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  1. Mine is off a different bike though. Much smaller than 1.5 litres. But probably heavier than the lemon juice bottle! I can dig it out anyway and see what it weighs out of curiosity.
  2. I’ve got a genuine Honda coolant overflow if you want it Adam? Odd shape to fit behind fairing but might work better.
  3. Sounds good to me - I’ll pass them on to @CRAIGR if they don’t suit. You got my address still?
  4. Naaaah, there's no such thing. haha - my thoughts exactly!
  5. Steve I'll be interested in brake flexis if they suit Sierra rears by any chance?
  6. Absolutely Dave - one big reason I went Westfield instead of MK Indy in the first place was this forum. Now it’s time to read and digest all the info you lot have dug up
  7. Creality Ender 3 on its way I caved and stuck with our community choice - no brainier once I considered all the options with the valued help of @nice_guy
  8. Don’t know the exact size but it’s the smaller of the two you’ll probably have! Same size as a motorbike one too.
  9. Last Wednesday of the month is the Ne7ers get together (27th March this month). Will be at the Shiremoor House Farm from around 7.15 pm, many of the usual suspects will attend, so why not pop in.
  10. Crikey Dave! My chassis is of similar age and has nothing like that kind of corrosion setting in (thank gawd!) - hoping mine might have got coated quickly after blasting or maybe lack of winter use has helped? Will be keeping an eye on it though.
  11. That’s because only full members (inc paid extended trial members) can post in items for sale. Any “for sale” posts outside of that area will be removed.
  12. But I mean use your foot to operate the pedal in small increments while selecting a gear. See if it goes in while partially engaged.
  13. Personally I’d avoid using a garage that has no experience if kit cars. You’d be better off getting it back and then we can talk you through it.
  14. My mintex 1144s used to squeal like a stuck pig. Tried all sorts ins coppaslip on the back and anti squeal thingys but it was only after giving it a proper bit of abuse on track that they finally stopped - well mostly...
  15. Which might be the problem. The springy fingers on the clutch release plate can actually get pushed in too far and then stop it working. Try and let the clutch out a little at a time from fully in and see if there’s a point at which it allows the gear in. Then set the pedal stop to that point.
  16. Thanks Chris - I found two other reviews that were pretty glowing for the i3 - one guy on youTube reviewed it after 6 months and was astonished at the utter reliability and sturdiness of it. From my viewpoint it does seem better suited to the less techie user (Mrs K) yet equally capable the more techie side of the family - I'm virtually sold on it I guess
  17. You usually need access to the tunnel through the top for front part and boot box out for rear. Removing axle is just daft! depends on interior trim as to ease of access, post a pic of the tunnel top.
  18. So everyone is getting the Creality Ender 3 it seems. Whats the view on the Anycubic i3 Mega? Edit: take into account user friendliness for the wife as she is keen to use it too! edit2. Will be ordering one or the other later today so come on lads I need guidance
  19. Yep I had a set too. Glad they didn’t fit as they were pants anyway! I ended up with some pattern Golf calipers which (touch wood) have been fine including the Alps, Highlands and Welsh mountain passes Dave
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