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  1. CrisisWolf

    Bristol / South West Meet

    Never been a WSCC Rep in the four years Ive been a member - although cotswolds do some trackdays and some show events in our area.
  2. CrisisWolf

    Raceline Sump (SOLD Subject to full payment)

    PM'ing you!
  3. CrisisWolf

    Alternate to Venom headlights?

    Ah so that is the complication. The power and dimming and meeting MOT via the need for a power supply. Got it. Will look at my original plans of moving indicators etc instead then for ease.
  4. CrisisWolf

    Alternate to Venom headlights?

    Dave - you are reffering to the Furore lights arent you? i was going to have the ring lights as side loghts, not DRLs, so wiring is a direct like for like. Indicator again should just olug in but may need an led flasher relay to sort the timing out. they emailed me this as the wiring instructions which suggests plug and play pretty much. No relays or anything plus its 12V. All I have is the instructions, no diagram: The main blue/green H4 male plug will fit directly to your existing loom if you already have an H4 female plug as standard on your loom. If you have any doubt as to the wiring, when looking at the H4 male plug with the pins facing toward you the LH terminal is Earth, the top terminal is feed (+Ve) for dip/low beam & the RH terminal is feed (+Ve) for main/high beam. The Halo ring will not work if this earth terminal is not connected as the light is not earthed elsewhere. Red, Brown, Green wires - The halo ring needs a +Ve feed for the other functions (indicator etc. of the Halo ring to work) – to connect as a daytime running light (DRL) connect the red wire to an ignition live +Ve supply, such as from the ignition ACC terminal. When connected to a +Ve supply (with main plug earthed) the Halo ring will come on & gradually increase in brightness, when it reaches full brightness, the light will run in a chasing ring around the Halo – this may not be legal in your country, check your local regulations - to make the Halo display with just a static ring connect the Brown wire to +Ve AS WELL AS the red wire. The green wire is for the indicator feed, simply connect to the +Ve feed for the indicator (Note red wire MUST already have a +Ve feed & main plug must be earthed for the amber Halo ring to work). With the DRL already on, when the indicator is flashing white Halo will go off & the amber Halo will flash, as soon as indicator is disconnected (after approx. 0.5 sec) the white DRL Halo will come back on
  5. CrisisWolf

    Alternate to Venom headlights?

    A good thread - revived again! ive found the Furore lights and just enquired about a wiring diagram. ive also found these on ebay - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323102583487 which lack DRL and Indicators but should be the same. MOT only question about their suitability (noting oending MOT changes) for both and more importantly if they are actually brighter? Kept finding Harley lights but noted the lack of side light but also 7” Jeep Wrangler lights keep coming up too.
  6. CrisisWolf

    The LEGO thread.

    Thanks. Just ordered mine. Hadnt chexked for stock for a while!
  7. CrisisWolf

    SOLD - Tunnel Bag - Soft Bits for 7's

    Interested Tom - for roadtrips really. Posted to Bristol will work unless we are crossing paths soon?
  8. CrisisWolf

    Heater (or just ‘matrix’

    Thanks Kevin. Sounds simple enough and perhaps justified. I want to take it apart as much as possible Prior to disconnecting the hoses and having to drain the coolant system. Make sure Ive got everything before committing.
  9. CrisisWolf

    Heater (or just ‘matrix’

    Essentially I’d just need to widen the housing I guess? Now I can see what it is looks like its just the bottom part. Metal must be better? Guessing the plastic has cracked or something in mine causing a leak? Guessing I could blank off the two coolant feeds somehow during the swap out and modifications? thanks for the links.
  10. CrisisWolf

    Heater (or just ‘matrix’

    Looking for heater unit. Got one. Works but somewhere/somehow it leaks coolant and it comes into he passenger footwell, slowly but surely. Weather it means all new heater, just matrix (so Im told, whatever that is) plus Im changing hoses too. Photo of mine for reference. Anybody got one?
  11. CrisisWolf

    Coolant Hose Replacements - 1.8 Zetec Silvertop

    Perhaps. I assumed it would be easy enough to seal tbh... perhaps I was wrong! I'd assumed cut, push and fit then clamp and job done or do they need a little sealant on them too? 8mm - I've got more 10mm but thats measuring ODs of the pipes. 16mm - got 3 of these including two short heater feeds 32mm - got a 31mm so must be about right I'll have a look. Thanks
  12. I think the time has come to consider replacing all of my hoses to some decent silicon ones, also in doing so hopefully it will stop the tiny leak I have somewhere in the system. Hardly any of the connections are straight, and the ODs of the solid pipe work which needs linking up vary in size from 10mm, 15mm, 30mm, 32mm and one is the lower engine which goes from 44mm to 32mm whilst doing a 90 degree bend. Looking at 12/15 sections to replace. I've not taken the nose cone off but think its 2 or so in there too. Has anyone got, done, or have advise on everything I need to buy and from where? Struggle to find anything over 10mm which can bend and something that can be ordered in all the odd sizes (could be inches but still lots of different ones) Should say that I am on TBs and that I have a ducted nosecone.
  13. CrisisWolf

    Front Indicator Stalks

    Removed from my Westfield today. Yours for £15 delivered UK.

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