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  1. Bigchris092

    Manchester meet Wednesday 9th Jan

    Sorry guys can't make it this evening. See you next time
  2. Bigchris092


    I'm looking to replace my Harnesses, preferably in black. Chris
  3. Bigchris092

    Manchester Area Meet - April 11th

    Should be able to make it
  4. Bigchris092

    Restart (or not) after engine reaches temperature

    I upgraded to Nodiz wasted spark ignition, I still have the distributor setup. It was fully working when removed. You're more than welcome to it for the cost of posting. I have a busy week ahead, could be into next week before I can dig it out. Chris
  5. Bigchris092

    Manchester March Pizza Massacre (14th) - all welcome

    I can make it Apologies for the late message
  6. Bigchris092

    Manchester area meeting 13 Sept

    Might not make it myself, i'm off to Spain for a Stag do in the early hours of Thursday
  7. Bigchris092

    Mancs Area Meet (plus run in pure sun)

    Most likely up for the run. If I manage to get the front tyres swapped whilst at work tomorrow
  8. Bigchris092

    Bogg brothers rolling road session

    yeah I bought the carbs from Bogg bros. I used my own laptop but they knew the Nodiz software so no doubt they will have come across megajolt software. It seems overnight mine has developed a misfire under load, clears about 3k. Number 3 plug is fouling so must be the culprit. Hoping its as simple as a dodgy lead...
  9. Bigchris092

    Bogg brothers rolling road session

    Just a quick post about my experience at bogg brothers today. I had my westy booked in for a rolling road session today, having upgraded to bike carbs over a year ago. Since I fitted them I've been using the car, it ran great with the carbs as they arrived. Balanced myself, well kind of. I'm running zx6r carbs and a nodiz pro ignition ecu (running a Base map) I drove in the westy from Manchester this morning, the guys have completely transformed the car. A wealth of knowledge and experience, really friendly. Would recommend them to anyone Something like 125bhp. Piper 285 cam, 90 thou 1300 pistons. Very pleased
  10. Bigchris092

    Hinges for wind deflectors

    Hi all, I'm after the female half of the windscreen deflector hinges
  11. Bigchris092

    MSA half hood

    Just what I'm looking for if you still have it
  12. Bigchris092

    1992 SEIW wet weather gear

    Still looking for a hood - turns out I have a playskool bar. So Westfield MSA half good? Cheers guys
  13. Bigchris092

    Mancs March 8th Pizza & Photos Meet, neighbouring areas welcome

    Should be able to make this
  14. Bigchris092

    Wind deflectors

    Just been looking at a pair on the Westfield site Will take if possible please. Chris
  15. Bigchris092

    Great Northern Weekend Tour (All Areas) - 5th/6th August

    Can't commit to the dates yet but I'll most likely join. Probably be much later so I'll probably chance it and find accommodation nearer the time

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