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  1. avi8

    Well sorted road car wanted

    Still looking - Cash waiting for the right car.
  2. avi8

    Well sorted road car wanted

    I’m really looking for an FW powered by ford.
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  4. avi8

    Well sorted road car wanted

    Still looking...
  5. avi8

    Well sorted road car wanted

    Thanks for all the offers to view various cars, I will have to arrange some meetings.
  6. avi8

    Well sorted road car wanted

    Thank you all for the advice given, I know I'm asking a lot but I'm prepared to wait for the right car. I have been looking at the AIM dash, but need to find a car first.
  7. avi8

    Well sorted road car wanted

    Hi No real reason for specifying omex other than it seems to be one of the most popular brands out there and I would like it to be capable of sending data to a digital dash if I was to upgrade to one.. The car would mainly be used for road and the odd track day, but I would rather have a high spec gearbox rather than upholstery in fact I would prefer jk/tillet seats.
  8. Hi Im looking for a well built & sorted high spec road car, ideally Zetec or Duratec running throttle bodies and omex ecu. I would like the car to have four pot brakes and a good suspension setup & LSD As for bodywork I would like it to be FW style but would consider SEIW, Aeroscreen would be nice but not essential. The vehicle needs to be well looked after, being a perfectionist i know the right car might take some finding (any advice would be appreciated). If you have a car like this or know of one please let me know. Regards.

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