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  1. Hi Tony, that kit you bought is for which size piston,? Mine are 54mm by look of them (haven't removed yet but measured across the outer portion of the ring that push against the pads which is 52mm)
  2. @wizzer, do you need to split to gain enough room to eject and replace the pistons?
  3. Thanks Jim, I had considered some of the points you raise but was not aware of the M16 piston size option, weight saving is not a major factor, and i was very happy with the braking of the M16s both on road and track - food for thought, many thanks 👍
  4. As the standard m16s on my car are sticking I thought I might upgrade to Wilwood Powerlite these. They state a fitment that covers Cortina uprights (which mine are) but is it as simple as unbolt old, disconnect lines, reattach lines, new pads, bolt on and bleed? I wondered if i might have to replace the brake lines as well, but Burton's web site doesn't state that unlike the HiSpec ones which do. Cheers Ian
  5. Thanks for that, I have tried all the different variants, it would appear to be a software/interface problem with the config file transfer to the Digidash!
  6. As the title really, I connected up the feed from the original fuel gauge/sender to the in input of the Digidash and it read 100% when empty, and decreases when it fills up! As i wanted to go away from the float sender to a dip tube I bought a new sender from ETB, which happens to be a VDO unit, connected it up with just the same result, altering the settings on the Digidash config files hasn't changed anything. Reversing the wires on the sender changes nothing. Any ideas as to what I've cocked up?
  7. Hi I'll have them if they are for a solid disc and fit a Cortina upright?
  8. @DamperMan, that idea did cross my mind and also making a carbon fibre cover, but knowing what my craftsman(un)like skills are it would look crap!
  9. Having changed from Webers to bike Carbs the current bonnet now has a huge hole in it for the displaced air filter. I don't suppose anybody has a decent condition un-cut BRG Kit Style ( I think) bonnet in storage that they don't need? Cheers Ian
  10. I've been slowly installing a digital dash in place of the analogue dials, one thing has stumped me. The brake warning light (low fluid/handbrake) illuminates when the cap is removed from the reservoir, but not when the handbrake is on. I checked the wiring diagrams and they were a common feed to the old warning light, so I'm confident I'm using the correct wire. I also haven't been anywhere near the handbrake so if it has got a switch I haven't disturbed it. Personally I'm not bothered as I think I'm capable enough to realise when the handbrake is on or off, but is it a requirement for an MOT? Ian
  11. I've been watching........everything! Been doing a fair bit of cycling and have another busy year of rides next year, so finding time for the car hasn't been easy, especially when a 50p oil seal has now cost a couple of £k in changing things, I'll be back on the road next year.
  12. I also have a 5 speed standard ratio one, taken out last summer because of leaking input shaft seal which has been replaced, I ended up putting a Quaife box in (man maths). I'm just up the road from you.. Ian
  13. I hope to be back on the road next year, funny how a simple oil seal leak turns into 20 months off the road! I will then be looking for runs out myself, I live just north of Melton Mowbray.
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