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  1. So, this is now sorted, after many hours of taking things apart, testing them, reassembling bit at a time.... The problem? The fork that holds the release bearing was binding at the pivot point so wasn't engaging / disengaging the clutch properly. Swapped to,a different arm, with more of a kick in the end at the pivot point and no more binding and gears are as smooth as you like! Thanks for everyone's help with suggestions, in particular Ian, who spent a good few hours helping me figure out if he could find something wrong too!
  2. Ian, that would be amazing, thank you! Pm'ing you now
  3. Sadly, little time has prevented any progress. Will try again this week
  4. By that point, the engine was virtually out, so no. The clutch wasn't stuck to the flywheel as it fell off with no effort, so it could still be the wrong release bearing but that was checked by a man who knows a lot more than me before it was all put together again
  5. Tried measuring the input shaft lengths, identical, with no markings on the end of the input shaft I will check Nope, there wasn't with the old box, butt what's not to say one isn't needed and the old input shaft hadn't been trimmed One thing I did notice was there was a tab missing off the release bearing, to secure it to the release arm. Ordered a replacement bearing to eliminate that
  6. Spigot bearing wasn't touched when I did the clutch, left it, and the flywheel alone
  7. Yes, I had to pull the block and box together, wasn't very easy to do either.....
  8. So, as an update, the engine is now back out, gearbox works perfectly, undid the cover plate and nothing visibly untoward there, the flywheel side was against the flywheel so that leaves the different lengths as a possibility. The release bearing was brand new and there's some very minor marking which implies it's made contact with the fingers on the cover plate... Starting to get confused now as to what it can be!
  9. If you can post these, I would like them please
  10. Engine is almost free, so tomorrow night, we'll see what's up! Thanks for everyone's input so far
  11. I checked it was roughly the right length (long nose vs short nose) compared to the other but didn't do a proper measure. The spigot bearing is only a couple of thousand d miles old, it was ok with the old box.
  12. This was my fear, engine out again then! Grrrrrrr!I got a professional to do the dry run of "is that the right bearing and arm" by bolting the bellhousing to the engine, minus box and it all should have been ok
  13. Sorry, forgot to mention, was all dry fitted (with bell housing but without box) so the new release bearing could be confirmed as the right size... I thought it was a synchro box but now I'm not so sure, it's been nearly a year since I bought it. I could get gears with the box on the floor out of the car, and also, with the box in the car, once the car has been rocked forward and backward
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