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  1. fossett

    SEW shocks

    Hi the dampers were just selected from the Westfield site - pre wide track fitting The springs IIRC 175lb rear 300lb front
  2. fossett

    SEW shocks

    I have an SEW and got my (Protech) dampers from Westfield and the springs from protech Got shorter springs it makes assembly a doddle
  3. It's been an expensive but fun ride Was Now
  4. 13x6 Minilite style from Rally Design - with 185/60 NS2R Tyres
  5. My screen is at the Westfield factory right now, re-glazing a normal non heated screen is £105.80+vat.
  6. Hey Click on downloads - up at the top there; Then you can read many issues of the club magazine great place to start...
  7. Hi Mate I have a complete set - all five - 4 trailing arms 1 panhard rod Is that what you need? I just got them all as spares - I destroyed a set getting them off and have already used 1 spare set - but if you are in need take them for what I paid £60
  8. FWIW the silvertop sump pits the blacktop just fine (using a silvertop rubber gasket)
  9. I did the same job, but had no speedo, So as an additional step I glued rare earth magnets to my front hub bolts (where the sensor picks up in my case). It has worked fine ever since!
  10. Hi, I've had this, i think its due to moisture build up during the 'off season'. Leave your side lights on at every opportunity and there heat from the bulbs will help to dry it out, failing that, a trick often recommended here is to try removing it, submerging it in rice (dry not wet) and putting it in your airing cupboard for a while.
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