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  1. Dom , maximum length of tail ends from meter to fuse box is 3m without creating a sub main, if your fuses aren't RCD' s they will need replacing with a new consumer unit.. Only the electric board can touch the meter

  2. litcoat

    Anyone read Chinese?

    It isn't on the side of the cystoscopy machine is it
  3. litcoat

    Brushes with death - possibly

    I've had one or two, riding out of Carlisle minding my own business, car turns right across my lane, snapped the front off my motorbike plus my helmet came off, fractured skull,broke both wrists and a thumb, punctured lung, woke up 3 days later in a Newcastle hospital wondering what the hell was going on with all these machines beeping around me, still can't remember a thing about it. Gained a bit of metalwork in my head and wrists.After recovering back on the road for a fortnight riding down a country lane, rode round a corner, car on my side of the road I went in straight through the rear side window and back out over the roof, broken collar bone and shoulder blade plus I punctured the other lung and a kidney, I remember that one, thought I was going to die,that badly winded I couldn't breathe, those were the days
  4. litcoat

    Brushes with fame

    I once had a good crack with Sue Johnston, really nice lady and Ian St John, I couldn't get over how small he was
  5. litcoat

    Calling carpenters

    Can you not buy one flat pack with all necessary bits, it looks like an IKEA special, whoever did that made a hell of a job of it
  6. litcoat

    Taking your car to Iceland (country)

    I was going to take the TVR, mid July is supposed to be pretty good, she's got a good heater and there aren't too many leaks
  7. litcoat

    Taking your car to Iceland (country)

    Probably the easy option, fly there and hire a car, won't be as much fun being stuck in a tin top, I thought there must be some sort of ferry from the UK, likely not. Thanks for your replies Mark
  8. Alright all, as the title says, has anyone done it, I thought there may be some ferry from somewhere in Scotland but all I can find is a ferry from Denmark, Cheers Mark
  9. litcoat

    What would you do?

    I've got the TVR Chimaera, I changed from the westie to the tvr for this very reason, when the wife is in the car keep under 3000 revs, nice sedate car but you still get the rumble out of the exhausts, wife out of the car, up over 3000 revs it's absolutely mental and sounds like a howling banshee, it's the sort of car that should keep everyone happy and isn't that common on the roads Cheers Mark
  10. litcoat


    That's what you call getting your priorities right
  11. litcoat

    TVR's in Chatsworth, Sun 2 Oct

    Great pictures of the TVR's, mine's the same as the car behind the picture of the 'Great engine', I should have got myself down there but I've got to many work commitments, the joys of owning the company Thanks for the pictures Cheers Mark
  12. litcoat

    Wanted: For Duratec - Alternator + brakets ? Engine Computer and loom ?

    Is there much difference between a zetec and duratec mounting as I've got the bracket and alternator for a silver top sitting in my shed and I don't think it will go on the TVR.
  13. litcoat

    Seight wanted

    I've scratched that itch by getting the TVR Chimaera, the noise that comes out of them pipes at the back end is phenomenal and you can't help but grin especially in built up areas, it's well worth it, my car actually came from your neck of the woods, but don't dive in, see a few cars first, I was shocked at the difference in quality between cars that were of a similar price. Cheers Mark
  14. litcoat


    Why the hell did they open this can of worms in the first place, they're all dithering over an absolute load of bo##rocks, there isn't one of them that can give concrete facts and with all this uncertainty project finance is getting more difficult as if it wasn't bad enough already
  15. litcoat

    Auto Garage doors

    If you go for the roller door make sure you have plenty of space between your roof and the top of the door opening as they usually require a space of approximately 450mm to roll up into whereas a sectional door slides over on runners that hang from the roof/ceiling

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