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  1. Wish all a happy new year and safe motoring in 2019...
  2. Yes you should fit female fittings to the hood for the windscreen and the small screw should fit to the inside of the screen...as for the straps for the rear they look on the short side...
  3. Merry xmas to all and wish you all the best...hope everyone has a great day and don't eat too much turkey...
  4. Thanks Dave, looks a tidy job he did there..think I'll need to get the tape measure out and see what I can do...
  5. thanks no hurry, might look to get one.
  6. Hi Dave Have you any photos of the washer tank that Gareth made for you.
  7. Murraymint

    First post

    from the highlands in Bonny Scotland...
  8. Looking good...nice colour and spec...
  9. Really tidy motor, don't think this will sit for long...
  10. to the club and hopefully you will get some soon...
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