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  1. Davemk1

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Nice work....I'm rarely jealous of others cars but yours is the exception. Enjoy the ride. dave
  2. Davemk1

    Diffuser question

    I mounted mine with a 15mm gap at the rear end no so much to allow air to escape the fuel tank area but to bring the roof angle of the diffuser down a bit more into the acceptable range to maintain attached air flow. dave
  3. Davemk1

    Toyo T1R's

    I had T1R's on a Birkin years ago and hated them. Vague steering and braking and lots of wandering. I used them for about 1000 miles before taking them off and putting good tires on and the car's handling was instantly restored. dave
  4. Davemk1

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    It's a good question. American "autocross" or SCCA Solo as it's officially known has very little in prolonged anything. By that I mean turns are typically tight but short in duration and braking zones are violent but short. There are no prolonged 1.5 G, 15 second second sweeping corners. It's all very short and violent. dave
  5. Davemk1

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    Yes - I am using big soft slicks and the Honda sump with the Westfield supplied baffle plate. I don't have a way to prove that this is enough protection but I can say that I've been autocrossing the car for four years (roughly 500 runs) and I've not seen any issues. It seems like it's working fine. dave
  6. Davemk1

    Engine Misfire when Cornering Right Only - Any ideas?

    The Westfield tank design is not good and the limited baffling leads to fuel starve. Try filling the tank up brim full and see if it goes away. I'll bet it does and then you'll need to decide if you want to keep the tank full or take other actions. dave
  7. Davemk1


    Hey - that is my orange Westie with the trailer hanging off the back. I designed a tool-free trailer hitch connection so it could be popped on/off in just seconds so that I could tow my tiny tire trailer to events. It worked pretty well because the whole thing was so light. I used it a few times before moving on to a different set up. That said I'm not sure I'd recommend it. The trailer with its load of tools and tires weighed only 300 lbs and the tongue weight was set at 30 lbs. But you could really feel the weight back there and it tended to push the car around.....a bit like the tail wagging the dog. I would do everything you could to carry stuff in the car and not behind it. dave
  8. Davemk1

    roadholding aids

    Shock tuning, tire choice and alignment is 90% of it. The aero stuff only fine tunes these things and can't make up for an otherwise bad set up. dave
  9. Davemk1

    15" 7" pro race 1.2

    i have a nice set in the USA. dave
  10. Davemk1

    Mega S2000 diff noise?

    I replaced the diff and the noise was of course gone. dave
  11. Davemk1

    s2000 oil pressure gauge

    Take this with a massive grain of salt ....... I think one of the terminals is set up to send a pressure ready to your gauge and that the other terminal is intended to run to an alarm or idiot light to indicate that you have no pressure. I don't think either of them is a ground. My gut feeling is that if you put the wire on the other terminal you'll see the gauge act normally. dave
  12. Davemk1

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    At home in the mountains of Montana. dave
  13. Davemk1

    Help regarding fitting into a Westfield

    I'm 6'4" and 190 lbs and fit into my widebody perfectly. If I were much taller it wouldn't work but I could be a bit wider and still be fine. As said above the type of seating and how it's set up will make or break the deal. I'm using a Tillet seat bolted directly to the floor as far back as possible and the fit is just right. When I first built the car I was using the stock Westfield Sport Turbo seat mounted on the adjustable rails and it just barely worked. In my case it only really fit the way I needed it to once I started tweaking things. Small changes of 1/2" here and 3/8" there make all the difference. dave
  14. Davemk1

    Steering Column Knock

    Is the knock in an up-down direction or a fore-aft direction? dave

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