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  1. Sorry guys I'm currently working hard to get my Westy ready for Easter weekend. Plan is head to Scotland and see where we end up. Starting to really shape up now, best condition its ever been in
  2. Yeah it needs a large portion of gasket removing to fit. I'll have a go at cutting it later! Many thanks. Chris
  3. Morning all, I've just got my gearbox back from the recon shop and about to bolt it back to the bell housing. I believe I have a 2.8 v6 box, the gasket in between box and spacer isn't correct and can't seem to find anything online. Looks like it would leak without a gasket from what I think is the selector shaft. Any help appreciated Chris
  4. Yeah, it's definitely wrong, you can see the pressure cap off when revved or cold. 65psi oil pump from memory. I'm not concerned. I'll find time to look into it one day
  5. I have similar (if not lower when idling after a good thrashing 0.5b) pressure readings. I have a feeling the sender and gauge aren't married up correctly though. i swapped out the dash and dials some years back. Mine hasn't blown up yet, years of abuse later This post has made me feel I should probably check
  6. I might well have fuel and temperature. Will check later
  7. I'll take it please, pm your payment details or cash on collection? Chris
  8. The steering column uj's in my 91 seiw are worn and I'm looking to replace. Does anyone know which ones I should buy? I haven't checked but I think they are weld on.. At least on one side Chris
  9. I swapped to wasted spark ignition a few years back. Still have the old distributor, I'll dig it out and check the condition. I do remember repairing the wires to the pick up a few years back You can have it if you cover post costs/collect Chris
  10. I'm looking for a new housing, corrosion in mine is providing a very poor sealing surface for the pressure cap Chris
  11. This evening I pressurised the cooling system, doesn't appear to drop at all (left on for about 15 mins) although any more than about 14psi and the thermostat housing cap starts to leak... answers why I often see signs of a leak in that area. The housing is corroded where the rubber seal seats. When i removed the plugs today all looked normal, it was run up to temperature the other night when I discovered the potential issue It really does run very well, goes like s**t off a shovel! For now i'm going to continue the winter service and run her as hard as always do when the weather brightens up a little Perhaps the slight (and i do mean something and nothing) corrosion I saw was just condensation, it had been sat around for a good ten weeks. Can anyone recommend somewhere to have my type 9 gearbox rebuilt? Chris
  12. The current gasket is an Ajusa 84mm gasket, I think it was Burton that recommended this. Although it only has + 0.090 pistons they said it allows for the gasket to be ever so slightly misaligned. I'll pressurise the cooling system at weekend and check for pressure drop.
  13. Evening guys, wish I didn't have to dig up this old thread... Two years of perfect running later I might well have a problem again. I removed the plugs (winter maintenance compression test) only to find cylinder 2 plug showing signs of coolant being present (very minor corrosion and dampness) Hot engine at WOT compressions as follows 185,185,185,198 Do I pull the head? I don't have access to a leakdown tester although I probably can pressurise the cooling system and look in the bore with a camera? In trying to think if it uses any coolant, I guess I do top it up every now and again but nothing drastic Last time I had the head skimmed and left the block alone apart from a light sand. If it is gasket failure perhaps it's time to have the deck skimmed? Chris
  14. I'm looking to replace my Harnesses, preferably in black. Chris
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