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  1. CrisisWolf

    Carbon bonnet

    Dont think they were ever made non-V8 style. Maybhave been even rarer and only for the SeW but that may have just been a black bonnet. Cant remember.
  2. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    I can’t really spot the difference between the various versions - MT75/Type 9 fit and the Type 9 fit only and the starter motor inlet or outlet side. New sump: Existing sump: Plenty of research done so will see how it goes when winter comes. Guide and Q&A to follow.
  3. Still some places left. Message me if interested. Open pit day for up to 35 cars between 9-5 Price for car and 2 drivers £170 Message for payment options. Passengers £5 and extra drivers £10. As before I have booked this with a friend so there will be saloons cars on this track day as well but it will be people we know so it will still be a friendly track day for all. If you have friends that might want to do it as well & you can vouch for them then all are welcome. On behalf of KitNet.uk
  4. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Yes I read/saw that somewhere too. So quoted here are the Raceline instructions. When I am due to commence I'll try and step through it, add in photos/queries and make insturctions with photos at a more Ikea level One thought I have had is the 5 ltrs, is this inc or excluding what is in the Oil Filter?
  5. CrisisWolf

    Various Parts for Sale

    Exhaust link pipe (from WunOff) never used/fitted Front Indicator Stalks with clear lenses Under headlight carbon effect indicator brackets never used/fitted. Carbon Fibre Chassis Rails never used/fitted. These go on the rail infront of the driver/passenger seat in the footwell. All can be posted. Make an offer!
  6. CrisisWolf

    Bristol / South West Meet

    Kitcar meet in Portishead this Weds evening ~ 1900. Two regular meets around Bristol with kitnet.uk https://kitnet.uk/community/ We were near WSCC at Silverstone Classic this weekend. I am in Keynsham but due to move soon but still Bristol based.
  7. Very good engine. Reading the specs it is similar to mine (I have cribbed a few notes tho) good luck with the sale from a fellow 180hp 1.8 Zetec Owner!
  8. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    That is step one in the instructions!
  9. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    That makes sense. I saw on the instructions an 'if you have a later engine you may need' and mines a 1998 ish crate engine so counted myself out of that one too
  10. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Some of these parts you mention maybe re-used/within the existing sump? May strip down what is there. Photo the parts again see what I have and dont have. Get the new seals from Raceline and then when i goto change it in Winter time do the removal and this is what I have in total. May do a full build/job thread for reference.
  11. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Makes sense. Most of it is assembled already so think half of the instructions are done.
  12. CrisisWolf

    Bristol / South West Meet

    Im involved with KitNet heavily in the Bristol area so if i were AO it would be in parallel with their events most likely.
  13. After a brief forum search trying to fill in potential parts and knowledge gap on fitting a raceline sump. I've got the sump. I've got racelines instructions (which I'm sure are 80% plus good and not missing things) but may need photos to match their words to the parts So skimming the instructions so far questions and clarifications on the bold underline parts Which is the 'finger filter' and which one is the 'drain plug'? 9) Fit thick section rubber 'O' rings to either side of the 'double top hat' section alloy sealing washer. 13) Insert oil temperature sender 'unit blanking plug' - I dont have a temp sender but may take the opportunity to fit one. Assuming one of the two plugs is drain and one is for temp sender? Does it matter which one? Both of mine have alloy washers. Should there be rubber ones too? 14) Insert sump bung with alloy washer, applying a liberal coating of copper grease to both threaded surfaces. Looks like some additional parts/consumables are required too: Loctite for the threads - any in particular as its in oil? Instructions say "Loctite Super Lube multi-purpose synthetic lubricant with teflon" so use this for all? Ford Sump Gasket - get a new one? Part number? Raceline recommend applying a small quantity of silicone sealant to this surface - what silicone? More to come but only when i start the job which will be a while yet as the sunshine is out.
  14. CrisisWolf

    Bristol / South West Meet

    Never been a WSCC Rep in the four years Ive been a member - although cotswolds do some trackdays and some show events in our area.
  15. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump (SOLD Subject to full payment)

    PM'ing you!

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