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  1. CrisisWolf

    Bristol & Bath Area

    I can do the Thurs and didn't have the The Footman James Great Western Classic Car Show on the radar so has potential.
  2. CrisisWolf

    Spax Springs & Shocks

    After a manic series of a dozen or so messages here and FB and going through in order recieved these are SOLD pending pickup...
  3. CrisisWolf

    Spax Springs & Shocks

    Multiple messages on these. Postage is somewhat excessive at £21 so collection is preferred. Workong thru messages in ordered recieved.
  4. CrisisWolf

    Spax Springs & Shocks

    Removed from my 2000 SeiW. Approx 14,500 miles of use. All works fine but I have opted to upgrade to new ProTechs and springs. Sorry - no attempt has been made to clean them... They are currently fitted with 32mm x 7/16 Bonded bushes top and bottom. I also have 8 brand new 38mm x 7/16 bonded bushes. I can't change them but I can supply you with them if you want them (cost me £1 each - Protech supplied my new shocks with these but I needed 32mm) Let me know what other dimensions you may want to know - cause I am not sure I can post. £40?
  5. CrisisWolf

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Majority of the above dates look fine: Tue 22nd Jan Thur 24th Jan Tue 5th Feb Thur 7th Feb PM’d you already but Westfield is on axle stands. To be honest rear suspension is now back on. Front to do. Set right height then it needs a proper geo setup. Then its back on the road.
  6. CrisisWolf

    Fuel Tank Top Electrical Connection Query

    Thought I'd have an old photo which caught the old connections but nothing clear enough. The build manual however shows this: So think I am fine. All seems to work. Both exposed terminals seem as dirty as each other so assuming not used. Knew I'd forgotten a step!
  7. CrisisWolf

    Fuel Tank Top Electrical Connection Query

    Seems to work. Will see if it starts and go thru old photos to see if its always been that way. Odd to have 4 pins on the sender, 3 on the wiring and only 2 connected
  8. CrisisWolf

    Fuel Tank Top Electrical Connection Query

    Gauge works without it connected. Connected to either and no change. Odd.
  9. Had the boot box out today and was doing some suspension work and various other things. I noticed the earth cable Was disconnected. Odd thing is there are four terminals so I have two to choose from. I am assuming I knocked it off today, it may have come off previously, it may have never been connected. Anyone got the same/similar and can tell me where it should go?
  10. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump for Zetec

    Raceline sump for sale for 1.8 Silvertop/MT75 gearbox (or Balcktop with purchase of new baffle tray from Raceline) for starter motor on inlet side. Good condition all round, no grounding scratches etc. I have given it a good clean, Sale includes both sump plugs, finger filter, pickup pipe, pick up o-ring and baffle plate etc. i.e. everything you need including some new replacement parts as spares just bought from Raceline. Not all these parts are shown in the photo. Brand new sump gasket comes with it plus a new tube of gasket sealant. Everything you need to fit this item (more than what Raceline supply at £425 plus VAT new) £280 pick up preferred BS20 area, Bristol. Can look at postage costs if required ~ £12 Further info and fitting instructions: http://www.raceline.co.uk/products/part_section.asp?SectionID=40&CategoryID=2 Lots more pics available
  11. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Whilst awaiting parts I thought I'd take the sump off: Starter motor was a simple 3 bolts and off so then I could access the two sump bolts which it was covering. This left all 10 free and ready to access. There were also two large 19mm bolts at the bottom of the sump (not on the Raceline from memory) so I removed these (bl**** tight but a long wrench let them come off freely). Then I took the 10 bolts out, middles first then left the four corners and did them slowly as I wasn't sure if it would just free fall or be a tight fit. All 10 out and it didn't fall off. Some wobbling is required. However on either side, flywheel end you can see the sump catches in a small gap. There doesn't feel to be enough room to move the sump forwards to clear this and allow it to drop off. I spent a good 10mins shaking, pulling and pushing but I can not get the sump off. It moves, it shifts around but not enough to clear this gap. Doesn't appear to be caught or catching on anything. Thoughts? If its more stuff to take off - i can't see how the front pulley is blocking so it isn't that. I'm not sure if its something I have missed, go back and try harder or something else to remove. Should be possible to do it situ from what I've read unless this is a unique west field thing. Thoughts urgently please.
  12. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Raceline want £18 for thag finger filter - assuming its the metal mesh tube. What a joke! Rest of the o rings etc were cheap etc. Still shocker. Not planning to replace it - assumed it would be cheap so why not do it.
  13. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Had a similar thought on thinking it must be the starter motor as unsure what else it maybe. Was gonna disconnect battery for winter anyway so its a definite now!
  14. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    After browsing for other car parts I came across something similar looking. A friends 2.0 blacktop has it on the passenger side. Hopeful of not having to remove the cables, just the bolts so I can move it out the way for 5mins... Electrical connections are on the front end so can't quite see on that photo.
  15. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Awaiting parts as described above. Done an oil filter change whilst waiting and looked at the underside to check if I can easily get the 10 sump bolts off to remove and replace the new one. Passenger/kerb side looks fine. No work in way. Simples. Drivers/off-side looks okay for 3/5. Can see the 4th and can work out where the 5th is looking from the top down but I may have to remove 'this' - Out of interest - what is it? (black tube etc) I'll try and do it in situ but I think I'll need to unscrew what looks to be (and I hope) is the 3 bolts holding this in place, 2 underside, 1 top side. Black part is obscuring access to No 4 and the metal base is obscuring access to No 5. Otherwise looks easy enough. Its pretty dirty down there with road filth which makes it a wonderful place to work.

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