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  1. DonPeffers

    Nasty "accident", general advice anyone?

    Thanks for clarifying that only advisory not to undertake. I found https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/legal/undertaking/
  2. DonPeffers

    Friday 13th - looking pretty unlucky!

    Good luck with IVA and the weather.
  3. DonPeffers

    Nasty "accident", general advice anyone?

    I was a bit slow typing my reply and see other members advice now. The other vehicle will be clearly at fault if it can be proved he undertook and entered your lane damaging your car on the passenger side. Any following cars with dashcam footage?
  4. DonPeffers

    Nasty "accident", general advice anyone?

    Any dashcam footage or witness statements? Was the undertake at high-ish speed (say 50 mph or faster) so illegal undertake OR was it at 15 mph, trundling of 2 slow lanes in traffic build up? "Barrel rolling" suggests the other vehicle had a fair head of steam before collision. Any Police cameras observing that bit of road or even Joe public home CCTV pointed in the correct direction? Do you have any legal cover under your car insurance policy to take advice from a professional? Good luck and hope all ends well.
  5. DonPeffers

    This flight passed over here at about 19:25hrs

    bell boeing v-22 osprey
  6. DonPeffers

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    You mention large doses of meds. used in a short time, seemingly with no checks and balances. When detailed medical records were required by DCMS committee, the records had been lost. IIRC 55 doses of Triamcinolone were received by the team, but only records for 3 doses---oops! With regard to opiod painkillers the UCI are thinking about banning Tramadol from 2019. No wonder riders keep falling off their bikes; even going uphill sometimes. How can a team doctor look after the health of riders without a history of their previous medical interventions/ drug administration etc? Without adequate medical record keeping IMO a team should be barred for a year or two until they can get their act together.
  7. DonPeffers

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    The Independent's take on UCI and 'doping' probe-- 08 Jul 2018 https://www.independent.ie/sport/other-sports/cycling/mourning-the-death-of-antidoping-37091856.html Headline-- Mourning the death of anti-doping. "Anti-doping is dead. It died on Monday when the UCI, cycling's governing body, announced that it was dropping its case against Chris Froome who'd tested positive for a higher than permitted level of the asthma drug salbutamol at last year's Vuelta a Espana. The announcement was made just five days before the start of the Tour de France. Tour organisers ASO had been trying to prevent Froome from taking part on the grounds that he would damage the image of the race. UCI's abject cave-in put an end to that. Their capitulation reveals anti-doping as pretty much a busted flush. It's difficult enough to detect doping violations in the first place. Forty per cent of athletes admit to having doped yet only two per cent test positive. Then you have the immensely dodgy territory of Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) which allow athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs if they claim they have a medical condition which requires the use of such drugs. Now you have a situation where the world's leading anti-doping organisation has decided to back down from enforcing its own rules in the face of a legal challenge. The weakness they have revealed in doing so will inevitably lead to many more such challenges in the future. From the moment Froome's test results were revealed Sky simply refused to accept it. Froome continued to race while Sky flooded WADA and UCI with evidence. A 1500-page report! A survey on the effects of salbutamol in dogs! The general impression was of a search for any kind of loophole which might enable Froome's acquittal. In the end WADA wilted under the pressure from Sky and its high-powered legal team. Key to Sky's argument is the notion that the salbutamol test might be prone to giving false positive results. Yet if this was the case you'd imagine that the number of athletes testing positive for salbutamol would be higher than the 0.0008 per cent in 2016. There have been only 11 positive tests in the UK in the last decade and all of these were judged to be doping violations. Froome was actually 67 per cent over the permitted level when he was tested at the Vuelta, which is quite something given that the upper limit is a remarkably, perhaps foolishly, generous one which equates to about 500 per cent of the normal dose taken by an asthma sufferer. But perhaps the number of tests doesn't even matter after a week which showed that the world's leading anti-doping organisation could be backed down by a suitably determined and well-funded foe. It feels like an important line has been crossed and that we have entered a new era. Anti-doping has passed on. It is no more. It has ceased to be. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. It has kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible." In an earlier post Blatman suggested letting athletes take whatever they want, and reluctantly I've now got to agree.
  8. DonPeffers

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    05 Jul 2018 https://www.velonews.com/2018/07/tour-de-france/dont-hold-breath-release-froome-data-unlikely_471320 HEADLINE---"Don’t hold your breath: Release of more Froome data unlikely." ------------------------------------- OOPS!!!!!! 07 Jul2018 http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/chris-froome-and-wada-need-to-be-more-transparent-says-former-asada-head/ "Chris Froome and WADA need to be more transparent, says former ASADA head Ings calls on WADA and UCI to publish all documents from Sky rider's salbutamol case."
  9. DonPeffers

    End of an era for me

    Time for that big trip of a lifetime and don't delay as you don't know what tomorrow will bring. I had big plans after my retirement but worsening asthma, the need for 2 new hips and a fall that resulted in a minor brain injury has put a dampener on things. Just go for it and enjoy!
  10. DonPeffers

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Is the gent in the blue trainers of French extraction? Seems he has 2 beers, but both are on the ground while he uses his hands to explain something during a conversation.
  11. Once upon a time there was a big bicycle race called TOUR OF SPAIN (which in Spanish is called La Vuelta, meaning The Return). Whereas TDF leader wore a Yellow jersey, 'The Spain' leader and winner wore a Red jersey. The team of SIR BAD WILY GINGERS and CHOIR PEST FOR HOMER (called Simply Keep Yellow) had already won The Detour France (TDF) so wanted to win The Spain. The first Briton to win THE BIG FRENCH RACE (TDF) was SIR BAD WILY GINGERS. After his retirement young CHOIR PEST FOR HOMER became team leader and won 'The France' 4 out of 5 years. The only year he missed winning was after a crash where he damaged his leg. The Team mechanic checked in the van but they didn't have a spare leg so CHOIR PEST had to leave the race that year. The Spain went up big hills and was so long it had to be measured on a calendar, not on a clock. Although La Vuelta meant 'The Return', after 3 weeks of hot, dusty, hilly racing they were always so tired they forgot where they'd started from so finished in the capital city, Madbid. CHOIR won The Spain becoming the first Briton to do so. The Team thought about adding 'Red' to their name, (becoming S.K.Y.R.) but CHOIR PEST complained he did not want to be known as a yogurt. Determined to have fun and jokes, the team name became Simply Kidding You. Riders could become breathless riding up big hills so, as a distraction, the most breathless riders were allowed to blow on a special blue flute. To avoid deafening the crowds, and other riders, the limit was 8 blows on the flute per day. The Spain Umpire said CHOIR PEST had blown twice the limit and could be banned. A long investigation followed. After winning The Spain, CHOIR won another big race called 'The Italy'; so was becoming really good at this now. His next goal was to win TDF again. At first it seemed he might be stopped from racing TDF while the flute investigation continued. Those overseeing bicycling's flute tests were called UCI (Untimely Career Interrupters). Previously one of the most dopey bicyclists at TDF was Trance Arms Long. Because he had long arms he could inject more than most. He won TDF more times than you could shake a syringe at, but his wins are no longer recorded as he was told "STRUCK OFF". Having had problems in the past with dopey bicyclists, the TDF organisers were very careful who they let ride the event. It looked like Choir might not get a chance to ride and win again. Then luckily a 'scientific report' (from the Land of Nethers) found dog flutes could not be heard by humans. As it could not be proved that CHOIR'S flute wasn't a dog flute, the case was thrown out. Becoming a dog (to reduce liability) had been suggested on TV in 'Red Dwarf', so the 'science' wasn't entirely new. Previously a couple of bicyclists had been banned for less blows on the flute. Some people thought this muddied the waters; while others thought possibly the water just looked muddy if the sports overseers' credibility had been sh@t into it. Never again would multi-millionaire bicyclists, with access to 'experts' and science fiction, have to worry about the 'Career Interrupters'. Although CHOIR had been cleared, there were people in France called cretins (French for village idiots) who could not understand reports or equations or words. They were unhappy that CHOIR would start the race. They wanted their young French star (Roamin' Barnet) to win and didn't like CHOIR. In fact CHOIR and his Team were as popular in France as Pufferfish flavoured baguettes. As TDF went thru many villages this meant there could be danger from the cretins at the roadside while racing in France. Undaunted the team, with CHOIR as their leader, were determined to race and will start soon. Enjoy the spectacle. ===================================================================================================
  12. DonPeffers

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    02 Jul 2018 http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/chris-froome-information-on-salbutamol-case-to-be-released-in-coming-days/ Headline--- "Chris Froome: Information on salbutamol case to be released in coming days". "Chris Froome has said that further details of his salbutamol case and the reasons why he was cleared will be released in the coming days. On Monday morning, the UCI announced that after a nine-month investigation, they were closing their case on Froome's elevated levels of salbutamol from an anti-doping test during the 2017 Vuelta a Espana. The statement said that the UCI had conferred with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) during the process, and they had agreed with the decision, but it did not go into the scientific details behind it." Might be a technical, scientific read but interesting nonetheless; I await the publication.
  13. DonPeffers

    French Speed limits

    "From 01 July 2018 two-lane roads outside built-up areas 80 kph (50 mph) and 70 kph in wet weather (43mph in wet weather)." Typical anti-British action designed to fine our brave star racing cyclist as he speeds downhill (or uphill if he gets his meds. right) to another win. . .
  14. DonPeffers

    MHR NHS ---70 today.

    MHR to the NHS and many thanks for my life saving operation when I was a baby.
  15. DonPeffers

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    02 Jul 2018 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cycling/2018/07/02/chris-froome-salbutamol-case-dropped-uci-freeing-team-sky-rider/ "The UCI has closed its anti-doping disciplinary case against Chris Froome." "In a dramatic development, cycling’s world governing body released a statement on Monday morning admitting it had received information from the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) last week that made it abundantly clear that the UCI’s disciplinary body would be unable to prosecute Froome." "Monday’s statement from the UCI revealed that, after months of research, Froome’s lawyers had submitted their explanation for his AAF on June 4 “together with significant additional expert evidence”. "It is unclear where this leaves Wada or the UCI in terms of potential action. Italians Diego Ulissi and Alessandro Petacchi were both banned on the strength of having less salbutamol in their systems than Froome had. They may try to seek damages now that the reliability of the test has been undermined." Froome’s use of an inhaler received attention in June 2014, when he was filmed using it during the Critérium du Dauphiné. This seems to be the first time the inhaler use had been seen publicly although apparently his asthma has existed since childhood and Froome has been a professional cyclist since 2007. With the Froome case closed it could be that the UCI and WADA have many questions to answer and will WADA amend their prohibited list? https://www.wada-ama.org/en/content/what-is-prohibited/prohibited-at-all-times/beta-2-agonists .

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