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  1. Sold Sold Sold Chassis manufactured 94 and registered 95 on Q plate Vauxhall XE with Jenvey taper ITBs and DTA S40 ecu, 193 bhp @ Flywheel. Type 9 gearbox by BGH Geartech and Sierra LSD New parts fitted less than 200 miles ago: Rev counter, 4 point Sabelt harnesses, Jenvey inlet manifold, ITBs re built by Jenvey, alloy front hubs, front wheel bearings, front brake pads, quick rack and track rod ends, 4 Yokohama tyres, Jenvey carbon air filter backplate and Pipercross filter, all fuel pipes braided stainless with proper JIC fasteners, fan, horn, master switch, all wheel studs and nuts, lightweight alternator with polly v belt and SBD crank pulley, cam belt and both bearings/ idlers, calliper seals (Willwood 4 pot calipers not new) Engine water and air temp sensors, Jenvey fuel regulator The car was mapped on a rolling road although the cold start mapping still needs to be done (if you have the knack it will still start first or second time when cold anyway) Car is running a low pressure lift pump at the rear that feeds the fuel injection pump at the front. 4 wheel laser alignment done when new rack fitted. car has just been MOTd with no advisories. Tall rollbar, detachable steering wheel, large LED oil pressure warning light and gear change lights fitted. Body has a small half to one inch crack in rear wheel arch. These are detachable arches. Sidescreens and also Perspex wind deflectors. Bonnet isn’t great as has been cut about due to different induction systems. The front and rear wings and the dashboard have a first layer of carbon then GRP. This was clearly to give the carbon look without the cost. The gel coat has clouded and so they don’t look that great. No boot box fitted as the lift pump is in the way. I do have the box. Stainless exhaust manifold and exhaust. Wheels are 15 inch split rims. Im looking for £6500 for a quick sale. Car located in North Dorset Please feel free to contact me with any sensible questions.
  2. ERAYJ

    Tyre Sizes

    Thank you all
  3. ERAYJ

    Tyre Sizes

    Thanks for your replies. I will initially run with the 15 inch rims that came with the car. I will most likely change to 13s next year.What width of 13 inch rims should I go for. 6 front and 7 rear or same all round? Also what tyres are favourite on the 1b list. I assume tyre sizes 185/60 front and 205/60 rear. The last westfield I had was nearly 20 years ago and things have come a long way since then.
  4. ERAYJ

    Tyre Sizes

    I am intending to hillclimb a SEiW fitted with a Vauxhall engine. The car will also be used occasionally on the road. Has anybody used 205/50/15 tyres on the rear and 195/50/15 on the front? If so are there any issues with doing this. The front tyres I have (205s) look very large and apart from that they slightly touch the cycle wings and stays. I had already replaced the rears with 205s and so dont really want to have to buy 4 new tyres. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Robin
  5. ERAYJ

    Rear Brake Caliper id SeiW

    Thanks Dave Thought I was going to have to pay a visit to Specsavers
  6. ERAYJ

    Rear Brake Caliper id SeiW

    Thank you again Dave. I think my ones are the Ford ones, however I think they may be mounted on the wrong way. Ie the left is fitted to the right. Is this likely? Regards Robin
  7. ERAYJ

    Rear Brake Caliper id SeiW

    I understand that Westfield used a couple of rear brake calipers on the Sierra diff type IRS. VW Golf Mk2 or a Ford Caliper ( not sure from what car) Can somebody suggest how I can identify which I have. I have looked at the pads and they look similar to pictures of VW pads I have seen on the internet, however sometimes generic pictures are used and so I don't want to go ordering the wrong pads. Thanks in advance
  8. ERAYJ

    SEiW Rear Hub Nut

    Many thanks for the helpful replies
  9. ERAYJ

    SEiW Rear Hub Nut

    Can somebody help me with the torque setting for the rear hub nut on an SEiW fitted with a Sierra diff. Are the nuts both right hand thread? And once the nuts are removed is a puller required to take the hub off. Many thanks Robin
  10. ERAYJ

    Westfield wiring diagram

    Thank you Dave, that is most helpful
  11. ERAYJ

    Westfield wiring diagram

    I am looking for a wiring diagram for a 1995 SeiW with a Vauxhall XE engine. It appears that the alternator is a 2 wire type and I wish to fit a 3 wire Denso type. Amongst other things it seems the loom has had some modification to accept an ignition only MBE ecu. I am just trying to get everything in shape before fitting Fuel injection. Any help with a diagram or even colour coding would be great. Many thanks Robin

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