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  1. Ben30R

    In car DVD player.

    Hi guys, looking for some advice with Two young kids and a long road trip coming up looking to keep them entertained. Im thinking or some headrest DVD players as don’t want them keep dropping them etc. As they will be plugged in to cigarette lighter until I get time to hard wire in unless there is a local company to do it for me any advice much appreciated. Ben
  2. Ben30R

    SOLD 2017 PRG minisporter grey.

    £5500 before it goes on eBay.
  3. Ben30R

    SOLD 2017 PRG minisporter grey.

    Open to offers will come with straps and 2 jerry cans. Ben
  4. Ben30R

    SOLD 2017 PRG minisporter grey.

    Empty is around 500kg
  5. Hi guys i have for sale a PRG minisporter for sale was new in April 2017 so is the wider bed length. I had pretty much most of the options on her - Grey clamshell. Manual winch Led lights Tyre rack 2 x jerry can holders Rear support Legs Longer loading ramps Hitch lock Wheek bar. Spare wheel Wheel chocks Her is a link to all dimensions http://www.prgtrailers.co.uk/products/trailers/covered-trailers/minisporter/ As it's only 5 months old it's in great condition with just a few small marks. Can't seem to put photos in with Photobucket for some reason £6,000 NO VAT.
  6. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    So after sending my 4 session back bought a 5 session. What do you guys recommend for an external microphone must have fairly long lead. Ben.
  7. Ben30R

    Go pro.

    Looking for a go pro 3 does anyone have one for sale. Thabks ben.
  8. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    Oh right rules that out then.
  9. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    I will give it check and see. Someone said they have two mics one on front and one on back. When wind noise is to much it turns front one off.
  10. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    Yeah going to try tomorrow. Can't understand why it's so bad compared to yours. Is there a setting that I haven't turned on??
  11. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    Yes that might be how I move forward. Do you know if the go pro remote cam operate 2 cameras at the same time??
  12. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    Yours is a 100% lot better than mine you can't hardly hear any engine noise on mine at all.
  13. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    Oh right maybe a way of taping over microphone to reduce noise??
  14. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    Hi I have mine mounted to the rollcage behind passenger head. Can you hear engine on yours? Mine can only be heard just below 30mph
  15. Ben30R

    Go Pro microphone.

    Hi guys, i have a few trackdays coming up so thought I'd invest in a camera. Being tight I went for a go pro hero session as seemed nice a simple to use. Now I've been out today and the wind noise is horrific can't hear any engine noise. Just wondered what you guys use for microphone etc I'm rubbish with tech so didn't even give this a thought when buying. Any advice would be good. Thanks Ben

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