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  1. Jon Parker

    FW rear number plate holder

  2. Jon Parker

    Cutting exhaust/inlet holes in a bonnet

    I measured and marked about 10 times then started off with small drip bits as not to crack the gel coat. I then used the Dremel with cutting disc to join all the holes together.
  3. Jon Parker

    Front indicator pods.SOLD

    Pair of front indicator pods off FW bonnet. Comes with both clear and orange lenses and respective bulbs. Used. £50 for the pair plus postage.
  4. Jon Parker

    Headlights 5 3/4 inch black

    Pair of black Westfield 5 3/4 inch headlights. Right hand drive. Used. £100 for the pair plus postage.
  5. Jon Parker

    FW headlamp brackets

    Pair of used FW headlamp brackets. £20 plus postage.
  6. Jon Parker

    Under 25 insurance

    I was honest and said no track experience in the car.
  7. Jon Parker

    Under 25 insurance

    I am trying to put my son on my Westfield insurance policy so he could drive it with me at the weekend. A Plan won't insure anyone under 25. Does anyone know of any companies that will?
  8. Jon Parker

    Seiw Indoor Cover

    Thanks for that. Think I will get a Hamilton one.
  9. Jon Parker

    Seiw Indoor Cover

    Dave do you put anything under the Hamilton cover, ie a close fitting indoor cover, or does it go straight on?
  10. Jon Parker

    Wind Deflectors ??

    I started off with just windscreen and as others have said couldn’t breathe above 60 mph. Put full doors on which cut wind out altogether but I just found it too claustrophobic and hot. Bought wind deflectors 3 weeks ago and really pleased with them. There is still some buffeting but huge improvement over just a windscreen and they deflect stones and cow s**t!!!
  11. Jon Parker

    Cycle wing flap

    I found that one flapped so I moved them back 2 inches. No flapping. Will replace with carbon ones this winter now that I have found the right position for them.
  12. Jon Parker

    Running in 2.0 litre Zetec

    Clear as mud now!!! I have done 750 miles of reasonable acceleration upto 4000 revs, no labouring, changing gear a lot. I have no leaks, nor has the car, so one more weekend of this type of driving and then drop oil/change filter and see what the other half of the accelerator pedal does. As for tyres, black round ones at each corner......
  13. Jon Parker

    Removing silicone from gelcoat

    Silicone remover stuff did 60% and rear remover and elbow grease did the remainder!
  14. Jon Parker

    "Normal" headlights on FW front end

    Very sought after items these old brackets.
  15. Jon Parker

    Running in 2.0 litre Zetec

    Thanks everyone for your advice.

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