202009.pdf If you want to go down the road of MOT failures how many of the cars post 1993 race without catalytic converters?
  4. Just to point out as Steve is MOT QC tester, there is only one type of MOT now, it is a test on the day only regarding the cars roadworthiness, you can present a car with no headlights or indicators as long as they have been disconnected or permanently taped over. This would be an advisory note only on your MOT certificate but you would have a 'Full' MOT showing your car is roadworthy. The MOT only states that a seat most be secure and safety belts fitted, it does not mention comfort!
  5. 2 X Brand new, still labelled Toyo tyres. £120 the pair, can take to Blyton.
  6. We have two spare tickets, I can put them in the post tomorrow if you want to watch.
  7. Hi I have a Hans sport 11 (20MS) which I got from Playskool 2 years ago but I have never used, it still has labels on. You are welcome to borrow or buy. We will be going to Blyton', hope this helps.
  8. Sorry but Steve and I will have to withdraw from the championship for this year then as although our car is road legal and has an MOT, but due to work commitments we will be unable to fit lights for this year.
  9. Cheers Dave, thank you for entertaining all the spectator's this year with some pretty awesome drives. Hope your engine is not too bad, not sure you will find one like that on ebay! Thank you every one that has made us so welcome in the championship, talking to other drivers the Westfield championship does seem to be the best organised, friendliest and most competitive series. So looking forward to the awards do and doing it all again next year!
  10. we did something very similar two weeks ago, when Steve decided to see if westies can fly, damage looked to be final as even the gear box and sump were broken, but after a visit to Siltech a complete new front chassis and welded gearbox, roll bar, steering arms etc we were racing at Anglesey this weekend. Results being better than it was before! Cost was not nearly as bad as had thought, so before you make too hasty a decision try getting a quote from them. They have a jig and make it all in house, the are in this months Complete Kitcar magazine.
  11. Good idea, don't want to give him any excuses!!! Car is beginning to look like a car again and as long as it survives test run on Friday morning we will be there with the car. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!!!
  12. Not quite but should be! A huge thank you to Siltech who have fitted a whole new front end, steering arms, roll bar, radiator, nose, engine mounts, repaired the sump and replaced rear lugs on gear box which had broken clean off. Steve bought it back at midnight last night and has a few things to finish off, but should be there with the car. Steve is harder to repair and has a very pretty yellow neck but has spent 2 days and a night helping at Siltech to get it ready. I am fitting a brick under the throttle to stop him doing it again! See you all there with or without the car!
  13. Thanks John, Siltech are doing their best and are hopeful they will get it done and have made 70% of the front chassis already, carbon fibre has been ordered, sump repaired so as long as nothing else is found to be broken we should be there. Steve is feeling worse today but he is not getting much sympathy! We have decided that even if the car is not ready we will still come as it is the end of the season and I am sure someone will need some help over the weekend!
  14. Might only be twenty as Steve decided to see if westies could fly, he hit a bank at Debden Sprint and according to the Marshal he flew 50 feet backwards and ended in a ditch! Car is now at Siltech to see if the can put a new front end on before the weekend. However not sure how much engine damage has been done as he cracked the sump as well, might be the end of our ebay bargain!. He never does things by halves!
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