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  1. DonPeffers

    Happy Birthday Thrusty!

    Have a great day Justin and get back on the forum.
  2. DonPeffers

    New Member in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

    from sunny Scotland.
  3. DonPeffers

    blacktop startermotor

    IIRC the standard fit is LRS707 Lucas.
  4. DonPeffers

    Knockhill august 9th Now with Videos.

    Latest weather report for the area is mostly sunny and dry at 19C; and hoping it's correct. Enjoy.
  5. DonPeffers

    MHR Clansman

    Have a good one.
  6. DonPeffers

    Been feeling the heat?

    https://www.velonews.com/2018/08/news/riders-abandon-as-heat-wave-blasts-volta-a-portugal_474021 August 4, 2018 Riders abandon as heat wave blasts Volta a Portugal "A scorching heat wave that’s rocketing temperatures above 110F is pushing racers to the limit in the opening days of the 80th Volta a Portugal. Friday’s stage 2 ran 203km from Beja to Portalegre across central Portugal where temperatures reached crisis levels. One TV camera caught images of a thermometer at 47.5C — 117F — at one point of Friday’s stage. “This stage should have never happened,” two-time winner Gustavo Veloso told the Portuguese daily O Jogo. “It was like cycling in a sauna.” National health authorities recommended that the public not venture into the heat if possible, yet the race pushed on with plenty of controversy. Firefighters sprayed down the Volta ao Portugal peloton to help the riders cool off in the extreme heat." I bet the riders were very grateful to the firemen for the cool down.
  7. DonPeffers

    How to out-Boris, Boris.

    https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/foreign-affairs/dot-commons-diary/97264/watch-jeremy-hunt-manages-out-gaffe-boris-johnson Jeremy Hunt manages to out-gaffe Boris Johnson by forgetting wife's nationality. A bit of explaining to do at home.
  8. https://sputniknews.com/europe/201807281066766838-bike-naked-ride-germany/ a traffic camera caught the naked man speeding on a bike through the streets of Kiel in northern Germany. The man, wearing only socks and sneakers, raced at a speed of 47 kph--- However, the city is still struggling to charge him for speeding with 25 euros, as the officials don’t know where to send the traffic ticket. Mysterious Naked Cyclist Races Through German City
  9. DonPeffers

    Unusual political tales.

    Firstly -------- Ghana MPs giggle over 'Wise Vagina' village name https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-44982570 "Nobody could keep a straight face in Ghana's parliament when MP John Frimpong Osei began listing the names of some villages in his constituency that included references to genitals. Names in the Twi language like "Vagina is Wise" and "Penis is a Fool" left lawmakers in fits of giggles. The MP was asking when these areas would get access to electricity. "Providing them with electricity may interfere with nocturnal activities," joked Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko." Secondly ---------- The Mexican indigenous community that ran politicians out of town https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/03/mexico-indigenous-town-banned-politicians-cheran The indigenous Purépecha town of Cherán threw out all political parties after a popular uprising in 2011 – and it doesn’t want them back. “[Cherán’s] main achievement has been peace,” said Fernández. “It has the lowest homicide rate in all of Michoacán--"
  10. DonPeffers

    Cheeky Ronnie

    Brilliant. See how/where he's written the O in his name.
  11. DonPeffers

    Chassis repair

    Can you contact here https://en-gb.facebook.com/Procomp-motorsport-376574512390043/
  12. Thanks. Got it recorded.
  13. DonPeffers

    In the "Old" days

    Can anyone spot John Cleese and Terry Jones?
  14. DonPeffers

    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    Confession time---even my hoover has dust on it
  15. DonPeffers

    Damaged cycle wing

    I hit a pothole a while back and the carbon effect front cycle wing holed (similar to yours). It was about a 1 inch diameter hole at the rear inner fixing. Despite my arthritic hands I managed to fill the hole with Isopon P40 which was painted black later. Also I fitted large penny washers atop the wing to try to even out stress in future and this covers the repaired area. Good luck.

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