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  1. Talk-torque


    Hi Geoffery. No, not local, but it's gone to a very good home, up in the north east. From my memory of forum questions and answers, there are quite a few experts up there, so he should be able to get some great first hand advice on the way forward with his new car.
  2. Talk-torque


    The car is now sold. Thank you to everyone for your interest. We hope the new owner gets as much enjoyment from the car as we did! Thanks, also, to you, the Westfield community, for your help and advice while we had the car - we always got a good answer when we had a problem.
  3. WESTFIELD SeiW WIDEBODY 2.0 Litre FORD ZETEC - Factory Built in year 2000. (Upgraded from original 1.8 Lt Zetec to new 2.0 Lt Zetec in 2011 – all properly documented.) Original private registration number plate W7 WSC (Westfield Sports Cars) included. Currently fitted with aero-screen, but could easily be converted back to windscreen/hood. Spectacular looking car in it’s original Westfield Chrome Yellow with Carbon Stripes! After 3 years of fun with this great little car, we have a yearning for something different, so it’s time to sell what has been a very interesting and enjoyable “proper” weekend sports car and project. The car has always been garaged overnight and maintained to a high level by two experienced mechanics. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Great Specification includes: Westfield SeiW Factory Built and registered in 2000 and on it’s original private plate W7 WSC. Current car mileage 29,500 & MOT tested until April 2018. Engine mileage approximately 10,000. Wide Body in original Chrome Yellow gel coat with removable Carbon Effect stripes & graphics. Fitted Westfield locking “V8” vented bonnet with added safety spring clips. Fitted Carbon Effect front side winglets on nose cone. 4” Headlights & Carbon Effect front indicators. Carbon Effect front cycle-type mudguards and rear arch stone guards. Carbon Effect aero-screen, cockpit side rail caps & side mirrors. Carbon Effect rear light clusters, reverse light & rear fog light. Fitted LED stop/tail light bulbs & number plate lights. Carbon Effect boot aperture cover panel. RAC style roll-over bar with fitted high-level LED brake light. Original Westfield seats & Willans full harness seat belts. Original Westfield dash with added super bright LED indicator reminder lights. New Moto-Lita “Race Car” 12” leather rim steering wheel with polished spokes. New Ripspeed polished alloy gear knob. Ford 2.0 Litre Zetec engine new & fitted in 2010 as an upgrade from the original 1.8 Litre. Raceline alloy wet sump, sump breather oil catch tank, Jenvey throttle bodies & Pipercross air filter. Nose mounted battery with external connector for included “C TEK” battery conditioner. Original Westfield stainless 4-branch exhaust manifold. Westfield MOT safe silencer with internal catalytic converter & pierced alloy heat shield. Spare interchangeable Westfield lightweight Carbon Fibre sports exhaust. (Non-Cat.) Omex 600 ECU installed new & set up in 2011 by Northampton Motorsport. Graph & Readouts showing 167bhp on Northampton Motorsport’s rolling road. Great, sporty (legal) noises from both inlet & exhaust! Gearbox is a 5-speed Ford Type 9. Independent rear suspension with Ford Sierra Differential. Drilled & grooved brake discs with yellow callipers & recent Mintex M1144 “Roadsport” pads all round. Stainless braided brake hoses all round. Recently rebuilt suspension all round, with Gaz adjustable shocks & all new ball joints & bushes. 15 inch Westfield alloys with very good 195/50 Toyo Proxos R888 tyres. Can of tyre sealant/inflator as spare wheel is not fitted – parts included to replace if required. Lots of documentation, including original correspondence & purchase receipts for the car & registration number, all MOT’s, engine certificates of newness and receipts for pretty much all of the work done, or parts fitted to the car since it was new. Original windscreen, wiper motor, mirrors, spare wheel, spare wheel rack, boot insert & steering wheel included, along with a few other random spares. MOT tested until April 19th 2018. --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- Price, reflecting a Factory Built Car with full history, a great spec. & a private registration number: £9,750 Really Good Offers considered. Car is available to view in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Text or call Roger Sewell on 07715254424. Email: rogersewell@hotmail.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Talk-torque

    W7 WSC

  5. Talk-torque

    Non-standard Westfield Steering Arms?

    Thanks also Thrusty! Yes, the non RS2000 ones are what I need. Mystery over - ah, the joys of kit car ownership!
  6. Talk-torque

    Non-standard Westfield Steering Arms?

    Gotcha Dave! Thanks a lot. I bought all the joints from Rally Design and it was the RS2000 ones that came up. Just did a bit more digging, following your reply, and you are, as ever, quite correct! Found them instock at Burton Engineering. Thanks again Dave.
  7. Talk-torque

    Non-standard Westfield Steering Arms?

    Just fitted new bottom joints and drag links, after the bottom joint rubber boots were condemned by the MOT tester. I also bought new ( Escort RS2000 ) track rod ends, but these could not be fitted, as the tapered holes in the steering arms were too big. Luckilly, the existing track rod ends and rubber boots are still OK, but I am concerned that the RS2000 tre's should fit. Are my steering arms, for Westfield uprights, non standard! The tre's have a part number on them, 010928, which Googles to a Quinton Hazel tre. This item does not appear to be anything like as easy to obtain as the Escort joint is. Any ideas? I would like to get to a "standard" set up, if possible, but Westfield Cars don't seem to carry steering arms in stock atm. Has anyone got any standard arms, for Westfield alloy uprights, for sale?
  8. Talk-torque

    Christmas run to the coast

    Thanks again Robin, for a great day. Next time I will ensure all day attendance! 'Nuf said in the video. I am, of course, suitably embarassed, but also in very good company!
  9. Talk-torque

    Christmas run to the coast

    #Scarbygate - Does the rest of the video exist, or has it been irretrievably erased? As Geoffrey said, Great write up Robin. ( What price have you put on "that" video? )
  10. Talk-torque

    Christmas run to the coast

    I was looking forward to the climax of that video, Robin, right up to the point where it ended! The other paticipants will know what I mean! That's me in front of Robin, wondering where we are going.
  11. Talk-torque

    Christmas run to the coast

    Yes, brilliant day, even though I only made the afternoon! One Westy causes a stir, but 6 or 7 together was awseome. Good to meet all you guys.
  12. Talk-torque

    Christmas run to the coast

    Hoping to pick you all up at Fridaythorpe, on the A156. Reckon you should pass through around 11:15 to 11:30. If I'm not there, either I couldn't make it, or I'll be at the chippy in Filey. Hope it's as good a day as is forecast. (No roof!)
  13. Talk-torque

    Switch identification decals

    Ring the parts dept at Westfield and ask them about the postage charge on them. They don't always charge what it says on the web page. Your next problem though is whether they are in stock!
  14. Talk-torque

    Fw fuel tank, fuel starvation

    I hate saying this, but do a search. There is loads on here about swirl pot systems. Basically it puts a small tank in your fuel line, fed by a low pressure pump, to prevent fuel starvation when the fuel in the tank is pulled away from the pickup.
  15. Talk-torque

    Exhaust popping on throttle lift off - twin 40 DCOE's

    Agree with most of the answers here. Whether or not you like the over run noise is, of course, up to you. It is a characteristic common to many competition cars and bikes that are tuned for ultimate power and throttle response. Run of the mill modern cars don't do it, as said above, because fuelling can be minutely controlled right across the whole rev range, but some over run pop-bang is actually engineered into some current sports oriented cars, just to add to the experience. Our 2Ltr Zetec, running on throttle bodies, does it beautifully. Feathering the throttle, you can generate quite a racket. Magic! As said, if the plugs are a nice colour and the car is, otherwise, running as you would expect, leave it be and learn to love!

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