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    2x Westfield SEi Duratec and sigma powered both in bits needing some love owned both for 10 years
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  1. Brought, delivered confirm they fit.
  2. Thanks both!, I feel ashamed that my googling skills let me down
  3. Hi, The metalastic bushes on the chassis that hold the Sierra diff on my seiw have come apart, they look the same size as the wishbone bushes if so qh y976 but they don't make them and I can't find anyone who has any. Westfield have them on pre-order so guess they don't either. Are there any other options?
  4. Thanks everyone useful info. Thought he was covering his backside. Hopefully get everything sent off next week. I've got two chassis's that I'll be doing at the same time! One narrow one wide both independents. Engines being built up at the moment so should keep me busy over the winter.
  5. Hi, Rebuilding a westi at the moment and it's all ready for the powder coaters. The guy at the powdercoaters was concerned that putting the chassis through the oven it would distort the chassis. The oven is about 212 degrees C. Has anyone heard of this happening? Thanks Rob
  6. Hi, Does anyone know the part number of the lower ball joint used on the latest wide track wishbones. I think they are off a Honda Civic has anyone got the specific part number. Thanks Rob
  7. Hi, I'll take it please. Work in Chelmsford but travel to Ipswich daily. PM me for details Thanks Rob
  8. Dibs on the output shafts, pm sent Thanks Rob
  9. I've got a 944 lux 1985 owned for the last 25 years on the hope it would go up in value used as a daily runner for the first 14 years then stored got it running this weekend as its only worth £1500 never likely to go up, but may kick myself in 10 years time. It seems only mint sort after models with low mileage and loads of history go up first then the rest will follow in time. I had loads of fun when I used which was what it was all about.
  10. Rob_spalding


    Hi Pete, Well remembered, yes you did, still got the car planning on getting some rounds in this year, was it really that long ago..... Rob
  11. Rob_spalding


    Hi, 3jdriveline ex tranx staff really helpful at the autosport show complete boxes or gearkits. Rob
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