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  1. Rain stops play. With the winter mods i’ve not got any wet weather gear that fits as yet. See next month.
  2. Chris thanks for the invite. I’m based in Essex so won’t be able to attend. Good luck with the meets. Would be interested in your groups views on Castle Combe. Have always fancied it but it’s a long way to travel. Cheers Tim
  3. John - I echo your comments about 2 wheel trailers reacting to blow outs. I had one and I like you, didn't end up in the ditch.
  4. Sounds like a plan. I’ll be travelling around M4 Westbound in the morning and could meet you at Malmesbury services. Seems to be closest to you. Will confirm timings when your “Finance Department” has authorised the purchase. Please PM me your mobile. Cheers Tim
  5. I’ll be travelling through Wiltshire next Saturday on way to Bristol if that helps.
  6. They are 40cm at the widest point on the base. They would give another 2cms. Westfield courier service is simply members helping each other get bulky parts around the country. Post on the forum what needs transporting where it is and where it needs to go. You might have to wait a while but usually between us we can get it close than it would have been. Cheers.
  7. Westfield seats - navy and grey. Good condition. Very comfortable. Standard factory size. From my SEiW. I understand will also fit narrow body. £150. At SS5. Collection or Westfield courier service only.
  8. Would love to but working and can’t get the time off :(
  9. Thanks Chris. Can wire cash to you today. Cheers Tim
  10. Thanks Chris. Look forward to hearing from you. Where are you based??

  11. Looking for a pair of standard track Westfield wishbones.
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