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  1. Any TV program on scammers and dodgy traders warns that spelling mistakes DO NOT happen on the websites of professional companies and warns consumers that this could be a sign of a problem company. If the company 0800 telephone number is still working then you could give them a call firstly to establish what other ID options exist and to ask about refund. Certainly do not pay any additional monies whatever excuse the company might give and the refund has to go to the debit card company. The company website must have a link somewhere, say at the bottom of a page, to click on to read T & Cs. Would taking advice from their shop be a help?
  2. Would a professional company spell receive incorrectly as recieve in their terms and conditions? Did you pay by VISA credit or debit to claim refund thru bank for non delivery of goods? Have you spoken to trading standards? If company cannot provide service what is in their T & Cs regarding refunds and timescales? The issue seems to be one of suitable I.D. not nationality and says telephone to discuss options. Good luck.
  3. DonPeffers

    Thank you for adding me.

    from sunny (today) Scotland. Only 9C temperature mind.
  4. All rise in court: a crisis in judges’ morale is behind call for £60,000 pay boost ----see https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/all-rise-in-court-a-crisis-in-judges-morale-is-behind-call-for-60-000-pay-boost-lzr5wdvfp Can't wait for the morale boosting roll-out to be declared a success and similar funding passed to us all. Let the spending suggestions roll.
  5. DonPeffers

    Norway member getting started

    from rainy Scotland. Good luck with the insurance and the build.
  6. Condolences to family and friends.
  7. DonPeffers

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    From Dave's post it seems he had something in writing from the main contractor in his case. Supporting your view that the shop/retailer is the main contractor and responsible, is that they (the shop) did after pressure from the flooring manufacturer arrange an inspection report which they wouldn't have done if they weren't involved. I assume that the subcontractor who did the work is NOT on the flooring manufacturers GOLD partner list.
  8. DonPeffers

    zetec starting - again!

    Is it the standard 53030 Banner or Yuasa battery you have? Sometimes an individual cell can fail so although the charge across the terminals seems good the failing cell can create starting problems as I have had this. Probably best to remove the battery and with an old fashioned hydrometer you can check the specific gravity of each of the 6 cells--some basic testers don't show specific gravity and just some balls float but gives an indication of any major differences between cells. When removed you can check dimensions. The battery dimensions (including Terminals) are 187L x 128W x 165H (mm).
  9. DonPeffers

    zetec starting - again!

    How old is the battery and is it gel type or lead/acid? Also is it on a charger like Ctek 24 hrs a day as some members have reported overcharging problems so now mine just gets daily charging 30 mins in the afternoon and 60 mins at 7am (on a timer) so its ready for a run any day. Standard battery is 53030 lead /acid type and was about £65 from eurocarparts about 2 years ago. IIRC a factor 40 miles away from me had a Banner 53030 about £10 cheaper but I was busy and wanted the new one pronto. Edited to correct times battery charged ie is on for 30 mins in afternoon and 60 mins at 7AM.
  10. DonPeffers

    Women Drivers.

    I haven't seen Dr Who for many decades and only caught the last 3 minutes of the most recent episode but thought the lass seemed good in the role, from what I saw. I couldn't watch with Bradley Walsh and Lee Mack on the show although they are great in other roles. Maybe next week Jimmy Carr will appear as Stavros. Let's hope no kids are trying to wire a microwave to create a teleportation device.
  11. DonPeffers

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    If you receive communications from either contractor marked "Without Prejudice" it means they are NOT admitting liability in that communication. Thanks to Blatman and to Dave for feedback on their experiences which indicates the shop/retailer you first contacted will be the one to chase. Good luck.
  12. DonPeffers

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    Good to save all evidence and his offer to replace materials could potentially be construed as a part admission of liability.
  13. DonPeffers

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    I would check http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/ filling in all the boxes. You will have the VAT no. for the alleged subcontractor on his invoice so the search above should bring up his company name and company address. Is he working out of a shed behind his Dad's shop--ie. any address connection between the two companies? Do internet searches provide the VAT no. for the retailer/shop and what does its VAT no. search show? If the shop VAT no. is not traced online then 'phone the shop and ask for it--they surely have nothing to hide, right? It all sounds far too cosy with Dad (shop) sending round his son (unannounced subcontractor) and the shop walking away from the problem.
  14. DonPeffers

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    Small Claims Court will decide on the preponderance of the evidence submitted which just means that your story (backed up with some documentary proof) is more believable than the defendants. Things could get messy if the shop you recognise as the main contractor deny ever accepting a contract from you (ie. nothing in writing) and the shop owner merely passed your details on to his son to get him work (ie. a referral but without any liability) but in the knowledge that he would be the main contractor hence this is where a written contract comes in, especially for the Court proof burden. I would certainly complain strongly in writing to the floor manufacturer and suggest they might reconsider who they recommend to install their products after this fiasco and if a satisfactory reply wasn't forthcoming a choice review would be posted to warn others. My view is that the floor supplier should be pressurising the shop to provide a remedy. The retail shop was your first point of contact but that might not establish contractual proof of responsibility. You believe your contract is with the shop and heard the subcontractor say he was from that retailer but how can that be proved to a standard a Court will accept when it is just verbal? As far as the Court is concerned you could simply have chosen an alternative, cheaper fitter. I know this will be difficult and I am not trying to throw a spanner in the works but merely to alert you to possible defence that may arise especially if the shop/son have had problems before as they will be well-practised. Are there any reviews under either company name online (I mean reviews on independent sites and NOT the company's own website of Facebook page)? Any adverse reviews while proving nothing might let you get an idea of what you are up against. It appears legally that the paperwork (invoice you accepted) is from the party you call the subcontractor and therefore only a legal claim against him might succeed in Court. Can you access free legal advice from a Trade Union of which you are a member or thru legal extension to home insurance cover? Alternatively have a look at https://www.lawworks.org.uk/legal-advice/individuals/bpp-legal-advice-clinic-manchester possible free legal advice in your city. Sorry to have rambled on and good luck.
  15. The title comes from 05Oct2018 article https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2018/10/cycling-drug-cheat-floyd-landis-launches-cannabis-funded-factory-team.html "American Floyd Landis - who won the Tour de France in 2006, but lost the title after being found guilty of doping - plans to launch a professional cycling team that will be sponsored by his cannabis business. Landis, who was later a US government whistleblower in the doping case against former teammate Lance Armstrong, said he was using money from his share of the settlement in that case to fund the team, which will be based in Canada. The 42-year-old American called his decision to launch the team an act of good faith on his part and an effort to regain trust, after the scandals of the Armstrong years. "I understand I hurt the cycling community," Landis said. "Now I'd like to take all proceeds I made from the settlement and put it back where it belongs - on the development of aspiring pro cyclists." Floyd's of Leadville, the Colorado-based cannabis business that the former professional cyclist launched in 2016, will be the title sponsor of the team. The company sells legal hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) - the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana - products that are designed to alleviate soreness in athletes and inspired by the former racer's own journey competing with chronic pain. The Floyd's of Leadville team will debut at Continental level in 2019." One wag posted in Cyclingnews that the team should be called "SKY HIGH". The fourth paragraph is very laudable so let's see how it goes.

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