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  1. Yanto

    Handbrake warning light

    I've been slowly installing a digital dash in place of the analogue dials, one thing has stumped me. The brake warning light (low fluid/handbrake) illuminates when the cap is removed from the reservoir, but not when the handbrake is on. I checked the wiring diagrams and they were a common feed to the old warning light, so I'm confident I'm using the correct wire. I also haven't been anywhere near the handbrake so if it has got a switch I haven't disturbed it. Personally I'm not bothered as I think I'm capable enough to realise when the handbrake is on or off, but is it a requirement for an MOT? Ian
  2. Yanto

    Ford Type 9 Gearbox

    I've been watching........everything! Been doing a fair bit of cycling and have another busy year of rides next year, so finding time for the car hasn't been easy, especially when a 50p oil seal has now cost a couple of £k in changing things, I'll be back on the road next year.
  3. Yanto

    Ford Type 9 Gearbox

    I also have a 5 speed standard ratio one, taken out last summer because of leaking input shaft seal which has been replaced, I ended up putting a Quaife box in (man maths). I'm just up the road from you.. Ian
  4. Yanto

    East Midlands?

    I hope to be back on the road next year, funny how a simple oil seal leak turns into 20 months off the road! I will then be looking for runs out myself, I live just north of Melton Mowbray.
  5. Yanto

    12v switched live supply

    I'm about to start wiring in the digi dash and wondered if there is a preferred switched (ignition key pos 1) supply that I can tap into, the feed line to the dash has it's own in-line fuse so I guess I don't have to use a fused supply? Cheers Ian
  6. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    Unfortunately not, the only portion that sits proud of the block is the pulley.
  7. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    Since I last posted I've searched on google, apparently this is common and brute force is the only way, lump hammer and big cold chisel/crow bar, whack it one way, then the other, but there isn't much room though! It also indicates that is probably the original pump, so it's been in 20 years. I actually love these kind of things, despite the frustration.
  8. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    Righto, bit of an update; the three bolts came free. each with a resounding crack, and for the past 5 days I've been trying to get the sodding pump out of it's housing, it is stuck fast, there is no leverage on it, any tips because I'm about ready to hit it with a sledge hammer
  9. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    Update: Everything stripped back to get to the three hex drive bolts on the pump, which are stuck fast, I mean very stuck, I've sprayed with WD40 so hopefully a night of penetration will do them good, if not it will be brute force and praying they don't shear or round off!
  10. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    THanks for your combined wisdom, i will order a pump. However, the one fitted is part number 90284823 SSF, which isn't recognised apart from Ebay Germany as an opel Ascona pump, any advice as to which is the correct/alternative pump? Cheers Ian
  11. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    Just to bring this to a conclusion, after noticing a reduction in the leak after turning the engine over (not my imagination afterall) I have cranked it everyday for a few seconds, and behold a miracle the leak has stopped, so i guess a seal in the water pump bearings has has now started doing it's job, time will tell if it's ok with a bit of heat and pressure in it. Ian
  12. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    it's Evans waterless, so not dilutes at all, i did wonder if this was part of the problem as before it just had a water/coolant mix.
  13. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    My life is peppered with bad practice, I'm used to doing jobs twice, or even three times! No matter, when it warms again I'll have a closer look. Although I cranked the engine over a few times and it doesn't appear to be as bad now (clutching at straws I know).
  14. Yanto

    Coolant Leak C20XE - I'm getting frustrated!

    I don't think so as it hasn't lost a drop in my ownership and only started after I'd changed the cam belt, as i don't believe in coincidences I must have caused it, but I don't know how! Looks like it's a front end strip down just to see what's happening!
  15. I'm slowly getting my car back together, engine back in a few weeks ago and fluids filled, ever since then there has been a couple of coolant leaks (engine not started yet), one from a hose - fixed no problem, one from the temp sender which is still weeping a bit and the big one that drips off the sump. Engine wise all I've done is change the cam belt. After a lot of peering and poking it looks like the coolant may be coming from the water pump/pulley but it's hard to see properly as it is behind a cover plate, is it likely that just changing the cam belt would cause the leak? I did wonder if I'd over tightened the cam belt tensioner pulling the pump drive shaft? Any ideas from other Red Top owners? Thanks in advance Ian

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