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  1. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    CHALLENGE... Help me to decide my next tow car

    I have a Skoda Octavia MK1 VRS as the family "pool" car. I have fitted a tow bar to it and have towed my Westfield Eleven on a Boro four wheel trailer without issue, as well as using the same car / trailer combination when setting up stage equipment on rallies. 180bhp 20V 1.8 litre Turbo (Golf Mk4 GTi platform) so an enjoyable motor once the rubber cap goes on the tow ball! The Mk2 VRS is also available as a petrol car and a friend of mine raved about his. VAG reliability but, should you need it, ease of parts supply, knowledge and non dealer specialists makes ownership rather straightforward. I know that you said "ideally no turbo" but this will save you fuelling a 3 litre non turbo. I normally get 30-32mpg (without the trailer, of course). It is not a "flickswitch" turbo either, just one that works with the engine to keep the "pull" going. Other than my company car, it is the only front wheel car I have and that has not been an issue as I don't go drifting!
  2. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Morris' XI Build

    Hi, Morris, If you go with a distributor rather than a Megajolt, take some time planning your wiring loom routing in the driver's side of the engine bay as there isn't much room for both. I have a Megajolt and, by a happy accident, as a result, lots of room on that side of the engine. Simon
  3. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Trailer Insurance

    Hagerty insure my trailer as part of my multi car policy that includes the Westfield.
  4. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Morris' XI Build

    Hi, Morris, With the hired vehicle becoming a terrorist weapon of choice, it is not really surprising that the hire companies are collecting all that information before letting their vehicles out. Good to see progress being made on many fronts. That Midget looks fine - you'll probably be able to sell the bodyshell and leftovers for a reasonable sum. I fitted my bodyshell on to my 6'x4'6" small box trailer and towed it all the way to Barnsley when I sold it. Four of us lifted it off at the other end. I'm very happy with my standard diff (3.92?). This gives good cruising and there is still plenty power for low range acceleration. The standard Type 9 gearbox (which is what mine was) has the bottom four rations exactly the same as a Midget box iwth 4th being 1.0:1. Fifth is then a nice overdrive 0.82:1. I have fitted the taper roller bearings to the front of my Westfield XI. I got the parts from Speedwell Engineering in the States. Though quite expensive, it was a straightforward swap and the control over the hubs/discs manage run out and keep the brake pedal constant. Simon
  5. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    MG Midget or AH Sprite

    But would the MG / Austin Healey Clubs willingly involve themselves in sending one of their rusting "classics" to an early grave breathing life into a Westfield kit? I actually sold on my donor car bodyshell as it was basically solid (as it should have been with the number of repair plates that it had welded into it! I browsed Gumtree at lunchtime and saw two or three likely cars - but at appreciably more than the £740 that I paid four years ago! I bought mine in Glasgow but the price difference was more than enough to cover some diesel in the company car (towing my trailer) and a night out in a B&B) Simon
  6. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    New Member in Somerset (with pictures)

    from North Oxfordshire. An eight hour tour home (including the old Severn Bridge so I'm guessing you enjoyed the Welsh Borders and Forest of Dean also) is an inspired way to settle into Westfield ownership - Well Done! Simon
  7. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    IVA midget gauges

    Hi, Paul, The standard Midget gauges, fitted in the standard Westfield XI dashboard are OK as they are in the zone that is protected by the steering wheel and, as such, are not tested for contact by the sphere. If you wanted to fit dials before IVA outside this zone, you would need the rounded bezel gauges. I would have thought that Westfield would carry out the axle mods if asked, but I am sure they would want paying for the time and materials if this took place before ordering a kit. How much discount there would be would then be a subject for debate. Who knows, one of us may damage an axle or want a spare at some point so we would soon be on the phone to Kingswinford to see if they could do another one for us. Good to hear that another Westfield XI could be on the way. Simon
  8. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    New member saying 'Hi'

    from North Oxfordshire. Garage build threads are good - our erstwhile AO's build was very popular! Simon
  9. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Morris' XI Build

    Hi, Morris, It is good to hear that your build is to progress. I don't know how long your drive is but I saw one kit car lifted out of a rear garden using a crane (I have worked with the particular crane team who remember it well). Nowadays, there are many large HIAB crane equipped lorries who may be able to do that work for you with less complication. However, this would all be irrelevant if the XI is going to use the garage and you need to run its drive where your shed currently is. Regarding alternative engines, you will probably need to get the car going first with the Midget engine (to keep all the numbers correct so that you can get an age related number plate) but once registration is complete, you could start to think "out of the box". At the start of this year, I was involved with the Monte Carlo Historique Rally passing through a Control at Banbury. The main organiser of this event has a Midget that is running a complete BMW motorcycle engine on an an adaptor plate in front of a (1500cc) Midget gearbox. He reckons this unit has 120bhp and is a good conversion. See: http://www.monte.scot/pictures/Classic Updates & Monte News Sep17.pdf Page 5. In this installation, the front of the engine seems to be hanging from a beam between the two inner wings. I can't decide if the nearside inner wing has had to be pocketed to fit in the cylinder head so some measuring would be needed. Now you've started on a build, the daydreaming will run amok! All the best - if you need anything of me, by all means, shout. Simon
  10. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Adding Photos to Posts

    I generally reduce my image size to about 2000x1600 pixels prior to attaching. That seems to make things smooth and quick.
  11. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    New Member in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

    from North Oxfordshire (weather looking rather non-Westy this morning!
  12. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    My inheritance

    from North Oxfordshire
  13. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    North Oxon Meet

    Hi, All, With tomorrow being the last Wednesday of the month, I hope to see lots of you at the Rock of Gibraltar from 7.30pm for our monthly gathering.. All welcome. Rock of Gibraltar, Enslow, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 3AY ( A4095 about 1½ miles SW of Kirtlington ) Simon
  14. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Hi From me! New member in Northampton

    from North Oxfordshire. Lovely looking Westie! Simon
  15. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Silverstone Classic - News and Photos

    Friday's advance party. I'm sure that today will be somewhat busier! Bring ear defenders or plugs - the grids are massive and some of the cars are LOUD. The Lola T70s in the Masters Sports Cars are particularly stunning - just watching the drivers set off down a straight, give the car another gear and leap forward again is properly impressive! Here in Oxford (only thirty miles away) the ground is already dry as it was rather thirsty. Yesterday evening's rain was the first round here since May 30th. Simon

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