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  1. CrisisWolf

    Bristol and Bath AO

    Didnt realise you were on here too Rob.
  2. CrisisWolf

    Bristol and Bath AO

    Forgotnto put this in the calendar. MOT this week and made another plan. Hope it goes ahead - even if no kits turn up
  3. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Just the O Rings I cant find at the moment. I have assumed... I can do the whole job in situ. I’ve got ramps to give me more room underneath to work in. Only thought is can Indrop the sump and replace without having to take off and refit anything that snags or gets in the way. I certainly hope so! Otherwise it’ll be time
  4. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Cheers Paul. most of my wuestiosn I assumed the answer and you’ve confirmed my thoughts so thanks. Sounds like you might fit yours as I fit mine or beat me too it. Be good to photo and step thru the swap and between us on this thread should have most How To & Q&A sorted.
  5. CrisisWolf

    Raceline alloy sump

    By modified, you mean modified by raceline who give you the option of inlet or outlet side when purchasing? got photos?
  6. CrisisWolf

    Raceline sump question....

    Thanks - its gonna start soon! Following the MOT next week it'll be the first job.
  7. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    I have a few questions around the Zetec Wet Sump. Emailed these to Raceline but no response yet... Do I have the correct wet sump for the Zetec 1.8 with the starter motor the correct side? Westfield has the starter motor on the drivers side but I can't tell the difference between the two sump types (LH & RH starter motor types). Photos enclosed As mine is second hand, should any plugs/washers be replaced? The fill to 5 ltrs instruction - does this include what goes into the oil filter or exclude? What extras do I need? Looking at the instructions I think I have pulled out the following: Loctite Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic lubricant with teflon (Step 4) Ford Sump Gasket (Step 8) Silicone sealant (Step 11) - any particular type? Ref adding an Oil temp sensor. Do I have to drill and tap my own plug or do you make one? Is it worth/able to fit ARP Rod Bolts at this time? Instructions?
  8. CrisisWolf

    Bristol and Bath AO

    Well done. As I think Julie passed onto you I'll be able to co-assist where possible and link up with KitNet.uk where suitable. Will support you all the way (nearly 5 years into ownership I think in Bristol so I've developed other means and co-joined with Tom for Combe and Wales etc). 1. Sunday 28th October (PM) - ok 2. Saturday 10th November - not as good but ok 3. Sunday 11th November (PM) - not as good but ok 4. Saturday 17th November - ok 5. Sunday 18th November - ok
  9. CrisisWolf

    Sierra handbrake cable. SOLD

    Yep i’ll take that for P&P. Will PM you
  10. CrisisWolf

    Sierra handbrake cable. SOLD

    Got a photo of the otherside of the brake lever? Mine has the hand brake indicator switch broken off so looking for a new one, or one I can salvage parts from.
  11. CrisisWolf

    Carbon bonnet

    Dont think they were ever made non-V8 style. Maybhave been even rarer and only for the SeW but that may have just been a black bonnet. Cant remember.
  12. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    I can’t really spot the difference between the various versions - MT75/Type 9 fit and the Type 9 fit only and the starter motor inlet or outlet side. New sump: Existing sump: Plenty of research done so will see how it goes when winter comes. Guide and Q&A to follow.
  13. Still some places left. Message me if interested. Open pit day for up to 35 cars between 9-5 Price for car and 2 drivers £170 Message for payment options. Passengers £5 and extra drivers £10. As before I have booked this with a friend so there will be saloons cars on this track day as well but it will be people we know so it will still be a friendly track day for all. If you have friends that might want to do it as well & you can vouch for them then all are welcome. On behalf of KitNet.uk
  14. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Yes I read/saw that somewhere too. So quoted here are the Raceline instructions. When I am due to commence I'll try and step through it, add in photos/queries and make insturctions with photos at a more Ikea level One thought I have had is the 5 ltrs, is this inc or excluding what is in the Oil Filter?
  15. CrisisWolf

    Various Parts for Sale

    Exhaust link pipe (from WunOff) never used/fitted Front Indicator Stalks with clear lenses Under headlight carbon effect indicator brackets never used/fitted. Carbon Fibre Chassis Rails never used/fitted. These go on the rail infront of the driver/passenger seat in the footwell. All can be posted. Make an offer!

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